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    Signed back on here with an extra S on my name to pay my respects to my great friend, my best friend - Bronson... aka Simon Macdonald. You gave me many laughs mate. You were an absolute rock for me when I went through my own separation. You pulled me back up. You had my back. You held me up. You were a true, true friend & one of very few people I trusted with my life. We had a brilliant night on Friday. Laughing, smiling, joking, drinking, talking about the future. I am so, so, sorry from the bottom of my heart that I never saw the signs from you. I'm sorry I never saw your pain or your turmoil. I just saw Simon, laughing, smiling, joking.... My heart is hurting like hell for you. I am riddled with guilt I never saw your internal pain & my own pain is growing each day that I failed you in your own time of need. RIP Simon. It was an honour to call you my friend.
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    Pathetic attacks on the team and manager on here. Tactics may or may not have been correct. We were on top before the first goal for quite a period and if Tom Walshs strike had gone in it would have been a very different game. To sit deep against ( Scottish International) passers like Scott Allen giving them time on the ball like he got in the second half after the sending off would have been catastrophic imho. Our forwards troubled the hibs defence , we scored 2 goals and could have scored 4 but for some superb goalkeeping from marciano. Our defence played to their level with some great last minute tackles from brad mackay Rooney ,and tremarco. Mchattie gave away a silly penalty and showed some inexperience but thats who we are. A team of developing players getting better under robbie rather than worse under Foran. Midfield were outclassed by a great hibs side coached by jack ross who made the most of their forwards amazing movement. Ridgers was a rock. Hibs are the form side in the premier league since Jack Ross took over moving from one point of the bottom to sixth place and too hear the same tired refrain of its all Robbos fault is disappointing to say the least. I think yesterdays game and the match against other premier league teams this season shows that even after losing Mcart and Coll we can challenge the premier league teams in the playoffs especially if we have our best team on the pitch. We missed Sean Welsh yesterday but I see hope not despair that promotion is possible. So support the team rather than attack the people working to that success.
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    Tragically Bronson is not the first site member of ours to have passed away over the 25 years the forum has been active, and unfortunately he wont be the last, but the news this weekend seems to have affected a lot of us deeply as we have known him a long time even if we all had different degrees of closeness to him. I have been thinking about things a lot since I heard about this and would like there to be something positive to come from his passing. The Bronson Legacy referred to in the title of this post if you will. I do not know what fits, how best to phrase it, or even if we are able to do something lasting and beneficial on the site but FFS we need to look out for each other somehow .... I have seen comments on Facebook and elsewhere where members of our site have posted the offer to be there for others who might need to talk. I also hold my hands out and say the same thing to anyone on this site whether we know each other or not and whether we have crossed swords or are best of buddies. If you need to talk, I am here. If you need to vent, I am here. If you need a second, third or fourth opinion, I am here. I am no expert or psychologist, but I can do two things quite well ... listen and give an opinion. Many of us are the 'strong silent type' and that stoic Highland reserve is how I used to deal with things as well. It's a man thing, it's a Highland thing, and it's most definitely a Highland Man thing. Over the last two years my personal life has been less than perfect. 2018 started (on Jan 1st) with the suicide of someone I knew from the Toronto FC supporters group who didn't realise how much he was loved and revered (and still is). After watching an uncle die from Prostate Cancer, I was then diagnosed and treated for cancer myself and will live with some side effects forever but the crucial thing is that I will live. I also lost my mum in June 2019, two days after returning to Canada from our last visit to see her. Through it all I had the support of friends on both sides of the Atlantic, family and colleagues and this helped. I was in a dark place a few times but someone was always there with encouragement or a quick word. Its amazing how even asking how someone is doing can be uplifting and bring you out of that slump. It also helped me shed that stoic reserved approach. I now view life as too short and bottling stuff up is less of an issue now. I now participate in Movember each year and one of the key cornerstones of this is mental health (along with Prostate and Testicular cancers). I have talked openly about my cancer and told colleagues at work that if anyone is scared to go for testing or wants to know what happens after a diagnosis, I am here. The same applies for trying to remove the stigma over talking about mental health. I have added the MikeysLine link to our site pages over the weekend and there are a couple of other links below to sites that may help or form the basis of some small thing we can do for our little community here .... because thats what we are, a community, and community means looking out for each other even if/when we dont always get along. Please use this thread for comments, links or brainstorming anything you think we can do here. https://uk.movember.com/mens-health/we-need-to-ask https://letstalk.bell.ca/en/ways-to-help
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    Ridiculous that people call for Robbo's head. Can you imagine the budget of Hibs compared to ours, especially these days. Who exactly would you replace him with? People forget we've got to a cup final, quarter final, and are well in contention to be promoted to the premier league. Totally clueless.
