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    I agree with Eagle4Caley. I keep reading that the board/club need to be more open/communicate more but communicate what exactly. Is the communication worse now than previously, in my opinion it isn't any worse or better than previous boards and to suggest or imply this is affecting attendances is nonsense. The majority of fans attend each week because they want to support their club, they don't attend thinking what are the board going to say this week. That is not to say they don't care or are not interested but in terms of attending a match, it is of little relevance. I simply don't see fans of other clubs demanding the board need to communicate more as a pre-requisite to some fans actually attending matches which some appear to be suggesting. Our attendances in the Championship are probably the third lowest with Falkirk getting at least double ours, is this because their board communicate more, I very much doubt it.
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    Hi all, i'm going to bring up a touchy subject and stand shoulder to shoulder with John Robertson. Every week including the Partick game on Sat, there's a tiny pocket of Inverness fans who throw needless verbal, personal abuse at our players/management and the opposition. I was sitting at far right towards Partick end and had to listen to a grandad shout aggressive/offensive/derogatory remarks towards the pitch. This comes from the mouth of a man who has his grandson and son with him, yeah nice pal, great role model for the youth of tomorrow. Thanks for partly spoiling my experience to when i just want to watch the game. If you want to conduct yourself like that, do it behind closed doors in your own house. The huge majority of fans are pure dedicated, brill and supportive. I looked over when john was commenting to a fan who was clearly being offensive and gold star Robbo! In todays eera and our team and management being so highly professional, who would really take kindly to a plonker shouting obscenities. I was guilty of not getting behind the team more; after a superb result against Ayr, i was expecting goals galore from us. Its impossible to sustain that level twice in a week, the boys were and are a credit to themselves and the city. Lets be more positive and get behind the team by starting with a verbal flurry of support; come on the Caley! - we should be proud and the 12th man always and provide the support and encouragement to our boys.
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    Well the way I see it there's 3 options 1. Address the situation 2. Move seat (plenty options considering so many moaning about low crowds) 3. Ignore it and get on with life Posting online isn't one that's worthwhile or will do anything positive and will in fact potentially make others not want to go to matches if they think this is rife.
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    You would have the child protection officer after you if you had taken youngsters to that on Saturday
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    Absolutely agree, some of the Inverness fans are an embarrassment.
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    Yngwie, when did the SNP ever acknowledge that, out of interest? But I agree the £120bn a year figure is garbage. If you actually bother to look at the GERS figures, which are based on those produced by the ONS/HMRC guesstimates and re-guesstimated by The Scottish Governmment economists to more accurately reflect the Scottish Income and expenditure (figures which, incidentally have been accepted as national statistics)...and bear in mind the FACT that the Scottish Government is, by law, not ALLOWED to overspend their income....perhaps you could explain which bit of the UK is producing the enormous deficit...because, sure as hades, it isn't Scotland. It is being in the Union that gives us a big deficit...because the bulk of the deficit is money spent for Scotland, whether we want/need it or not...money which heads down to Westminster departments to enter the English economy, mostly in London, and boosts the English tax take. When was the last time Scotland got a chunk of money out of the UK borrowing, which costs us £3+ billion a year, to spend as WE want (that would be never, I suspect). Why should we pay for (or trust) a bloated and inefficient Westminster Government parked in London, doing stuff like producing 2000+ pages of tax laws, with built in loopholes that accountants get rich from finding and exploiting, to do things for us that we could easily do for ourselves and probably do better, if we were independent?. Out of our limited income, we fund the administration and spending of the devolved government departments,the staffing and maintenance of the Holyrood building, the salaries/expenses of MSPs etc, AND the Scottish Office and around 90 Scottish National bodies, NDPBs, NMDs NGOs etc...like the Crofting Commission, National Records, National Galleries etc. We mitigate, as far as we can, the austerity brainfarts Westminster Governments impose upon us..we pay for Education, housing and the NHS.and we still manage free prescriptions, free uni tuition, free bus passes etc. If we allow that, whatever else we have to do in an independent Scotland in the short/medium term, is pay social protection, at at least the same level as it currently is being paid in the UK...then what was spent IN Scotland FOR Scotland, is the total of what the SG spent from the block grant, the devolved taxes raised and Local Government input via business rates etc. plus the social protection payment from Westminster. The SG spent £42,848 million and adding the Social Protection of £18,199 million, sent direct from Westminster to individuals..gives a grand total, (including accounting adjustments) of £61,047 million, against an income of £59,957 million....so a deficit of £1,090 million we know DID come from Scotland. Therefore the bulk of our deficit was made by Westminster charging us £12,251 million (nearly as much as we spent on the NHS in Scotland last year) to do things for us that we could just as easily, and probably more efficiently and effectively, do for ourselves as an independent country. Anyone who thinks that, after Independence Scotland is going to have a Westminster style bloated Government with over 400,000 civil servants, 650 elected legislators and 800 unelected ones, 25 Ministerial Government departments and 20 Non-ministerial ones, with up to 109 paid ministers between them, and about 520 agencies, public bodies, high profile groups and public corporations and with military services, including Trident, geared up for offence rather than defence and a national debt approaching anything like £2 trillion is looking at independence through very heavily tinted red,white and blue specs. The £12+ billion we sent to Westminster would have paid last year's administration costs for all the Westminster Government Departments with a couple or three billion £ to spare. (and we are paying for our own Scottish equivalents of most of them already.) GERS Data is produced for Scotland as part of the UK, It does not model scenarios for an independent Scotland in which the Scottish Government would be able to make ALL its own choices..including not to run the economy for the benefit of London (though I would hope we wouldn't do it for the benefit only of Edinburgh and the central belt either) We probably will have some level of austerity in Scotland until we get up and running, but it will be, I hope, an austerity not wholly paid for by the poorest and most disadvantaged of us, while the better off get tax cuts....but we are equally probably facing worse austerity in a post-Brexit UK...and what looks like Tory Governments forever, given the voting tendencies in England. We are almost undoubtedly going to be facing drastic change soon...so there is going to be uncertainty whichever way we jump...so why not independence, if for no other reason than that the uncertainty won't last as long as the infighting within the Tory and Labour parties before they get down to doing anything useful, if measured by their incompetence in the past two years. It makes more sense to discard the crumbling security blanket of the Union and join all the other small countries who seem to manage well enough...like New Zealand,Denmark, Finland, Norway and Ireland for example......if they can succeed, why would anybody think we Scots couldn't?
