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    Dear Mr Cameron, As I'm sure you are aware, with the impending liquidation of Rangers FC not too far away and the highly likely prospect that you and the other chairman of the remaining SPL clubs will vote on the matter as to whether to allow a "NewCo Rangers" to join the SPL. As you know, the fans are almost completely of the opinion that a NewCo Rangers, should they be allowed to join the league system, should start at the bottom of the ladder in the Third Division, just as the newly formed Caledonian Thistle FC had to do back in 1994. Mr Cameron, vote for the wishes of the fans. Vote for dignity. Vote for justice. Vote against an organisation that has exploited sectarianism and bigotry for it's own gain. Vote against a NewCO of a club that has stolen millions to buy itself success. Vote for you to be seen as a man and ICT as a club, who said NO. Mr Cameron, vote NO to NewCo. Yours sincerely, Renegade ICT Season Ticket Holder
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    Breaking news from the P&J website. The doom and gloom surrounding ICT was lifted last night with the announcement that fans' favourite Lionel Djebi-Zadi was to make a sensational and unexpected return to the club. The signing is expected to restore confidence in the club's shaky defence, and to boost the morale of fans and players, still reeling from Wednesday's 8-0 defeat to Celtic in the Co-op Funeral Services Cup. ICT has previous experience of bringing back club legends, including Barry Wilson and Dennis Wyness, but this move is sure to send even greater shockwaves through the home support. The rampaging Frenchman left ICT in May after almost single handedly leading the club back to the SPL. He had previously played a vital role in the club's SPL relegation season, being ever present towards the end, when the club failed to win any of its last 4 games. "I'm looking forward to my return to Inverness" said Djebi-Zadi last night. "And I think the fans see me as some kind of saviour. In fact, I frequently used to hear them shout 'Oh Jesus' from the stands. All I ask in return is that they make a little bit more effort when trying to pronounce Djebi-Zadi - it usually comes out as 'Fackeen-Pishmun', although I wonder if that is perhaps the Gaelic translation of my name. I love the Highland way of life - especially the fresh air, although Ross Tokely often asked why I would swipe at it so much". "I heard Wednesday's result just after I finished my shift at Disneyland Paris. I was naturally disappointed to hear how far the club had fallen without me, and to be honest it was no surprise when I got the call from Thierry Boucher the next day. It was a bit of a bad line, which made his voice sound very slurred, but I think he was very eager for me to come back and even used the words 'f***ing desperate'. I didn?t hesitate to say yes, despite my concerns about the security situation in Inverness - every time I walked down the street I would hear people shouting ?bombscare!? ?At first I wasn't sure if I could come back in time for the St Mirren game as I was scheduled to be 3rd reserve for Goofy in the parade, but my employers have been great and actually encouraged me to go immediately." But Djebi-Zadi concedes that there were occasional problems on the park last time around. "Yes, it was frustrating for me that my teammates just couldn't anticipate what I was about to do, and I was always a couple of steps ahead of them. I think it was because of my continental style of play. I remember once trying to explain to Grant Munro the concept of total football, but he just turned and ran off to intercept a through ball." Language was also a barrier to defensive understanding. "Sometimes Grant confused me by shouting ambiguous instructions like 'Get it away!' which I interpreted as an order to bring the ball down, get it under control, take a few touches, then dribble past a few opponents before passing the ball into the stand". But despite the tensions on the pitch, the relationship with Munro appears to have blossomed into a lasting friendship. "Sure, we kept in touch. I've spent the last few months training to be Mickey Mouse, and Grant says that if anyone can do that role, it's me. He tries to keep my spirits up, often just texting lots of laughing smilies". When Lionel is asked about his ambitions, they clearly go beyond saving ICT's season. "A lot of people seem shocked when I say this, but I still haven't been capped for France. I wrote to the Stade de France last month offering my services, as I heard they were struggling to put a team together. I was told to turn up at the stadium the night of the Belarus game, but there was clearly a misunderstanding, as I was put in the team of litter pickers. I did it serve my country, but pointed out the mistake. They apologised and I was told to come back to the stadium on the night they were playing Bosnia. Unfortunately this was another misunderstanding, as the game was actually an away fixture" he says sadly. "But I know that my return to ICT will be a stepping stone to greater things, and I have my sights set on the next European Championships in Brazil". Meanwhile, Terry Butcher is still in a state of shock after the 16-0 drubbing at Parkhead. "I know exactly what went wrong. Normally I study the fans? website forum to get my team selections and tactics. But this time Mo suggested that we if we are going to get anywhere in management, we should make our own decisions. I won?t be making that mistake again, no no no? he says, shaking his head mournfully. "It's not the result or the performance that hurts" he adds, "it's the reaction of the fans. In particular, I've lost the support of my mentor and inspiration, a tactical mastermind who guides me from his bedroom in Wick. I feel ashamed that he has had to go to the trouble of wiping his sticky monitor and keyboard to go ballistic at me online, and I could tell from the number of angry smilies that he was very very serious.? ?I considered quitting as a result, and drank 2 boxes of red wine before I noticed the fans on the forum clamouring for Lionel to come back, and I could see that he was the answer to all our problems. He was always one of the most talked about players ICT ever had, and as a footballer he does things I?ve never seen before in all my years. It?s not a panic signing, honest.? ICT fans spokesman Jonathan Mackenzie, 67, was preparing to travel north from Lancashire to Paisley when he heard the stunning news. ?It was one of those JFK moments? he said. ?I just couldn?t believe it was really happening. One thing?s for sure, the St Mirren game is going to be entertaining. Hopefully our opponents will be so busy trying to wind up Rossco that they won?t notice the gaping holes on the left. In fact, this weekend?s game could be so good that I might even consider staying for the 2nd half?.
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    From todays Scotsman: EDINBURGH PREPARES FOR A HIGHLAND INVASION BY EWEN "SQUIRREL" MCMURRAY Lothian and Borders Police have today announced that the force will be cancelling all leaves for Saturday 11th September 2010, as Leith prepares itself in readiness for a potential human hurricane. The National Criminal Intelligence Unit (NCIU) has received reliable information which suggests that two of the most notorious football "firms" in Scotland are planning to stage a full membership "union" - called the Gathering - at the Hibernian versus Inverness Caledonian Thistle SPL league game. The two firms - "The Mob" and "The Sesh Army" have been rumoured to have been in the throes of amalgamation for several months, and Police Surveillance Units have noted that there has been an increasing mingling of the two factions at recent ICT away fixtures. Bob Plod of the NCIU stated that "There has been evident increasing activity at many of the recent ICT matches where incidents have been monitored, reprted and observed - A fun loving Greenpeace Steward was jostled, hustled and abused at Greenock; a faction of the ICT support stood and chanted incessantly at Dumfries, the frivolity and pitch invasions carried out in Ayr were reminiscent of Wembley 1977 and there were mass expulsions from Tannadice where a steward was rushed to hospital with a scratched tupperware box." PC Plod advised members of the public to avoid direct confrontation but reassured them that many of the potential noise makers were fairly easily recognised - half of them are bald and fat and the others are young and trendy. Their apparent battle cry is "Stand Up For The Caley Jags" and the noise levels and atmospheric problems appear to increase when they perform their War dance or "Haka" which has the curious tradition of taking off one of their shoes and waving it in the air. Meanwhile the Leith Central Community Council met urgently yesterday. They are arranging for all local residents to be issued with free ear plugs and are in the process of soundproofing the local Drill Hall in Dalmeny Street where residents can gather as a "place of safety" on the day. It is also rumoured that the Council will be employing observers from the Noise Abatement Society who will be on the streets with Analogue Sound Level Meters. Lothian and Borders Police have also reassured the council that spot checks for megaphones and loud voices will be randomly carried out. The only local business that would appear to be opening its doors to the Highland Hurricane is the Iona Bar. Its owner Harry, who also runs the Ship Inn in Ayr, told us " There have never been any incidents in here before. We tape up the windows, use plastic glasses and most of the regulars are tone deaf anyway. I will be only too happy to allow any highlander to lubricate their tonsils pre match. Local Inverness historian, Ian Broadfoot, informed us that the Gathering was not a surprise to him but was probably an event that was always going to occur. He felt that "It is a natural progression, the marriage between the days of yore and the vivality of the present and the future" "The Mob are a post merger amalgamation of the "Caley Animals" and the "Heathmount Back Bar Brigade". They are all now mature and wise individuals in their thirties, forties and fifties. Whereas the "Sesh army" have grown over the last few years and are the future of ICT - a bit of a Fan Academy really. Some say it is a bit like a Robbie and Gary reunion but I would liken it more to a meeting between Johnny Rotten and Amy Winehouse. Reprentatives of the Mob and the Sesh Army were unavailable but we met with an AndyM of the "Real ICT Sweet Rustling and Gurning Society" who stated that " My fellow sweetie rustlers and I will be monitoring the situation and will be advocating that the throng are moved en masse if they make too much noise, preferably to Tynecastle." The final word laid with David Sutherland on behalf of the ICT Board. He assured all concerned that " We are appalled by these rumours and wish to distance ourselves from any support and/or encouragement. We have always done our uptmost to prevent an atmosphere at any of our games. It is not in the best interets of ICT to allow laughing, smiling, singing, standing and camaraderie to seep back in to the stands - we have a repuation to uphold and the TCS is a glowing example.