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    Well it is part and parcel of my job and has been for 45 years. Taking calls two nights a week at the moment. BUT calling a NHS run Mental Health "Crisis" Line is not the whole answer unless you are in Mental Health Services, have a recognised diagnosis and the "Risk" level is deemed "High". I am mainly sought to action Section 136 presentations or MHA Assessments. Of course that is usually urgent and needed. But it is often life events, loss and potential loss that eats away - leading to guilt, hopelessness, worthlessness and helplessness - and often when we "bottle" it up another kind of bottle is a coping mechanism. Many people who call want to maintain strict confidentiality and often anonimity, many are still put off by the stigma and most just want to talk and be consoled. Primary Care Mental Health has been overloaded and waiting lists are "ridiculous". I have heard good and bad feedback from the large number of helplines available. Over the years I have found that it is usually the ones who have perfected the "cover" or act impulsively, that often choose the suicide route. I bet that word made people shiver. Should I have used it ? To me the only way to ask about "suicide risk" is to be direct and blunt. Not at all easy but I would say - Ask the question. Well I am now off to an assessment. A young 19 year old who made a serious attempt at the weekend. The aim will be to establish the risk and to try and establish the precipitators. But as Gringo succinctly pointed out - Tell someone - In fact identify somebody close to you NOW and get them to be your "buddy" and make an agreement to act when necessary. As the tears begin to fall again - I wished that you had called out mate - there were so many who would have answered the call.
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    We didn't 'bottle' it. We overcame a very talented and rather highly paid development team of a club with close to twenty five times our income in horrendous weather conditions and in the face of two terrible officiating decisions one of which deprived us of a penalty and a player for a large chunk of the second half and the other of a perfectly valid goal. A little more positively on reaching a national final might not go amiss.
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    Hi there guys , although I'm a hearts fan I'm not in here to to talk about my own club or troll this forum. I'm only here to congratulate your club on there resent statement, it was not only well worded but it said everything about the dishonestly of the SPFL. Your club has proper morals, dignity and sporting integrity, this is what the majority of our 42 clubs don't have. You are a very proud club and looks to me like very proud supporters reading this thread and rightly so. Although we will be competing in the same league next season (if any) if hearts don't win it I very much hope ICT do and hope we both are promoted. I will be up for the away game against you gays as this will be my only away game as I would not give any of my hard earned cash to any of the gutless clubs. Stay safe and all the best for the future.
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    A club from Inverness playing in the national league system was once a remote prospect, reaching the top tier was an even more remote prospect, reaching the League Cup final was even more remote and winning the Scottish Cuo and playing in Europe was once the remotest prospect of all. I will just be happy for our club to survive and vie for promotion next season no matter how remote that prospect might be.
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    To those thinking of boycotting please please think of the other players here! Boycotting wont make one scrap of a difference to the SFA. We dont get to many cup finals so lets get behind the boys and cheer them to a cup win. Leave the politics to the club who appear to be doing just fine re that.
