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    Sucks to be right. Good luck to him. I wish people would stop all this 'snake' and 'traitor' rubbish. In the real world no-one bats an eyelid if somebody switches job for a significant pay rise and a promotion. Why should it be any different in football? I'm intrigued as to what the fee was. Given the time remaining on his contract £75k would be crazy...but so would us letting him go for peanuts. It would be a very Roy MacGregor thing to do to pay us a decent fee to make sure County get Donaldson now and to offer us a bit of charity as well (how depressing though!). I've thoroughly enjoyed watching Coll rebuild his career with us. He came here for buttons for the first few months to try and turn things around and totally earned the contract he got after that. He's been one of our best players for the last 2 years. He's also earned the chance to play at a higher level again and there are certainly no guarantees he'd get to do that with us. I hope he does well at County, except when he plays us. And I hope to god that Lewis Toshney can fill the gap...
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    I wish Coll all the best - but hope he remembers he was going to give up football altogether before ICT came calling to give him a chance after his “toxic” time at Dundee United. He has a lot to be grateful for - ICT revived his career so I hope he acknowledges that in the Press.
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    That’s why he was having a wee fumble at Morelos ?
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    Thanks for these uploads. 2002/03 is my favourite season as a supporter. The period from the first derby game to when Pele left was the best football I've ever seen us play, you'd turn up every week and know we were probably going to score at least three goals.
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    I liked Coll to start with, but lately have been getting the impression he thinks he is better than he is.
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    To be fair he couldn't be any worse than Donaldson has been this season. Last season coll was immense but just looked like he couldn't be arsed this season.
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    It’s been coming and the consensus appears to be that we were better to get some money now than none in the summer. As IBM has said, hopefully we got a decent payment At least we’re have a replacement in, time will tell how good Toshney will be for us.
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    It may be galling to be unable to compete with a team from a suburb of Aberdeen but I don't see how a well run, well funded and relatively well supported club making their way up the league system is in any way ruining the game. Much better to have hungry and ambitious clubs in the lower reaches of the SPFL than the likes of Cowdenbeath or East Stirling who for too many years were content fo bumb along the bottom in deteriorating grounds secure in the knowledge that there was no hole in the net they could for though. Now, at long last, there is a route for ambitious and well run non league clubs to make there way along. A long overdue breath of fresh air let into a stale and crumbling former closed shop.
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    For those interested in this kind of thing, plenty of ICT videos from the early 2000's now uploaded to YouTube. 15 on there from the 2003-04 championship season up to now but will continue to add to it.
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    That is very true my man I'm always changing jobs good for the soul and sometimes the bank balance he's not a snake seen the chance to test himself at a higher level and grabbed it crazy not 2 people need to remember these guys are employees not fans they've no real affinity to the club same as we do t in our jobs ! Aye defo think Toshney will be a class signing if he stays fit highly rated back in the day now or never for him 2 make a proper go of it! Hopefully not have to wait for cup games to play County eh
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    Fed up with transfers and undisclosed fees. The supporters are paying the money, and should be kept up to date on how our money is spent. Would that be a novel idea??
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    Heard Colls looking for padded shorts stop the splinters he's gonna get sitting nxt 2 draper and smoking joe on the bench maybe Forans sports wear do them! £75k I'd have kept the bench warm for a free pie!
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    I reckon something much closer to £10k would have been enough.
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    Theres no way they paid that for a player out of contract in May that rumour was started by a County fan as a wind up
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    Hopefully that is some cash available to Robbo to find replacements for Coll and others who leave :). And before anyone says that Toshney is the replacement, no he isn't because that was one planned before the snake left, according to the gaffer in an interview before the signing.
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    75k...commonly referred to as 'a Draper'.
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    Loved watching the old videos and seeing a young Red Card channel is inner Maradona was something else
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    I have it now it's the BMX track beside the crazy golf and skateboard park. The building is the east end of the Ice Rink.
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    Nice of you to refer to me as an Orc and of low intellect. Not sure where this nonsense comes from but it says a lot about you. Do you still go to Ross County games? Makes your outrage somewhat laughable if you do. How exactly do the club make players sign contacts be they staggered or otherwise? Also a ridiculous statement, what club tries to stagger contracts for certain positions? They try to get the best contract they can per player surely. Regardless, I'm not sure if you realise this but the club can't tie players down to contracts that they won't sign. Simple fact is that if players are offered more money elsewhere than the presumably paltry amount we can then they will likely go. It's hardly a new thing, I don't want to lose these players either but unless we get more money or more fans that won't change.
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    Haha coz I'm the only guy on here that actually nos what he's talking about my man won the Europa League with Legia Warsaw on Champs manager I no my stuff
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    I know Orcs have very low intellect but here goes. Maybe this has escaped you but we are possibly going to lose our entire defence, Coll to County, Jamie to Partick and Shaun to Dundee. These three along with Ridgers are the sole reason we are currently second in the championship and in a play off spot. To be in this position is an absolute outrage and the board are 100% guilty of not tying these guys down on longer contracts or at least have them staggered so situations like this can’t happen. Im starting to question whether the board really want us back in the top flight also the fact that two of the players seem willing to transfer to two of our present rivals at the moment I wonder do the players think so too. Dougal
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    A good signing for Cove McAllister help them get out of the lower leagues wouldn't have fancied him here tho bit old and only ever done the biz in the depths of Scottish Football ! Good luck to the big man leAst we got a small fee for him and he'll get the chance to see if he can mix it with the big boys! Side note what's happening at our club when everybody jumping ship best will in the world these players are probably punching playing at this level has wee Robbo lost the plot need to speak to my dressing room mole!
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    Surely not that's a good fee for him specially been near out of contract County have been well and truly stitched up if that's true wer laughing all the way to the bank!
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    10k offer and he'd still be here. The way county are panicking about their leaky defence i'd say 40-50k would be rasonable...more if we played hard to get.
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