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    I am still reliving the events of Saturday over and over. For me they were the culmination of a 20 year long journey that nobody could have foretold ( not even the great Seers on this site!) I grew up an Aberdeen fan:, the city of my birth and most of my upbringing. I was on the terraces during the glory years when history that will never be repeated was made by Alex Ferguson and his brilliant team. When the Inverness merger took place and election to the league was achieved I just knew that this embryonic club was for me. I started making long lonely journeys to far away places from my base in the Border country and Saturdays soon became an addiction. I remember well a conversation with my good friend Wanderer during which we decided to part with some serious money ( for us) and invest in some shares. He too had joined our merry band of supporters. I spent the first couple of years attending matches anonymously; barely speaking to anyone during the course of a game and heading home straight after. Then came visits to the Caley Inn where I first met Scotty and Big Stu, Uncle Albert and Guzz and the Gringos. We graduated to the Innes for pre match craic and here I encountered Caley 100, Caleystan, TM4TJ and his sons, Bronson, Seoras,DJS,Donview Maimie, and LG ( a special mention for you as you have been so good to me over the years) amongst others. This new social aspect to a day out increased the matchday experience immeasurably. The away days were where I first met close buddy Mantis, Yngwie,Ymip and wee Fraser, The Fly ( where he?), Maryhill, Top Six, Govan Jaggie, IHE,Big Don,ITN (Yompa) and family,Big Dougie, King Beastie, Red Card, RIG...........what a gang.! Many regular attendees with whom I chat are,I know, not on this site. I met and married Mrs Naelifts who had to buy into the cause ( I think she had to sign something). She remains the only person to ever enter the Celtic supporters Club at Parkhead wearing an ocelot coat. The story of this constantly evolving club is an outstanding one. I am just so proud today. I have been slapped on the back by so many people who know how much this all means to me. But it would not have been the same without you guys ( and others who I have carelessly omitted). Its been a privilege. As I write this however my thoughts are of Iain and Alison Coia...............how they would have loved all this And so the journey continues...........to foreign fields. Hopefully our ranks will be swelled by some new blood inspired by the efforts of our brave wee team and their manager. As someone said to me recently. .....if those shares had been in a Biotech company or similar, with a growth and success record such as ICT.......I would never have to work again;they would be worth millions! And so on to the next chapter........see y'all there!
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    Congratulations!!! That's to the Caley supporters. You deserve this for being fantastic supporters! The lads couldn't have done it without you all. Thanks Lesley Tansey
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    I am disappointed although not surprised that it has come to this. Firstly, it's only proper to give credit where it is due. John Hughes deserves much, although far from all of the credit for our fantastic and historic success last season. I am fairly sure that that will represent the pinnacle of his career and while we are grateful for his contribution he should also be grateful to the club and Kenny Cameron in particular for giving him the opportunity when his stock was so low that Morton fans were horrified that he might be appointed to their manager's seat which was vacant at the same time as ours. Whilst last season will, in my view prove to be the height of John Hughes's career, It won't be the height of the club's. They might not come round with great frequency but there will be managers in the future who will win silverware for ICT and lead the team into Europe but Yogi will always be the first and will always have his place in our history. He could, in these circumstances have walked away with his head held high if he had been honest and straightforward and told the chairman that he could not improve on this frankly disappointing season on the money, a record sum for us remember, being made available to him. Instead he chose to sign a new contract which is highly lucrative to him personally and only then try to blackmail and bully the directors very much into the public domain into giving him funds that he had already been informed were impossible without risking the club's future. Yogi has form in this respect and did precisely the same thing at Falkirk. Their board caved in and gave him money which he squandered on duds and has beens resulting in their relegation and very nearly financial oblivion. Hibs are another club yet to fully recover from his mismanagement. I am pleased that our board has not capitulated and have put the long term viability first. Yogi, by acting in the way he has has cleverly ensured that he walks away with a wedge of ICT cash but in the process has, in my view severely tarnished that place he earned in the history of Inverness Caledonian Thistle. There will be uncertainty for a spell, we will have to examine the way we do these things in the future but the club will go on and personally I am now looking forward to the new season with a great deal more enthusiasm and sense of optimism than I was a few days ago.
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    Caley Jags Together tonight released the following statement regarding the League Cup semi final date and venue: "Caley Jags Together, the ICT Supporters Organisation are today writing to the SPFL to register the strongest possible protest against the time and venue for the Scottish League Cup Semi Final between Inverness Caley Thistle and Heart of Midlothian. The choice of venue and timing make it almost impossible for the majority of Highland based ICT fans to attend this game due to the lack of public transport and this will do nothing to enhance the image of the cup when swathes of empty seats are televised to the nation. The SPFL should re-examine this decision as quickly as possible in order to ensure that our fans can attend what is an extremely important match for them and the team. We hope that the SPFL see sense". A full letter will be sent to the SPFL tomorrow morning, and the full text will be available on the Caley Jags Together web site at www.ictst.co.uk. We also intend to conduct an on line petition against this dreadful decision, and further details will be posted here.
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    Just want to say a massive thanks to L_G who worked in our club shop. She was always great to speak with both in person and over the phone. She always went out of her way to help. I remember one evening she posted tickets for us on her way home from work - above and beyond the call of duty. L_G leaving is a big loss for our club. She was great with visitors, fans and tourists in the shop. To me, she was the main point of contact - the 'face' of our club - as it were. Thank you for all of your help over the years L_G. All the best for now and the future.
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    This has probably all been posted before but We aren't having a bad season, we are having the worst season. Unless we have some sort of stunning turnaround we are relegated and relegated as one of the worst teams to play in the top flight of Scottish football in decades. Gretna, who were a bankrupt shambles in their top flight season, won five games. That's the level this team are at. Every area has been a failure: - Recruitment - Has Foran signed a player who has improved the team? I don't think he has. Maybe Billy Mckay but improving the team by signing him isn't exactly a managerial masterstroke. We have signed bench-warmers, who bat about Scottish clubs trying to find a good season to get a few more contracts. Guys like Brad McKay, Billy King and Henri Anier fall into this category. While watching the game the other night Billy King forced a corner and I said to my mate that his agent will be putting that in his highlights reel when he tries to get a new club - that's all these guys are interested in and that's how bad they are. We were starting Doumbaya in "must-win" games then we released him a day later, who is planning this? - Team selection - It's bizarre at times the sides that we are putting out. I think that Foran and his team are over-thinking things, trying to tinker because they are panicked at what is happening. In February we chanced upon a couple of good performances with a midfield trio of Polworth, Tansey and Draper but almost as soon as we found that we moved away from it. To drop Draper and Billy Mckay for a derby game and then complain that we don't have enough "nasty lads" is beyond belief. To make Vigurs captain is the same (we've got others just as bad as Vigurs btw). - Coaching - The players don't know what they are supposed to do on the pitch. What is this team's identity, how do we play, what are we trying to do? Do we want to pass it, are we direct, do we want to play on the counter? No-one knows. We don't have anything underpinning lobbing players onto the pitch and hoping it works out. This means the players don't have any confidence, it means they make mistakes, it leads to stupid decisions - the game on Friday we literally handed County three goals, the first goal and two penalties. Terrible decision making but what help and direction are the players getting? None. We have poor players badly set up and badly coached. - Organisation. I've heard that the day-to-day running of things on the playing side hasn't been great, that there's been problems with training and that all isn't well behind the scenes. We have a goalkeeper who lobs the ball in his own net every few weeks but we loan out our back-up keeper out without a clear option to recall him so are reduced to effectively bringing Esson out of retirement when we shell OFW out of the side for the second time this year? We have the worst season in our history, have directors resigning and the response is to bring back our former assistant manager as a coach? With five games to go when we are five points adrift? It's ridiculous. I'd be amazed if we sack Foran and it's dangerous times. If we go into next season with the same rag-tag squad on far less money, our crowds will reduce. If people think we are going to bounce straight back and go on a First Division tour then they need their heads examined. Dundee United were in a better situation this season and they are in no way guaranteed to come back up. I wouldn't be surprised for us to be nearer the bottom than the top of the First Division given our current form. I don't really have much hope even if we did sack Foran. Who are we going to bring in as a replacement? If we'd got rid a few months back we would've been a more attractive option than a lot of other clubs now we'll be a floundering Championship club with a reduced budget and a demoralised squad and fanbase. Best case scenario if he stays is that he shows a capacity for learning, we manage to keep together the bones of a competent squad and build on it. I'm not hopeful.