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    What utter s***e ! Like many before him, the guy is in the death throes of his current contract and has chosen to look further afield as he can make more money doing the same job elsewhere. The 'guardians' of the club as you so derisively call them can no more make him sign a new contract than you could. It is the player's choice, or in some cases, the choice or advice of the player's agent. We have been down this road in every division we have been in, including the premiership and with every board and chairman who has ever been at the helm for more than 5 minutes. As for the player, I cant say I blame him ..... The gulf in income between premiership and championship is massive - even before you consider Uncle Roy's deep pockets - so its no surprise that a player would look to go there for a bigger payday in what is a short career compared to other occupations so whilst we may not like it, any sane and intelligent human should be able to understand it.
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    Not long home after a good away trip despite two road closed diversions on way home just to delay us even more. A good three points and plenty Dobbie misses so we are well pleased we made the effort to travel, after being at Greenock on Saturday. Enjoyable craic and team played so much better than against Morton. More of the same for the next few Saturdays please ICT.
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    I think what the County fans who were at the game found most difficult was not being able to leave before the end of the game.
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    On a brighter note, the Championship league placing for 19/20 have been reviewed by the SQA and ICT are being upgraded to the Premiership, in accordance with our manager‘s initial recommendation.
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    There is no realistic prospect of catching the Arabs but second place gives us a fighting chance of promotion via the play offs and that very competent and professional performance cements our pole position in that regard. For those still constantly complaining just look at Partick and Falkirk. Both clubs with more fans, more money and healthier player budgets than us yet one look increasingly destined for league One and the other has been stuck there for two seasons now. We may be frustratingly inconsistent but, given our extremely limited resources including losing valuable players in the January window, we have remained competitive and firmly in contention in the play off places. Credit to the manager, coaches, players and our small but loyal band of fans for that. Time to stop griping and get fully behind the team for three months or so that could determined our future as a full time team.
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    We're planning on having a minutes applause in the 44th minute for Simon / Bronson during this game. Something to note for later this month and feel free to make others around you at the game aware. Hopefully get as many people joining in as possible. Cheers.
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    I really can't believe all the clowns who are shiteing on the team over this result. It was stupidly unlikely for us to actually win this game. I think we played out of our skin, the Livi game was just a fluke, and this was a real test, Hibs are doing well in the league. Show some support for the team. Jeezus.
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    The city is full of glory hunters & people still bitter about the merger. As Terry Butcher said Inverness doesn't deserve a team like ICT. It's amazing the success we have achieved during our 25 years as a club. But does Inverness care? If it ain't the glory hunting Old Firm fans with their TV subscriptions or people still crying about a merger of two Highland League clubs that happened 25 years ago people just don't want to give ICT any respect. Baffles my brain what would fans rather have? Still going on away trips to Forres Mechanics? or away to teams like Hibs in the Scottish Cup playing in the top leagues of Scottish football. As much as I like the Highland League there is no doubt that playing in the Premiership or the Championship is miles better. ICT have done the Highlands proud it's about time we get the respect & appreciation we deserve. We should be getting four to five thousand fans with the population we have not to forget the surrounding areas. Imagine if ICT & even County were nearly selling out their grounds it would be amazing. You can only dream eh?
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    White & Storey scoring....can someone check on @Alan Simpson to make sure he's ok?
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    Congratulations to the club in their efforts to help out their older season ticket holders by distributing packages of foodstuffs and household essentials. I have just received a delivery of several items for which I am very grateful
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    My Facebook Post from earlier today..... Words can not explain how I feel right now. Today I heard of the passing of one the nicest guys I ever met whilst supporting Inverness Caley Thistle. He was a laugh, a true Caley Thistle fan, a gent and was always in awe at my (our) long distance journeys that were made as a family to follow his (our) team. He was also a founder member of the infamous Highland March and also became the saviour of it too on that very first event. I shared the support bus with him on a number of occasions we're we talked football and rock music. From those halcyon days of the HM, the fun in the Innes Bar, the home matches and the away matches on the supporters bus I will never forget you Simon MacDonald ‘Bronson’ never. With a heavy heart I bid you farewell my friend and may you rest in peace now. My heart also goes out to all your family and friends. A pain unimaginable right now. I hope my words ease that awful pain somehow.
