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    We don't need a big budget to get fans of their arses and get behind the side. If the official attendance is correct, then 2604 fans. 1050 of them were away fans so that leaves 1554 home fans. What does this city want ffs. They obviously don't want a football club to be playing at the top level. That's one of the reasons we are in financial trouble, the general apathy of Inverness. It's bloody depressing.
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    Even more importantly, make sure the players do too 😁
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    Do feel for Kevin McHattie who had ben having a fairly torrid time with rat boy Tom Daley McMullan but to be fair was containing him with no decent balls coming from the wee sh1te. Unfortunate that the header lacked any power or direction but he seemed to react late as if he wasn't expecting it to reach him. That said, we were very slow to react to the ball off the post, as if we thought it had gone in which we have been guilty of before. I give you rat boy's clear hand ball in the last game where we all stopped but the whistle didn't go. Wals is a terrible ref and wrecked the game against the gadgies too. Arabs are greeting about how we are hammer throwers and Charlie should have been off for various challenges? Perhaps I'm looking through ICT tinted glasses but I don't see it that way. They, on the other hand, spend more time going down that a two dollar hooker. Swithering whether to get down Friday with work etc, juggling now. Genuinely think we can turn them over in scumdee though. Great shift from all the boys, Doran well deserving of MOTM
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    Come on DD we will see Polworth again in an ICT shirt he is only out for two games!
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    Against the possibility that not taking the risk of an appeal could potentially cost us over a million pounds. Even with money as tight as it is, it strikes me as a gamble worth taking.
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    Injustice if nothing's done...we all know it was BS, if you have the opportunity to appeal, take it...
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    Pity. Even down to 10 men, we looked reasonably comfortable defending, until a poor error by McHattie led to the goal. But, at least we're not out of it yet. With our good away form, if we score first on Friday we'll have a decent chance. Believe!
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    Polworth! Really! There is a trophy at stake for winning the CTO Player of the Year. Please vote sensibly. I know it's all about opinions, but be honest about it. You can change it at any time..................
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    Very cheering to see how much confidence and hope there is ahead of Friday. Not so long ago we might have written ourselves off, but this season has shown that the team has gained resilience, and can come back from behind. Not to mention that our away record is better than our home record. Note to Robbo: make sure you practise penalties.
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    It was amazing in the cup tie how quickly the tannadice crowd turned on their team after Chalmers screeching goal. If we can contain and frustrate utd then the home crowd will turn on them and put them under more pressure. Our boys have nothing to loose and everything to gain. So we might as well go all out on Friday.
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    Big game Friday. Let's get down to Dundee and give the boys the support they deserve following three hard games on the bounce. As jurgen would say "I think it is impossible but because it is you boys you have a chance". It is time to take that chance....
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    Or do what Ajax did and set off fireworks outside where they were staying, so they couldn't sleep. Who wants to go undercover at United to get the addresses?
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    Maybe the hotel staff will put cascara in their porridge.
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    Fast track appeal red on basis not violent conduct given Utd player Connolly's head motioned downwards and lack of intent. Wouldn't the mere lodging of a reasonable appeal on this basis lead to a suspension of punishment until later leaving Polly available to play Friday?
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    A key player restored for a crucial game and probably feeling wronged wanting to make amends is surely ... surely worth £1000.
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    I thought we were the better team throughout, and united seemed to lack ideas of how to break us down. That's the second time Nick Walsh has spoiled a game for us, he sent Trafford off against county and now polworth, it was never a red. The standard and inconsistency of the officials in this country is shocking. I hope it's a different ref on friday or we may be F**ked.
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    That's Robbo getting a letter from the SFA in the morning. Can't blame him though, NIck Walsh likes a red card for ICT.
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    Another indication on tonights preview twitter feed, of the talent on its way up through our system with the news about Milton of Leys winning the scottish schools title in glasgow. A huge achievement from any school up here against the best of the central belt primaries (with plenty of old firm academy kids in). At least four of this team are in the ICT system, highlighting the importance in the modern game of developing your own talent. Well done.
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    It would certainly be news to the people of Fort William if Fort William turned out not to be in Inverness-shire... On entering a colt side into the highland league, I think it could be good for club. However like others have said, I’m not too sure I’m entirely comfortable with the idea of colt sides competing against senior clubs. Mind you should the highland league clubs be happy with such a move then it might be a bit of a no brainer. In any case, there really needs to be some recognised mechanism for us to develop young players that are older than 18
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    Good thinking, let’s drop our top scorer for a guy who has done nothing. Any other pearls of wisdom to share just in case Robbo reads the forum ?
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    I was brought up in Fort William and my postal address before postcodes came in was Fort William, Invernessshire. When Highland Region was formed, Lochaber District Council came into being, but Lochaber was never a "shire" so Invernessshire it was and is.
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    I agree we need a pathway for youngsters to progress but I am certain that the Highland League will not accept a colt ICT team.
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    It’s unfair to let a team who finishes 4th in a league of 10 to be able to win promotion. The playoffs will never suit everyone but they are fun none the less.
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