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    Celtic may have beaten us 4 -2 on the park but their supporters beat us 10 - 0 on the terraces. Surely we must have the worst home fans in the league and you can see how badly it affects the team; they are scared stiff of making mistakes and receiving a torrent of abuse from the so-called support. In the match thread I said I think the players lack confidence and to be honest, a significant part of that is that they are worried about getting abuse when things don't go right. The crowd do precious little to lift the team but plenty to let the team know that they do not meet the fan's often unrealistic expectations. Take two examples from today. One of the guys sat next to me got to his feet after Celtic's 2nd goal and let rip with a tirade of vitriolic abuse aimed at Terry Butcher. When we scored our goals he simply sat in his seat and didn't even clap. He generally mumped and moaned about what was on display and never once as far as I was aware clapped or uttered any words of encouragement. And amongst the general moaning behind me were comments during a passage of play when we were keeping possession well but not making progress. "F***ing do something with it" was the shout from behind. No sooner had that advice been given than Morrison, I think it was, tried to put the ball over the defence for Andrew Shinnie to run on - it nearly came off but was well cut out and the same voice shouts out, "for f***'s sake don't give it away!" Just what do these people want and expect? We're not Barcelona and if we try anything other than the safe ball it will come off less often than it doesn't. Today we were up against the league champions and their side is stuffed with internationals and sometimes balls don't find their intended target because very good defenders read the situation and do their job well. Let's give them credit for that. And let's give our team credit for trying to play football against Celtic rather than being boring like County and simply stopping them playing and having no ambition. Do these people ever stop to think about what the impact is on the players? Presumably not. How do they think that players feel when they hear more noise in shouts of frustration and abuse when they make an error than they hear in applause and shouts of encouragement when they play a 30 yard pass inch perfect to a team mate? Well, it doesn't make them feel confident and appreciated that's for sure. Believe me, I get just as frustrated as anyone, even angry, when players make basic errors but I respond by silently cursing to my self, rolling my eyes or shaking my head or the like - I don't voice my feelings at the player but will make a point of clapping and shouting encouragement when they next get the ball and use it well. This thread is about small crowds and the concern that some folk no longer come to watch the team. To be honest, it would be a good thing if some who still come along on a Saturday afternoon started staying away. That might mean that those who actually support the team might have more of an influence on the mood of the crowd as a whole and the team will respond to a more positive atmosphere in the ground. That in turn might encourage others to start supporting the team and take the place of the moaners. Now I expect there will be those who will have a go at me saying that they pay good money and can expect to see better entertainment and have a right to make their views known. I would agree with that but the way to do that is to express your views on this forum or directly to the club if you are that angry. On match days, the players really need the support and encouragement of the fans and it really makes me angry that so many who turn up seem to do their best to abuse and discourage the team. They fail to understand that far from venting their anger at what they see as the problem, they are actually part of the problem themselves. I think I am right in saying there are signs at the gates referring to "home support". That is for peope who will support the home team, not people who apparently want the home team to win but who abuse rather than support them. Perhaps there should be signs at the gates directing those who are going to shout abuse at the home team to the South Stand because the only team that benefits from the way some of the paying customers in the main and North stands behave is the away team. Apologies for the length of this rant but I really am getting well and truly p***ed off by the behaviour of some of the people who pay to watch our team but who undermine the confidence of the team and ruin the matchday experience for others. By all means criticise the team as much as you want on this forum but for Christ's sake, on a match day give the team what they so desparately need - support! How f***ing difficult is that?
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    I see that Kenny Cameron has announced he's stepping down as Chairman. Personally I'd like to thank Kenny for his years of service and helping to give me some of the best football memories I have. I've met Kenny on many occasions and he was always a genuine guy who had time to chat and I've never doubted that he had the best interests of the club as heart. All the best in your retirement.
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    I suppose that Kenny Cameron’s resignation had a ring of inevitability about it after we were finally relegated. It’s a sad way to end a Chairmanship that delivered a degree of success that might never be bettered. Scottish Cup winners, League Cup finalists, Championship winners and UEFA league qualifiers. That’s a hell of an achievement for what, in anyone’s definition, is a relative football backwater. That all of this was done on the back of a small support and an almost complete absence of financial backing makes it even more noteworthy. I’ve read a lot on here in the past couple of days that bears no resemblance to the man that I know. Uncaring? I’ve witnessed the pain when things have gone wrong. Uninvolved? I’ve seen the tears of utter pride and joy at Hampden. Uncommunicative? Time and again I’ve struggled to get a word in edgeways. There’s a tale of someone fetching up at the stadium looking for a “tour” and being shown around by “this old guy”. Time and again he’s chatted to our mascots, patiently explaining about why we couldn’t sign Messi – at least not this week. He didn’t take a salary. This is not a man who didn’t care. As a former Chair of CJT, he helped us achieve things that we could never have done without his support. He was instrumental in getting funding to charter the trains that took our fans to the League Cup Final against Aberdeen. As far as I know, it’s not been repeated. Any initiative for pricing and ticketing, he always involved us. Sticking up for us against the League’s central belt bias? Every time. I know that Kenny was incredibly well regarded by others in the SPFL as someone who was both engaged and genuine and the club benefited from that influence. However, if things go wrong there are fewer more exposed positions to be in than a football Chairman or Manager and when change happens it’s usually sudden, unpredictable and pretty brutal. That’s where we are right now and why there’s been the amount of anger expressed here over the last few weeks and months. Mistakes have undoubtedly been made but now cool heads are required to identify a clear plan to take us back to the Premiership and this year – of all years – it’s achievable. There is no Rangers, Hibs or Hearts to mount a challenge against and the club will rise to the challenge with the support of all of us, including Kenny’s successor. On a personal note, Kenny was a stranger to me when I first met him through the club. I now count him as a friend and I’m a happy boy that we shared experiences from Glasgow to Bucharest. Enjoy your retirement with Christine. You’ve earned it.
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    I still have prize money waiting for 5 winners of the ‘Time of First Goal competitions’ from the bus convoy. I know two of their names are Shona MacGillivray and James Vallano and the other 3 should have winning slips with the 0-0 result printed on them. Can anyone that knows Shona, James or any of the other 3 who did not get their prize money in Romania please get in touch with me so I can get their money to them. We managed to reduce the cost of the coaches so we have £640 left over which, after discussion with CJT, we have decided to donate to a Romanian charity on behalf of ICT fans. We are currently trying to establish which is the best charity to give the money to but it will be one that helps homeless children or orphans - I will let you know the name of the charity as soon as we decide and will make sure that ICT fans get some recognition for the donation. Finally – thanks to everyone who made the trip and contributed to a fantastic few days in Romania. Hopefully we can do it all again next year – maybe someone else will be stupid enough to book the first minibus next time……
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    As one of the males having the heated discussion (the younger one for the avoidance of doubt) perhaps I should shed some clarity on the matter. The other clearly aggrieved gentleman had removed a flag without request and when asked what he was doing had stormed off like a petulant child up into the stand. I followed him and asked why he had stolen an item of property that did not belong to him. He refused to return the flag proclaiming that it was a symbol of rangers, right wing politics, racism, orangeism (sic) and nothing to do with his football team and that it was offensive to everyone there supporting Inverness. I asked if he would like to move to the side of the stand and have a reasonable conversation out of the way of those around us which he refused to do. I then asked to have our property returned as he had no right to take something belonging to another person, which he refused to do. He then proceeded to rant about how offensive the 'union jack' is in Scotland and that I was displaying the same symbol as people that were attending an SDL rally in Dundee and associating our club with such people. As a British Soldier born and bred in Inverness I have served all over the world proudly displaying the colours of and spreading the message about ICTFC. His proclamation that the union flag which I wear on my uniform every single day and have seen friends and colleagues coffins wrapped in is a symbol of racism is disgraceful and offensive. I work in England, live in Scotland, have a welsh neighbour on one side, an Irish one on the other and identify myself as British, as far as I am aware we are all still one United Kingdom the idea that you can refuse someone's personal identity because of your bigoted preconceptions is bordering on Facism. I was not taken away by stewards, I left having kept calm though out the incident despite great provocation and the stewards were asking if I would like to report the incident to the police which I refused. As to it's relevance to ICT it's red white and blue, had Inverness written across it and our team is currently managed by an Emglishman, has a Northern Ireland international up front, a largely English squad, and captained by an Irishman. We are have a multi national, multi faceted team as we do a fan base, there are scores of fans who have fallen in love with ICT having holidayed in the highlands from England or Wales so to state that we are just a highlands club or just a Scottish club or a northern club is simply wrong.