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    For me it was earlier that game and the Tansey penalty. The gamesmanship and Celtic taking 5 mins to sub the goalie and resume the game. For him to stand there in front of 30k odd baying celtic fans before tucking it away and starting out comeback. Hand of meekings was glorious too along with this minter
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    I actually agree with @tm4tj, White was no worse than the rest today. But let's turn your statement round.You are always the goto fan to stick up for White. Why don't you stick up for Brad Mackay, Charlie Trafford (especially), or Curry or even Doran who have had a fair bit of stick? Because you're so obviously Jordan's mate. Or brother ? Big Jordan got his share of credit last season when he came on to a game halfway through the season. I like Jordan as he gives 100%, but let's face it, when Jordan leaves ICT, so will you. I asked you before, how long you had been watching ICT and you dodged that one. Because let's be clear: this is the worst ICT side since we were promoted out the seaside leagues in 1999. 20 years ago. Guys like Russell Duncan who were considered jobbers when we won the First Division would be standouts in this team. Forwards like Wyness, Ritchie, Bingham, Wilson, Hislop are players we would kill for now, and that's without mentioning that the standard in the league has dropped in 20 years.
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    https://youtu.be/MlpXnzQk-Ck for anyone who doesn't have Premier Sport. And no, it's not a rerun of an old game.
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    I'm not sure exactly what folk expect Robbo to accomplish. His first season back was a write-off because he inherited an absolute clusterf*** of a club and its remarkable that we came so close to a playoff spot. Last season we finished third, behind two teams who had enormous budgets in comparison to us. And this season we finished second, behind one team with an enormous budget (United) and ahead of another (Dundee). He's also managed to turn Chalmers, Donaldson, McCart, Rooney and White (and possibly Walsh and Trafford) into Premiership players. Ig you'd said that when these guys signed for us you'd have been laughed out of town. He's doing all right, I think. Certainly I think that, were he to leave, we'd be far more likely to end up with someone inferior than someone superior.
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    Not strictly ICT related but I was sorry to read of the death of former Clach forward Charlie Kennedy. My late father was a staunch Clach fan as a result of which I probably spent more time in Grant Street than was healthy in the late 60s and early 70s and Charlie was a firm favourite. I am sure that the whole Inverness football community would wish to send condolences to his family and friends.
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    Latest from ICTFC TogetherNESS Great gesture from the club
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    Aitken should be dragged in to offer a personal apology to Keatings for that rotten decision.
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    Saw a tweet earlier that we have qualified for 12 Scottish cup quarter finals in the our 26 season’s in the league. A very good haul, thought I’d revisit them. 1995/96 - It was actually an epic cup run that saw us beat Livi in an epic tie (goals were all over Twitter last week), then two away wins over East Fife and Stenhousemuir (both in higher leagues than us) saw us draw Rangers at home. The game was played at Tannadice and the star studded Rangers team beat us pretty easily. It was quite something to see Grassa Bennet and Alan Hercher go up against Laudrup and Gascoigne but we acquited ourselves well in a 3-0 loss. 2001/02 - We smashed Hearts 3-1 at Tynecastle to get a tie with the eventual First Division Champions Partick Thistle. The first game was excellent, really good atmosphere. I remember standing outside Firhill waiting for someone and we had what seemed a huge support. We took the lead twice but were pegged back by Partick hero Scott Paterson, who always looked like he’d rather be playing bass in ocean Colour Scene than playing football. He scored the winner in the replay as well, I think they were the only goals he ever scored. 