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    I'm shocked to hear our normally noble and stoic mainstanders behaviour being so uncouth. I'm certain the chairman shall be issuing a statement condemning the rapscallions forthwith.
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    Yep thanks for that bud, totally agree with you. No matter what people say, it boils down to needless bullying and aggression. Some people really need to remember its just a game and get a grip.
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    I have had a season ticket for umpteen years, buy the Club merchandise, sponsor a player AND go to away games. I don’t have a blue rinse and never do home baking. However I think you have a very biased idea of ICT fans, home and away. Since you haven’t been on a supporters bus since the 90s - by your own admission - how come you can spout your views on the current away supporters buses?
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    It's worth bearing in mind that we are not the only club with a concern about poor attendances and poor results at home. Most clubs do better at home but, like us, both Falkirk and Dunfermline have significantly better records on the road this season than at home. Dundee Utd's home record is now just marginally better than their away record following their victory yesterday. What all 4 clubs share is an expectation from the fans that the club should be doing better than they are, and this is reflected in a frustration when performances don't match expectations. They also have a reasonably decent and vocal away support. Notwithstanding what the club, the manager or the players may be doing wrong, there is a clear message here that positive vocal support helps the team. Players seem to relax and play better when away from home but are edgy and nervous in front of the home support. Away from home. we have taken a greater percentage (61%) of available points than any other team in the division. That demonstrates that we are a pretty decent side and the question of why we don't do better at home is a very important one to address. Yes, we'll get bigger home gates if the team players better, but if the fans who attend the home games reacted more positively to aspects of good play and held back from venting their frustration about the poor play, then the players would probably be less edgy and play better as a result. We really shouldn't underestimate how important a positive and supportive home crowd is to the team.
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    Under the leadership of Herr Rae and Fraulein Crook ? I suspect that there will be more to emerge here.
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    Aye fair enough, guess it depends what kind of job one does and that.
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    I thought we employed an expert with vast experience in this field?
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    Maybe if the club were more open about what's going on then maybe people wouldn't get so frustrated
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    We have had some remarkable victories in the last quarter of a century but, given all the circumstances, that was the most remarkable of all. A wonderful memory. Thanks to the OP for posting the link.
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    Really sad how the club has gone since those glorious and entertaining days.
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    Let me turn that around, shouting abuse at players and the management is ok?
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    Utter rubbish as a lot have said, no wonder our home crowds are down to circa 2000. Brad McKay is a train crash and everyone but Robbo can see that. We are in real trouble and next season heading for our lowest ever season ticket sales figures if what a large number of people I have talked to are saying.
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    Feck me Dougal - Been on the lash to Ochilview far too many times to remember individual games !!! To me though the camaraderie and craic at Away Days is one of the main reasons that I keep going.
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    Madness Noel Gallagher and soon to be announced kaiser chiefs playing inverness why o why are the board not cashing in on this.one thing comes to mind mismanagement.
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    It's just a Scottish football trait... Small band of vocal away fans singing 'what a shitey home support' every week. In our case it's always correct .
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    Not biting! Fishy Fishy Dougal ???
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    Cheers Mantis, great article. I’d strongly recommend everyone to read through the players’ comments which are pretty insightful........and of course, to rewatch the highlights! One of the most remarkable matches any of us will ever attend. Oh, and Jamie Hamill
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    Take your point, but why should i approach a steward and vindicate myself to the aggressive element in our fan base. The stewards should be automatically intervening.
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    Cheerleaders and decent dance tunes at half time would be a bit of craic better than trying to strain your ears listening for the cunty ht score! Big flags either side of the goal like Aberdeen to wave when we score looks bit better in the highlights thananempty north stand! Could get the young team back with the promise of a square go in front of the home support against the opposing young team place a wee bet on it!
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