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    Caught on video, his "downfall". http://meemsy.com/v/5592
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    Hi, Cambridge fan here and just want to say you are getting one heck of a player and a top fella. The press are listing Liam as an attacking midfielder but he has played just about every position for us. I'd say his best position is a deep lying centre mid or centre def. As his record shows he isn't a massive goal scorer but he has great creativity can certainly pick a pass to unlock a defence. Not afraid to get stuck in and mix it when he has to but certainly not dirty in anyway. He's tall and we regularly put him up against tall strikers when defending corners or goal kicks and he won a LOT more than he lost. He's got a good engine and as you've seen from the video has a shot on him like a kicking horse. We really don't understand the logic in letting him go. He's been a stalwart for the last 2-3 years but a new manager has come in and bombed him & a few others straight out of the team without ever looking at them in a game and replaced them with a number of untried premier league youngsters, none of whom are setting the world alight. One thing you really will get from him is a real connection with the fans, he'll always be happy to have photos taken or sign autographs. Any kids that ask him will get asked if they play, what position etc and he gives a real sense of being genuinely interested in their answers. I hope you enjoy him, he will always get a fantastic welcome from us for the opening goal in our playoff final at Wembley in 2014 that ended 9 years of non league wilderness. Keep an eye out for a U's shirt or two popping up as I've already heard of several people planning a weekend away.
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    In a surprise attack yesterday, special forces commanded by military chief Sir Terence Butcher were finally successful in their mission to assassinate Grant Munro and Russell Duncan. It is thought that Munro and Duncan had been hiding out in a remote and mountainous part of Scotland for the last 10 years. Much of that time was thought to have been spent at a training camp east of Inverness, where the football fundamentalists attempted to radicalise other recruits into believing passionately in their cause. In addition to reading sacred texts from the Kerrang, the pair were known to pray 4 times a day in the direction of Mosstodloch in honour of their mastermind, known simply as “Pele”. Pele is understood to be the spiritual leader of the group of known as Al Qaholica, for whom the Highland region has long been a fertile recruiting ground. In a bizarre ritual, sympathisers and followers are understood to congregate regularly in known meeting spots, chanting “Qhali” repeatedly after consuming vast quantities of intoxicating liquor. Another of Pele’s henchmen, known as Ross Tokely, is understood to have escaped. “I’ve been after Tokely for years” sighed a disappointed Butcher. “We located him and sent in the helicopters to take him down, but he swatted them away like flies. I then implemented plan B, which was to call in air strikes. At first we thought they were having an effect, but then it became apparent that Tokely’s reaction was simply laughter because the missiles were a bit tickly. He’s got away for now, but believe me, I’ll be doing everything I can to get him as soon as I can, and the same goes for any other Pele sympathisers I come across. Roy? Golly? Nobody is a better manager than me, is that clear?” Butcher himself had a long and distinguished military career, seeing active service in warzones such as Govan. He notably received a commendation for bravery after losing all his limbs in the midst of a battle but insisting that a simple bandage would enable him to carry on. Commenting further on yesterday’s successful operation, Butcher added “This mission to get Munro and Duncan was a long time in the making, and Tulloch Caledonian Stadium will be a better place without them. Munro thought he was getting a new contract but it was a simple misunderstanding after I said was I was taking out a contract on him. He was the one I really wanted because he was leader of this cell and I’ve tried to take him down before, but Duncan had been protecting him for years, thwarting numerous attacks. I’d also seen horrific videos on the web of these guys in action. Some of the ones featuring Duncan portray absolutely shocking scenes of heading.” Another detail of the operation to emerge is that the initial plan was for it to be carried out by a crack Israeli unit. “But sadly, he got injured.....again“ said Butcher. “In fact even when he’s not injured, he’s actually pretty ineffective, but we’ll see, I might give him another few years just cos I hired him and he’s not one of Pele’s followers.” The whereabouts of the remains of Munro and Duncan was the subject of much speculation, but Butcher confirms that they were taken out into the Moray Firth at night and pushed out of the back of a dolphin cruise boat, in accordance with strict local custom. But this hasn’t stopped conspiracy theorists speculating that the two will somehow “come back to haunt” Butcher. When asked if his next mission would be to tackle a group of Irish Republicans believed to be a potent attacking threat operating in the Inverness area, Butcher quickly gets up to leave the press conference and makes for the door with fear evident in his eyes. “’Kinell, I ain’t messing with the likes of Ritchie Foran! Fundamendalists, no bother. Mentalists like that, no chance!”
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    What more do we need to say !! Well done to 'RedCard' for coming up with the idea and to those involved in putting the video together. Brought a tear to me eye ..... Personally I am gutted I cannot make it on Saturday but I will be with everyone all the way and through every single kick of the ball. Its not live on TV here but I have leveraged my IT knowledge and a few favours so I can watch it on my own big screen, or perhaps with a group of friends at a bar with even more humongous screens (if it works out). Wherever you are travelling from I wish you a safe journey there and back and hopefully we are all still smiling come 4:45 pm ! This week is going to fly by .......
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    I would like to put on record a huge vote of thanks to all those who worked so hard over the past few weeks to make our first Final appearance such a success. I don't personally know these individuals but everyone I encountered was top class. All the people from CaleyJags Together who gave many hours of their own time to sell tickets, organise transport, distribute travel vouchers, collect payment, etc etc, well done. Big thanks to the bloke who phoned me in Glasgow to let me know where Bus 6 was parked. Huge thanks to all volunteer stewards who gave their time to help folk on buses and trains. Massive thanks to the girls in the ICT portacabin who seemed under so much pressure but came through smiling. I even met a bloke from Edinburgh who had been promised a ticket in Glasgow from one if the ticket girls at the very last minute. He was on absolute tender hooks until the special train appeared and he got his tickets. I am sure there are loads of similar stories of togetherNess and generosity from those involved in our Final preparations. Sunday was a huge day for ICT and Inverness, well done everyone.
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    I’ve just had this press release leaked to me from a source close to the SFA.
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    ........can the constabulary and stewards not just f*ck off and leave us alone. This is bullying and harrassment of the lowest order. Does the match commander really think that 300 hardy souls have paid ?20, risked life and limb on Perth,s perilous pavements, and braved the elements to watch 90 minutes of hokum AND be continually pestered to sit down and shut up. Have you nothing better to do? Have you a single ounce of common sense? Do you have any sense of proportion? OR Are you just a bully? Why pick on a couple of young lads following their team;lads with a passion, motivation. Would you rather they were drinking on park benches or aimlessly smashing windows in your town centre...........no chance of ever seeing any police there! If your justification is crowd safety then why not issue your goons with some shovels and clear the bloody pavements around the stadium. You are pathetic. And what happens when the Old filth come calling? You bully boys are nowhere to be seen. You make me sick. Your victimisation of IHE was breathtaking. " The match commander is watching you on TV and says that the next time you are to stand up you will be ejected" Well......the next time, have the balls to show yourself and explain this face to face. You will find a passionate supporter who enjoys a bit of banter........a (usually) very reasonable guy. You sir, abuse your position; are not fit for purpose; are a disgrace to your profession. You have not got the slightest clue how to maintain public order......your actions on Sunday were more likely to provoke a rebellion than quell one. Or, is that what you wanted. Were you that bored with the game (most of us were) that you thought you would have a bit of fun; Sitting in your ivory tower like the Kommandant in Schindlers List selecting a victim for elimination. I know this is an on-going and possibly boring topic, and it is one on which I have never felt strong enough to comment. But , today is different. When watching the aforementioned film and reading accounts of similar situations I have always wondered why those "just following orders" did not rail round as one and tell the person issuing the order to "f*ck off. If you want it done....do it yourself". I would like to see that! Perhaps one day this will happen. Look what a shining light the match commander at Paisley was. What a great day out we had.....absolutely no hassle. Smiles on the faces of stewards and home and away fans. Look at that model and see how it works. As I said..........you Sir....are a disgrace!!!