2002/03 - our first quarter final victory, we beat Celtic 1-0 in a live Sunday night game. This is overall probably the best win over Celtic we’ve had in th cup, this was a team who reached the UEFA Cup final as opposed to the John Barnes shambles a few years before. Henrik Larson also played but was outshone when Dennis Wyness knocked home the only goal and we withstood a battering to hold on. My mate Dave, a sometime poster on this site, ran down and goaded a group of Celtic fans at the end, a fond memory as the rage faced trampy Celtic minks were silenced. 2003/04 - I couldn’t get to this one as my cousin got married. Barry Wilson hit the only goal from approximately 250 yards out though and I had the double whammy of getting a text to let me know we’d won and finding out there was a free bar at the wedding in the space of five minutes. What a day. 2006/07 - We beat Stirling and Dundee Utd on the way to a tie against Celtic and it was one of the most gut wrenching games I’ve ever been at. A superb performance had us a goal up and heading for the semis but Kenny Miller and Steven Pressley scored in the last minute to take it away from us. Graham Baynes performance in this game was one of the best lone frontman showings I’ve seen from anyone, probably his best game for the club. Brutal. 2008/09 - We lost to Falkirk in this game and I genuinely have no memory of it. I think I was there but I can’t remember it. Can’t have happened. A mirage. 2010/11 - The original game was postponed and I remember finding some pub in Edinburgh that was showing the rearranged game. We took the lead through a Rooney penalty but were immediately pegged back and lost in a disappointing but less heartbreaking manner than a few years before, 2013/14 - By some distance the biggest thumping on this list, Dundee Utd absolutely destroyed us 5-0 at home. We also had Tansey and Watkins sent off, I’m sure Watkins just thought f*ck it and halfed someone with 20 minutes to go to get out of it. I couldn’t get out of work so watched it at my desk on a shaky BBC feed. Every time the picture depixelated we had conceded another goal. Interestingly, three of the Utd scorers that day have trained at some level withus - Gavin Gunning, Gary. MacKay-Steven and Stuart Armstrong. Traitors. 2014/15 - considering the emotional wringer that was the semi final and final this years quarter was a walk in the park, a routine 1-0 over Raith with Danny ‘F*cking’ Devine the scoring. 2015/16;- our defence of the trophy ended in the quarters this year when eventual winners and this years opponents Hibs beat us ina replay. Highlight of the first game was a glorious finish from Andréa Mbuyi-Mutombo, who has his shorts pulled down by John Hughes post game, classic banter lads lads lads. Yogi also punched Liam Polworth while celebrating the goal. I think he was trying to tell us something. The replay was a squib as we fell behind early. 2018/19 - Last years game was another I had to miss (word of warning to the youth: don’t get old, get a responsible job or a family) but watched on television delighted as we outplayed United and stole victory with a last minute Doran header. Probably one of our best performance of the season. What are everyone’s favourite quarter final memories?
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    Sucks to be right. Good luck to him. I wish people would stop all this 'snake' and 'traitor' rubbish. In the real world no-one bats an eyelid if somebody switches job for a significant pay rise and a promotion. Why should it be any different in football? I'm intrigued as to what the fee was. Given the time remaining on his contract £75k would be crazy...but so would us letting him go for peanuts. It would be a very Roy MacGregor thing to do to pay us a decent fee to make sure County get Donaldson now and to offer us a bit of charity as well (how depressing though!). I've thoroughly enjoyed watching Coll rebuild his career with us. He came here for buttons for the first few months to try and turn things around and totally earned the contract he got after that. He's been one of our best players for the last 2 years. He's also earned the chance to play at a higher level again and there are certainly no guarantees he'd get to do that with us. I hope he does well at County, except when he plays us. And I hope to god that Lewis Toshney can fill the gap...