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    Signed back on here with an extra S on my name to pay my respects to my great friend, my best friend - Bronson... aka Simon Macdonald. You gave me many laughs mate. You were an absolute rock for me when I went through my own separation. You pulled me back up. You had my back. You held me up. You were a true, true friend & one of very few people I trusted with my life. We had a brilliant night on Friday. Laughing, smiling, joking, drinking, talking about the future. I am so, so, sorry from the bottom of my heart that I never saw the signs from you. I'm sorry I never saw your pain or your turmoil. I just saw Simon, laughing, smiling, joking.... My heart is hurting like hell for you. I am riddled with guilt I never saw your internal pain & my own pain is growing each day that I failed you in your own time of need. RIP Simon. It was an honour to call you my friend.
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    I am coming from Brisbane, Australia for this one. Costs a fortune but is worth it for our first major final. I was all set to come to the final last year but we fell at the "final" hurdle. Not been to a match (other than a pre-season friendly v Clach a couple of years ago) since the match v Dundee when we were presented the first division trophy as we bounced straight back up. Came over specially for that one too. Hoping for an equally as successful outcome this time.
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    Sunday sees the final game of Caley Thistle’s best ever season, and if you don’t know where it is or what’s at stake you must have been in the space station with that Canadian chap. Tickets for our end are selling like hot cakes as you would imagine, people are buzzing and the game is being broadcast on Sky. It’s as high as profile gets in Scotland. We are on course for Europe with a win, so please wear your holiday costumes. Anyone who has a sombrero please feel free to dig it out of the cupboard and wear the thing. There will be inflatables and beach balls for all. If we don’t qualify we will be disappointed but we can still celebrate our most successful season ever. Of course having a party doesn’t imply going daft. Please - no pyrotechnics, no chanting about you know what’s and please try not to lob either yourself or anything else on the pitch whilst people are running about on it. And no streaking for God’s sake - it's only May. The Council have decided that no licenced premises will be open in Dingwall before the game, so if you are there early (especially off the train) please respect the locals and the fact that their places of worship will be open before ours is. At least the Caley Club in Greig Street will be open after the game and there will be a ceilidh band playing - Full Tilt Brian tells me, and hopefully it sounds like grounds for celebration. Brian also tells me that bus tickets are on sale at the Caley Club on Saturday between 2 and 3 - get down there and buy them so you won't be disappointed. I know that, banter aside, our rivals will wish us all the best if we qualify for Europe on Sunday and I’ll take this opportunity to congratulate them on a magnificent first SPL season. Both sides will have a support that does the Highlands proud on Sunday, we’re sure of that. The nation will be watching, so let's show them how to have a good time. Davie Balfour Caley Jags Together
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    We are where we are, not everyone is in agreement as to how it happened, whether or not it should have happened and if it was avoidable...but right now, that matters not. The points on the board are fixed, they are in the past, we can do nothing about them and every moment spent pondering over them is a moment less spent on getting us over the final hurdle and getting the one point we need to secure SPL status for next season. It's a big ask, and it will be beyond some, but can we set aside all the other stuff and just get behind ICT until that objective is achieved? I'm not asking anyone to support a manager, player, board member or anyone else they may have an issue with....I'm asking that everyone show support for the one thing that binds us all....Inverness Caledonain Thistle FC. If you are able, then get along to the game on Wednesday night. I know some people are at the stage of not wishing to part with any more money and/or effort to watch the team this season, but if the fans aren't willing to step up to the plate when it's needed to do everything in their power to help and support ICT then who is? If you aren't willing, then I ask that choose not to beat up on those who are just because they choose to be a little more positive, objective or supportive. If you want to brand such people as happy clappers, wearers of rose tinted specs, delusional or whatever....then can you please save it until the job is done (or not done and you can gloat and come back with all the "told you so's" you like). If any of the players happen to be reading this, then I make the same plea to you. Forget everything up until now and put every moment of thought and preparation into giving Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC your best game when you take to the park against Dunfermline, and if it doesn't happen against Dunfermline then take it to St Mirren and if needs be on against Hibs. ICT's biggest strength has always been that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Let us not be divided, let us not be conquered.
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    Although this is not (yet) posted on the official site I am posting it here as the source is pretty legit (Nicola McAlley). Assuming this is indeed legit then a huge pat on the back to the club for doing this. This is a tremendous idea and one they should be praised highly for. GOOD JOB !!!
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    Tonight's sale of Draper to Ross County has (hopefully) concluded the worst summer of the clubs entire 23 year existence. starting with relegation, we've seen the following. - We sack Richie Foran after the end of the season, which was the right decision but taken so late that the rightness or wrongness of it becomes secondary. Why persevere with someone for so long when he obviously wasn't good enough, suffer the consequences and then take action when it's too late? The fact someone with his history at the club was despatched with a two line statement was also a joke. - The club then reshuffles the boardroom, with a load of Inverniessian estate agents, solicitors and whatnot leaving and joining. No-one really has any idea who any of these people are, none of them have any experience at running a football club whatsoever. The only chink of light is appointing Danny MacDonald, who does know about this, as COO last week. - Following relegation we don't reduce season ticket prices and issue unbelievably arrogant press release about getting promoted as champions. The tin eared idiocy of this is made more apparent by subsequent events - we ask fans to stump up money to ensure we can cover costs but then release and sell our high earners? Surely someone must've realised how this would go over? The 'apology' afterwards is nothing either, don't get into situations where you have to apologise. - The club then embarks on the most nonsensical summer of PR idiocy its possible to imagine. The only way it could be worse is if Finlayson invited a few Japanese trawler boats to dock outside the stadium and slaughter some of the dolphins. First we get rid of stalwarts like Duncan Shearer by text message, then we adopt radio silence from our social media team, then when we get someone to man the Twitter account, they accidentally like filth and our club outs out the stupidest statement in our history about it. It's been said that lots of this stuff was done by volunteer but you could employ a 16 year old media student and they'd do a better job. - In between this we praise the candidates who applied for our job and were interviewed and then... appoint someone who didn't apply, hasn't worked as a manager in five years, hasn't been particularly successful at this level in 13 years and was shocked to get in. I hope he does a good job and he's at least a positive person but looking at things logically the odds are stacked against him. He's also working with people he hasn't brought in, no doubt due to cost, and will be under pressure very soon if we don't go on a run. The fact that he's already started slating the team and players doesn't bode well. - In terms of playing we've lost some stalwarts, as you'd expect, and replaced them with jobbers. Being absolutely honest about it we've signed raw youth players doing the trialist rounds, jobbers who've been released for being no good or guys who've most likely come from agents. We don't have a solid defender and we don't have someone to score double figures in this league. We also someone got into a war of words with an ex player managing a HL club that we have loads of links with over us trying to sign their best player and captain for no money. An utter embarrassment. i don't really mind about us selling players or who they go to, all players leave evenuslky and it's better to clear out players too soon than too late. Our squad was stale and under performing. It's the fact we are certain to sign utter useless jobbers to replace the players who've left that is really concerning. I don't think I've missed anything. I don't know if the board or the manager or the Chief Operating Officer wants to give us an update on what the plan is with all this but it's difficult to see where it's going. We don't have an identity as a team, we don't have a structure to ensure that we succeed as much as possible. We have made investment available but no-one is going to invest, apparently. Is this it for the foreseeable? As fans we need something to look forward to, more than a win against Forfar, although that's probably going to be as good as it gets these days, I just hope that at least somebody in charge at the club realises what a state we are in because it needs to change. We are more likely to leave this division down the way than up at the moment and if the people in charge don't get that then we are in for a hard few years until they do.
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    I'll be renewing. I'll support the club first and foremost, regardless of stupid managerial decisions.
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    John Hughes was extremely lucky to get the job as our manager in the first place. No other team in our position would of gone near him. In my view he is now degrading the club and our ambitions by his negative comments. This was our season to progress and establish ourselves as a Premier League club but this has not happenend. Hughes continually talks us down and his negativity must surely detract players from wanting to join us. When you have a solid, consistent and very good player like David Raven desperate to sign a new contract and you decide not to, in my view it is a disgrace. We are Inverness Caledonian Thistle, we know we are not world beaters and are not going to win cups every season but we want to see players with heart and passion who want to wear our shirt and sweat blood and tears for us and David Raven is this kind of player. I for one feel Hughes is forgetting about the essence of our club and taking us down a road many of us will not want to follow.
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    I have secured two coaches for Cup Final day and am looking to fill them with schoolkids and their parents. I will subsidise these coaches so that the return cost is just £10 for kids and £15 for adults that accompany them. This is about a third of the cost of public transport so hopefully we can get 100 people to the match that would otherwise not have gone. Departure points will be finalised in the next 48 hours. It would be great if other businesses or individuals would chip in some money so that we can organise more coaches and I would appreciate it if you can pass this request on to any charitable contacts you have. £750 would subsidise another coach but any amount is welcome. Please contact me if you can help or if you have access to more coaches (which are thin on the ground). We will be promoting this via the schools in the next two days and it will only be available for bookings where children are accompanied by adults.
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    I've been a Celtic supporter for almost 60 years and was at Sunday's Game and of course I was disappointed that we got beat and it does hurt to get so close to a Treble and not get it. But that feeling would have been the same if the incident involving Josh had never happened. I don't know a single Celtic supporter that want's to see him barred from the final. He should have been dealt with at the time and that might have seen him miss the final - who knows? But IMO the fact that every official was temporarily 'blind' at the crucial moment isn't good enough reason for the Compliance Officer to act and I think it's a deliberate attempt by the SFA to scapegoat Meekings as a deflection from the gross failure of every single match official. Celtic fans have many reasons to distrust the SFA - some good and other perhaps not - but they have no impact on what's going on here. As to Celtic's right to ask for an explanation: I would ask if positions were reversed on the day would ICT fans not be demanding an explanation? I'm sure they would. In the past these kinds of things were dealt with secfretly and privately and surely in this day and age football fans want to move-on into a more transparent approach to governing the game and ways to improve that process. ICT well deserved their victory on Sunday and deserve to be in the final. IMO so does Josh Meekings - I simply don't care whether it was intentional or accidental although I do think it was a penalty and I don't believe none of the officials saw the incident. Whether they saw his hand hit the ball or 'saw' his face hit the ball or surmied it was his head that hit the ball I haven't a clue. But they - for whatever reason - appear to have taken a vow of Omerta. Meekings, on the other hand, has been honest since the post-match interview in saying it struck his hand and admitting he was lucky. I admire they guy for that because he didn't fudge the question and told the truth. For that alone he deserves to be in the final! celtic as a club have no axe to grind with the player or ICT - you have given us good games and the odd roasting and we value you as worthy opponents and good footballers and I would hate to think SFA manufactured nonsense and PR spin could create a rift between us. I'm sure it won't.
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    Pic from Sundays game showing the love the Caley fans have for Iain Vigurs
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    I was recently in Northern Bangladesh as part of a project looking to build cheap floodproof housing. While we were over there the local builder, who was leading our work, had just set aside some land to be used as a football pitch for local kids. He wanted to have a bit of an opening ceremony for the pitch so organised a match between us lot and a local youth team. I thought I'd bring over a Caley Thistle ball over and spread the good name of the mighty ICT that little bit further! We thought this would just be a bit of a laugh and a kickabout but soon found out from the local gossip that it was getting built up as a big deal for the local villages - mainly due to the fact that we had been billed as International Superstars - must have been a let down, expecting Ronaldo and not even getting Kirk Broadfoot! Walking the couple of miles from our building site to the pitch set the tone, initially we had about 20 folk walking along the path with us which quickly grew to a couple of hundred. When we came through the trees into the clearing for the football it was absolutely incredible - it was like walking into a festival. Pre-match crowds International Superstars! The opposition - bunch of ringers! Action Shot! Can just about see the caley emblem on the ball... Barefoot as well, you don't realise how hard football is without boots till you try - well that was my excuse anyway After the game we were told that an estimated 5000-6000 people had turned up for the match. Roads were blocked for miles and people were rafting across the half-mile wide river to come watch! I reckon that makes it the third biggest attendance for a game involving a Caley Thistle ball this season! And by the way, we won 1.0 Anyway, I was wondering to what other faraway places has the good ICT name been taken to? Flags in Brazilian Pubs? An Ian Stewart shirt in deepest Transilvania?!
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    From Mondays Scotsman LOVE IN AT NEW LOVE STREET - Ewan MacMurray Group 4 Security have announced plans to make amends with travelling fans of Inverness Caledonian Thistle, following widespread condemnation of their brusque approach and draconian "policing" tactics at the recent Hibernian v ICT match played at Easter Road. Group 4 Security spokesperson, Adolf Mussolini, apologised profusely stating "We would wish to unequivocally apologise to all Inverness Supporters who attended the match at Esater Road. Our stormtroopers were overexcited by the aggressive match plan laid out by the new Stadium Manager, Vladimir Romanov, and they took their adrenaline out on the ICT contingent. We unfortunately did not hold back on men,women,children of all ages and apparently even through out a Highalnd papparazi - although he gave a false name of a pope. Group 4 Security have held preparatory talks with Strathclyde Police and the Stain Midden management. They aim to provide pre match entertainment at the slacious Alamo Bar on the aptly named Love Street. Cocktails and a buffet will be available and personal invitations are being sent out to members of the SESH and MOB fan factions. It would appear that members of those groups may have been singled out. Adolf added "Fortunately we have maintained a list of names of all those ejected and we look forward to make amends to the likes of Donald Duck, Elvis Presley, Ronald Reagan, Peter Paul XV1, William Wallace and the grey haired Marius Niculae". On arrival at the grounds all Inverness fans will receive a complementary packet of Lovehearts and will be encouraged to share the sweeties and enact the mottos with the stewards. Inverness fans will be provided with free flowery seat cushions and they will be permitted to stand whilst singing. A suggestion was for a chorus backed by flares but Health and Safety has limited this but ICT fans will be allowed to wave orchid scented joss sticks as they sing "Wise men say". Half time will herald a rendition of "All you need is love" by the Group 4 choir. Stewards will mingle with the ICT support and hope to encourage a flurry of group hugs, whilst doves will be released an rose petals will be scattered like confetti. Inverness fans, Mann4thejob and Johnboy expressed their support "This is an admirable gesture and brings back sweet memories of Woodstock and love ins. It will be just like the Aviva advert." So Paisley will be the place to be on Saturday 25th September if your goal is world peace and it will be pleasing to see the yellow jacketed barstewards being amenable for once. MOB spokesman IHE concluded " We all thought that there was a human being inside that cold, gruff exterior. It will be nice to watch ninety minutes of football again. I just hope unruly influences like the Highland Exile wont spoil it for us.
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    An honour to play with Herchie and proud to call him a pal, played with his heart on his sleeve, a real winner and leader, I'll never forget you! RIP Big Herch.
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    I'm currently using my Dad's account, as Ally Davidson. As one of the four boys to go, I believe the situation has been put to bed. We went in there expecting debate but instead, it was a very friendly atmosphere and everyone got a say and it was taken into account by both parties. Being on the board of CJT is a thankless job and do it for no other reason but for our enjoyment which should NEVER go unnoticed. The behaviour on the bus was unsatisfactory and we know this, and CJT had to do something. We were all frustrated and the situation has gone way too far. Although banning us wasn't a good move, currently two of the boys banned travel to Motherwell today on that bus. So me, and everyone, from now on should start appreciating the hours of work and dedication put in by John, Leslie and the team. It's not easy for them with the lack of support for something that they do not need to do. So, we should all move on. Just get behind the team and CJT board and use our frustration towards something worthwhile.... Like County.
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    The display required over 2 tons of card and was made up of over 9000 individual sheets....info which adds some insight into the power of work put in by Fraser, Caley Jags Together and Volunteers. Absolutely tremendous effort, especially for the first card display we've ever had (unless my brain is totally failing me).
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    So my brother Chas decides to go on a 5day 1600 mile trip from Southeast London on his motor bike and takes in Inverness...'drop into Caley Thistle' I say, so last Tuesday he did just that at 8 in the morning and lo and behold the first person he see's is the Chairman....'Hello' says Chas 'I've driven all the way up from Kent, and my brother supports your club and flies up to see matches here'...... and the very nice Mr Cameron invites him in, shows him around the ground and the Trophy room and also gives him a signed team photo for me! My brother describes our Chairman as a 'really nice guy' he also rather liked the City I think there could be two of us on the plane up next season .... and possibly my wife and eldest daughter will be paying visits too! Can't wait for next season
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    So the ref's like... The jambo's are all... And we're like... Then up steps Nick Ross...