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    GRANVILLE, TOICH AND WILLIAM BELL PRODUCTIONS PROUDLY PRESENT FROM THE CULLICUDDEN COLLISEUM THE CTO FESTIVE FIVES 2019 (THE DOUGAL APPRECIATION CUP) SEMI FINAL STAGE MASSIVE MODERATORS v LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE Team photos taken pre-match. Lizi is in the kitchen cooking her buns This fixture was initially thought to be a friendly encounter and the lesser of the two semi-final ties. The kick-off has been brought forward due to the media attention and 20,000 fake tickets heading to the streets of Inversneckie. Media hype, rumours and counter rumours have brought this world-wide attention. Highland Capital has even started a thread on Pie and Bovril. Paul Chalk has utilized the back two pages of the Highland News whilst he has also invited Gringo and Naelifts to star in his Friday night radio programme. Charlie Bannerman is planning to write a new fairy tale. Tommy Cummings is outraged that a reference has been made comparing the playing surface to a “coos field”. Mantis sprints on to the pitch, attired in a festive mankini. It appears that this may be a statement to counter rumours about his long term groin “problems”. He certainly looks resplendid and is attracting the attention of team-mates Lizi and Old Caley Girl. However Naelifts does not look happy. Is he a Ronaldo in the making ? Remember the old adage – “There is NO I in team”. IBM looks relaxed but he is still in the car park checking out the models and registration numbers. Caley Mad in Berks has slept through most of it and may not have his views known until after the game. Meanwhlie the Moderators massive capitano (Scotty) is enraged that Gringo reads the Scottish Sun, far less advertises the rag. The Cowshed End unravels a banner – “**** Off Gringo – Tory Voter”. Has the ex train driver resorted to dredging the depths ? The game has been further delayed by even more controversy. The "Winers" are furious that the Moderators have listed TM4TJ as TM4TJobbie on their team list. In retaliation Lizi has cancelled their half-time bun order. Even Dougal has offered an opinion. He points out that such a fracas would never have occurred pre-merger and points out that the majority of the transgressors are non-Invernessian. Downinthe dumps and dougiedanger nod in agreement. The game finally kicks off. Unfortunately all the pre-match hype appears to have affected both teams. A drab goal less first half brings an Arsenal type response from the expectant crowd. Gringo looks comfortable and is probably used to a Coventry0 type score board. BUT things are changing in the second half. It has become a bloodbath. It is too much to bear for some of the officials. MoogThurso and Caley Tennis have retired to the relative comfort of Caithness. It has become impossible to keep a check on the yellow card awards. This game is heading to a 0-0 and penalties. Wait a minute. Naelifts breaks away and finds himself in a 1-1 situation with the usually reliable custodian (Yngwie). Naelift swivels his dodgy hips and neatly rounds the flailing keeper and it is going to be a tap in. BUT he appears to have slipped and lost his footing. The camera clearly shows that his boot is covered in ………………… dog **** !!! Naelifts is carried off on a Paramedic stretcher. Lizi and Old Caley Girl attempt to apply First Aid but are again distracted by Mantis’ mankini. WHAT – Stirling Observer has pointed to the penalty spot. Caley 100 agrees so that must mean that Stirling Observer is not a fanny. A late Doofers Dad tackle has been noted. There has been contact with Naelifts and there is a clear streak of dogshit on his socks of DoofersDad. The VER camera is run back and it clearly shows TM4TJ dropping "items" in the box. We have a penalty and the clock has run out. CALEY MAD IN BERKS steps up and sends the goalkeeper the wrong way. There may be questions about the keeper as Yngwie threw himself well before the kick was taken and has, of course, previously shared a bath tub with some of the Winers. He also has a few buns in his pockets !! Gringo and Doofers Dad are awarded red cards. They have clashed on leaving the field. Gringo has noted that Doofers Dad predicted a 1-0 Winers win and a goal to be scored by Caley Mad in Berks. MASSIVE MODERATORS 0 LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE 1 Have we heard the last of Poogate ? Will the moderation of CTO be affected ? Will Kingsmills come back ? Will Naelifts be fit for the final ? How can the second semi-final live up to this ? HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. ?