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    I thought we picked the right XI when I saw it - Ross has been inconsistent and Vincent, Tansey and Draper are all solid, expierenced players. I think Yogi thought we could impose ourselves on Hearts and run over the top of them. We started very well, dominating the midfield and pushing Hearts back - Draper had what looked like a great opportunity but he was stretching with his wrong foot and put it over. Hearts were trying to play on the counter and managed to mount some attacks but didn't really threaten us, at least in the initial stages. As the half got towards 20 minutes or so we stopped being effective and the game became scrappy in the middle. Our midfield three weren't on top of enough and Hearts kind of hustled and pushed their way into the game. They didn't really create any clear cut chances but had a couple of shots from distance, a header about two feet wide and got into some good positions. It was pretty frustrating for us not to be able to press home our early superiority but we managed to create a good opening for McKay, who tested McDonald from an angle towards the end of the half. We started the second half the way we did the first, on top and focusing most of our play down our right, where Watkins was very impressive. We were crossing the ball into the box but McKay couldn't buzz onto the end of much and it looked as though we weren't going to take advantage. That changed when Vincent tangled for the ball on the edge of the box and it rolled back to Tansey, who arrowed in a drive from 20 yards, a tremendous hit. It was the sort of the goal that Steven Gerrard scores, a peach. At that point we were in control and I would have backed us to go on and win. Hearts came back, which was inevitable, and pressured us. A clumsy collision between Shinnie and Warren (I think) put Hearts right midfielder clean in on goal but Brill made a great stop and the header was cleared off the line. However, shortly after that we were dealt a double blow when Warren was sent off for a second booking and after he trudged off the free kick was worked for Jamie Hamill to rattle it into the net. Yogi did the obvious and took off a winger for a centre half (Doran for Devine) but a minute or so later Hamill curled in a second free kick, a beauty into the top corner. It was absolutely gutting at this point for Caley fans. We hadn't played well but I think we had been the better side and to lose two goals and a man to set pieces was a massive blow. Personally, I was pretty despondant and didn't think we'd manage anything back. Meekings forced Hamill into a cracking save when he powered a header in from Tansey's corner and McKay also threatened with a header. We hadn't won a match from a losing position all season, I think, and I was basically resigned to defeat. The horrible feeling was compounded by shocking time wasting, diving and feigning by Hearts players. extremely frustrating to see. We pushed forward but weren't able to do anything and when we went down to nine men, when Meekings was red-carded for a trip to stop Hearts getting a breakaway I was certain we were for it. It wasn't a red card if you ask me, he tripped his opponent inside the Hearts half with players covering so it wasn't a clear goalscoring opportunity and it wasn't violent conduct, ie a kick. Our players were seething at it but it looked like we'd end the match howling at the injustice of it all and doing little else. Somehow we managed to get one last ball into the box and in the scramble Nick Ross, who'd actually done well when introduced I thought, squirmed the ball home past McDonald. It was a surreal moment, where I was sitting it looked like the ball was in the side netting and I thougth it was until Ross ran to our fans and someone launched a smoke bomb onto the pitch That was it for 90 minutes and we had the bizarre prospect of playing 30 minutes with nine men. We did this very well. Draper and Devine are about as makeshift a centre-back pairing as you could ask for but defended brilliantly, Draper was unorthodox but unpassable. We brought on Tremarco, who was solid and dangerous going forward, and then had Tansey, Ross, and Watkins sitting in the middle with McKay up front. We sat behind the ball and invited Hearts to test us, there isn't really much else to be done in this sort of situation. It was a strange spectacle, like a defence v attack training match. Hearts seemed burst from the equaliser and didn't offer much. Nick Ross and Billy McKay even managed to eke out a few half chances for us but we were going for penalties. It was noticeable that when the final whistle blew, Hearts players sank down but our players celebrated, we were the positive side mentally at this point. Shinnie hit a poor penalty but that was followed up by an equally pish one from the on-loan striker. Our following penalties from Tansey, Ross, McKay and Draper were perfect and it was Jamie Hammil, man of the match, two goal hero and 'streetwise professional', who had his saved bh Brill, a fantastic diving stretch. It was absolutely remarkable, an insane game. I wasn't drinking before it, or last night, and I just feel a buzz, I'm shaking even now. The only big, do-or-die game we've ever won was the Clyde match to secure promotion in 2004, we're the sort of side who ploughs thought rather than wins crunchers. It's just a remarkable achievement. I'm normally not someone to give this sort of thing too much credence but I thought our spirit carried us on today. To play with the discipline and control we did for thirty minutes and then to hold our nerve in the shoot-out was really driven by the togetherness of the group. We maybe should have beaten Hearts anyway, given our sides but we managed it because of how the team worked for each other and themselves I think.
  42. 18 points
    Just a small point, Jonny 'I have been incredibly patient but have not lost my amazing enthusiasm' Tuffey made his SPL debut last Saturday and started with a clean sheet. Your smile,enthusiasm, work rate and International call ups, has probably pushed Ryan to great heights this season but your professionalism has been first class. Well done.
  43. 17 points
    Pathetic attacks on the team and manager on here. Tactics may or may not have been correct. We were on top before the first goal for quite a period and if Tom Walshs strike had gone in it would have been a very different game. To sit deep against ( Scottish International) passers like Scott Allen giving them time on the ball like he got in the second half after the sending off would have been catastrophic imho. Our forwards troubled the hibs defence , we scored 2 goals and could have scored 4 but for some superb goalkeeping from marciano. Our defence played to their level with some great last minute tackles from brad mackay Rooney ,and tremarco. Mchattie gave away a silly penalty and showed some inexperience but thats who we are. A team of developing players getting better under robbie rather than worse under Foran. Midfield were outclassed by a great hibs side coached by jack ross who made the most of their forwards amazing movement. Ridgers was a rock. Hibs are the form side in the premier league since Jack Ross took over moving from one point of the bottom to sixth place and too hear the same tired refrain of its all Robbos fault is disappointing to say the least. I think yesterdays game and the match against other premier league teams this season shows that even after losing Mcart and Coll we can challenge the premier league teams in the playoffs especially if we have our best team on the pitch. We missed Sean Welsh yesterday but I see hope not despair that promotion is possible. So support the team rather than attack the people working to that success.
  44. 17 points
    It is with great regret and deep sadness that I post this note to pay tribute to Ken Thomson, former director of Inverness Caledonian Thistle who passed away earlier today (Friday). Personally I am happy and privileged to have been able to call Ken a friend as well as someone who always tried to do his best at Caley Thistle, sometimes under very challenging circumstances. A man who also liaised with us here at CTO to foster the excellent collaborative relationship we had with the club in recent years. Many people will have known him not only from the football world where he came to the club around 1999/2000 but also from the shinty world where he was president of the Camanachd Association in the early 90s. He was elected president in 1990 but served his time in that association well before coming president. He was on the executive committee in 1978 at the age of 24, and was also a former president of the Camanachd Referees' Association, a former secretary of the North of Scotland Shinty Association, and an organiser of the Aviemore Indoor Sixes. He was goalkeeper for Aberdeen University in the 1973 Sutherland Cup-winning team before turning to refereeing, and also sponsored Strathglass, the club from his home village of Cannich. Ken was an extremely important part of our relationship with the club. I would go as far as to say that he was the primary architect of the bond we forged over nearly 20 years. In the same season where Super Caley went ballistic, Ken reached out to me and we met a few times to discuss how the fledgling (5 year old) CaleyThistleOnline site could help the club communicate with fans and act as a two-way conduit directly with, and to, the board as the internet became a more and more important communication tool. He recognised the significance of the internet before many others did and was open minded enough to embrace it and ourselves and not worry too much about keeping things as insular as they had been for the first few years the club existed. He may have been more AOL than iOS when it came to operating the technology but he understood the importance. In modern day terms he was a supporters liaison officer (SLO) before anyone had ever coined the phrase or even thought supporters were that important ! He was instrumental in helping setup "Boardroom Banter" both times we ran it. He was the man responsible for the live chat sessions we had with the likes of Graeme Bennett and others and he helped us facilitate a number of events where club officials and fans mingled in social settings in the Caley Inn, Caley Club, Innes Bar and even on away trips at times. Over the years he dragged along the chairman, other directors, chief execs and other folk to these get togethers and I believe his input helped forge a bond with many supporters that can never be broken. There are not too many clubs that were as open as Caley Thistle during his time on the board and he is to be applauded and lauded for that. Goodnight my friend, you will be missed, but you will never be forgotten.
  45. 17 points
    Quite frankly never seen anything like this in football. Liam Polworth has come through the ranks at Caley, 25 assists last season, clearly the only one with the ability to unlock a defence and yet the abuse he gets from some sections beggars belief. It hardly matters what kind of game he's having either. So many "supporters" seem worryingly ready to rail on him at the slightest thing. This isn't in my head, hear it all around me every home game. Yesterday as an example, Mackay came on and took a touch that would've resulted in an outcry had it been Poli. But because it was Mackay? Total silence. Get behind your players and learn something about the game you're supposedly watching, you know who you are, absolute disgrace. You only need to listen for a while to the people talking ***** about Poli to realise they don't have much of a clue how the majority of the game works, really seems like they're there to vent. I for one really hope he stays unlike that wee lemon Daniel ict or whatever his name is on Twitter who's going about delighted at the prospect of losing our only playmaker to a premier league club. That wee crew are such a stereotype, are more or less only at games for the homoerotic camaraderie, know **** all about football and I hope they see this: nothing wrong with your reasons for being at the football, that's your business, but when you're dishing out that kind of abuse expect it to come back and bite you. Aside from that lengthy rant, we've got a very good side here if they could up the tempo at key moments and were able to add a player who can finish consistently. Still hoping Austin can be that player myself. Roll on Tuesday.
  46. 17 points
    Well after moaning and groaning over the past few weeks I renewed both my own and my father's tickets today. The promise from Ritchie that we will see more attacking football this forthcoming season coupled with the re-signing of the loyal David Raven helped me decide. The biggest factor though was in memory of my Dad who passed away this week. He was a true Caledonian FC fan and former groundsman at Telford Street. He took me along as a very small boy and I tagged along as he lined the pitch on match days with distemper, put the sawdust on the penalty spots and hung the nets. R.I.P. Dad, x
  47. 17 points
    Marley on twitter: "Absolutely loved my time at ICTFC - amazing family football club which deserves more local support - I'll never forget the cup run. Moving to another Scottish team would have been wrong so close to what we achieved recently! Kenny Cameron and the rest of lads are heroes!"
  48. 17 points
    Delighted for your players, management and staff at Hampden, but especially for you, the fans! A well merited win, even though your team were not perhaps at their best. It has been a terrific season all told and I wish you well next season - especially in your first European adventure. May it be an exciting and prolonged one. Look forward to visiting Inverness again next season - I have missed our games with you in the season just ended. Hope your hangovers pass quickly and you have a great day on Sunday!
  49. 17 points
    Never mind as chair of Caley Jags Together, as a fan I am raging about this. If the SPL wanted to voice their contempt of us, they really couldn't have done it any better. CJT will fight this with every available weapon, and we will publish a detailed statement here later on tonight or early tomorrow. This is one we really need to fight as quickly and loudly as possible - it just isn't on.
  50. 17 points
    So, let's see.... Butcher was criticised for getting us relegated coz he played Tokely at centre-back. Tokely should also not play for ICT again as he's 4th, 5th and 6th choice as centre-back. He's too slow, too rash and cost us a number of goals. Tokely should also stay as he's a great centre-back. Proctor also must stay as he's ICT through and through, even though he only came back after failing elsewhere. Proctor is terrible and should never play for ICT again. Proctor will be a great signing for Ross County - we should never have let him go. Butcher should never have signed Golabeck as he was past his best. He should also sign Duncan after Ross County decided he wasn't good enough for SFL1, so went to Peterhead. Munro needs to getaefeck as all he does is hoof-the-ball. Munro should have never been sold. Buthcer has ripped out the heart of ICT by not keeping McBain, Golabeck, Hastings and all those others that were no longer SPL quality. Meanwhile, he can't replace them with any quality. Which is why Golobart was never player of the year, we're desperate to get rid of Tade, Gillet and Hayes and we're expecting nothing from A.Shinnie or Doran next season. David Davis. Another failure. As was Tansey, which is why Motherwell were after him. What would Stuart McCall know about potential? Hayes would be better off going to a club where it will be almost impossible to get spotted, as long as it's in England. After all, anywhere in England is better than the SPL. Meanwhile, we should try to sign Black from Hearts and get Rooney on loan from Birmingham. Even though we're desperate for any players with a hint of quality not to sign for any other SPL clubs, we will also bemoan the lack of quality in the SPL. We have no money yet should be able to sign a load of great players for free, whilst acknowledging we can't compete with other SPL clubs, both in terms of finance and location. The likes of Eagle, Stratford etc prove this, even though they cost very little and we went up first time of asking and almost achieved a top six finish. We also wasted a lot of money on Tuffey...who we should offer a new contract to. However, we should forget about that as we were almost relegated this season, finishing only a mere 14 points above Dunfermline and beating a Hibs side that spent vastly more than us. Nevetheless, we should be playing more flowing football on a budget far below the Brazil-like Aberdeen, who finished far above us on two points more. Butcher should play Ross, G.Shinnie and Sutherland more. CTO begged for G.Shinnie to be dropped after a dip in form, although he shouldn't have been dropped. Gillet should have been brought back earlier too. Although neither Shinnie or Gillet should be played out of position. So two left-backs then. Ross isn't strong enough to play regularly and should be loaned out. We should also build the team around him. Ross played 32 games this season. Ross also didn't play much this season. Sutherland should get his chance. Sutherland did and showed he isn't the answer. Why didn't Sutherland play more? We should sign more Highland players, even though we don't know any capable of playing in the SPL. We should though look to the SFL, even though Tade wasn't SPL quality, which is why St Johnstone are after him and he rejected us. But we should take a chance on SFL players to get us some goals, apart from Rory McAllister as he wasn't any good as a teenager but is a superior goalscorer to anything in the SFL 2 or 3. We should sack Butcher and get Robbo in, even though, in a vote, CTO voted for Butcher above Robbo. A more experienced manager is the answer, such as Jimmy Calderwood, Jim Jefferies or Bobby Williamson - all of whom aren't the solution. A young manager with potential should be brought in as long as he's experienced as we can't rely on untried managers. If you think Butcher deserves a chance after doing better than expected two seasons out of three, then you're a happy clapper thinking everything is rosy in the garden. If Butcher doesn't improve the club's fortunes, then he should never have been hired. Just as long as we're being consistent here.
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      TV sets were barely switched on when Nokolay Todorov opened the scoring in the second minute. He would leave the field injured to be replaced by James Vincent after nineteen minutes. Inverness held that lead until the twenty-third minute when captain Euan Murray headed his fourth goal of the season to level matters. That's how it stood at the break as both sides searched for a second goal. Ryan Dow put the Pars in front with twelve minutes left in a rather turgid second half. Declan McManus scored a superb third to seal the points turning on the angle of the box and firing high into the net. Deserved 3 points for the Pars as they get off to a flyer.
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      It's the start of the covid restricted Championship campaign 20/21 and Inverness travel to Fife to take on Dunfermline Athletic at East End Park. The game is a closed doors event and kicks-off at 3:00pm on Saturday 17th October with live streaming available from Dunfermline or the usual social media outlets via twitter, BBC Sport etc to fill the void of following your team at the stadiums. The steak bridies will be a big miss from East End park as will the pre-match entertainment on Halbeath Road and the general enjoyment of slagging your team off on a Saturday afternoon. It's what 3:00pm's were made for.
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      Bonus point struggle. Inverness took the bonus point after a penalty shoot out, the game ending scoreless. Cammy Mackay saving twice as Todorov, Deas, Welsh and Allardice fired home from the spot.
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      Cowdenbeath are the visitors to the Caledonian Stadium on Tuesday 13th October as we play our second League Cup game which will also be a closed doors encounter. Don't forget, this game is an early kick-off at 6:30pm. Both sides sit at the bottom of of their group table with zero points. Hearts are at home to Raith Rovers later tonight with a 7:45pm kick-off.
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      An empty Tynecastle greeted the teams for the first competitive game for nearly seven months, the fans deprived of live action due to the covid19 restrictions. Both sides were much changed from last March with Inverness requiring a whole new back four amongst other departures. New signing Kai Kennedy was on u19 international duty but should be available for the Cowdebeath tie next week. Defender Wallace Duffy comes straight into the squad along with the returning Daniel Mackay and Shane Sutherland and newbies Robbie Deas and Scott Allardice. Danny Devine, Lewis Toshney, Kevin McHattie, David Carson, James Vincent and Aaron Doran never travelled down with injury concerns hanging over them all.

      Keeper Craig Gordon has returned to Tynecastle. Former Caley Jag forward Jordan Roberts, Elliott Frear, Mihai Popescu and Josh Ginnelly are all new at Tynecastle and left back Stephen Kingsley is a late signing. Christophe Berra and John Souttar are out long term and Michael Smith and former Ross County striker Liam Boyce

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