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    GRANVILLE, TOICH AND WILLIAM BELL PRODUCTIONS PROUDLY PRESENT FROM THE CULLICUDDEN COLLISEUM THE CTO FESTIVE FIVES 2019 (THE DOUGAL APPRECIATION CUP) WYNESS SHUFFLE V TRAVEL CLUB HOTSPURS Well the transport theme has taken on a new angle. Wyness Shuffle have been carrying out a pre-tournament podcast in the Culbokie Inn and have arrived in a tractor 2 minutes before the kick off. Nothing feckin new there then. But the Travel Club bring back the memories and turn up in a bedecked Double Decker. Not sure as to who is “Brains” and who is “Doughnut”. And it is on to the game and this is definitely a clash of styles. The staggering and noisy enthusiasm of youth (apart from Red Card) and the debonair, sedate and mature travelers. And the noise in the stadium goes up a notch as the opening goal comes in the very first minute. CaleyStan is still campaigning and trying to enlist new voters from the crowd as Moray Jaggie arrives like the Flying Scotsman and crosses the ball in for HEARACH to outjump Little Miss Moffat and the net bulges. As expected the Shuffle turn to the VER team but are summarily ignored. Tempers fray after that. The usually composed Mary Hill clashes with the tempestuous Lady Kath and they have to be separated by MoogThurso. Striling Observer show yellows to both participants. But it is not long for the equalizer to come. RedCard is on a high and aided by a Mike Ashley umbrella flies down the wing like a modern day Mary Poppins and his delightful though ball is met by RIG who cooly slots home. This continues to be a feisty affair. Weekend Hacker demonstrates the origin of his pseudonym as he hacks down Little Miss Moffat who retaliates and two further yellow cards are shown. Izzy takes both teams aside and rollocks them and suggests that any further bad behavior will lead to an ejection and a ban. This has clearly fired up the transport crew. johnh makes his first contribution to the game with a Ronaldoesque run and fires in a 30 yarder past a laboring CaleyStan. Mary Hill shows his frustration and CaleyStan has 100 lines to complete during the half time break as the Hotspurs retire 2-1 up. Half time entertainment is provided by two original shufflers – Tony Blackburn and Alan Freeman. The younger version decide that the opening track on the next podcast will be “You aint seen nothing yet”. Lets face it this could be Red Card (plus wig) and RIG in a few years time. The second half begins and HislopsOffside again looks shattered. But so do to the aging bus crew who now look more like a late night service to Hilton. But the Shuffle appear to have regrouped and have spent half-time quaffing in the bar and a tactical team talk from that famous manager – Moff !! Lady Fraser looks the worse for wear and admits that she has missed Lizi’s buns at half time. Hearach is still thinking about his goal as he is dispossessed by Mary Hill. He shimmers daintly down the wing and chips delightfully over the advancing Izzy and the final touch is applied by LITTLE MISS MOFFAT who gesticulates to the massed Cullicudden Cowshed. So it is all to play for and the Shufflers are putting on all the pressure and it looks like there is no return ticket for the Hotspurs. But have we talked too soon. In the dying moments MorayJaggie runs like an express out of his goalmouth and his hoof finds johnh clear in a deserted opposition half. His glorious chip hits the underside of the crossbar and appears to have bounced just over the goal line. Everything and everybody stops. It is like watching in slow motion. And then CALEY STAN takes a swipe at the ball as if it was Boris Johnson’s napper and the ball flies all the way down the pitch and into an empty Travel Club net. Now everything and everybody is focused on the VER team. And one can’t help at thinking that there is some funny family business goes on as Caley 100 shouts “It was never over the line ya fanny”. His compatriots agree and the goal is awarded and the final whistle is blown. Izzy and Lady Kath are red carded for bad language. The Wyness Shuffle invite CaleyTennis to be the celebrity on their next podcast. Hislopsoffsideagain has collapsed. And this is merely the end of Day One. FT - WYNESS SHUFFLE 3 TRAVEL CLUB HOTSPURS 2
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    In Robbos first season we lost away to Dumbarton after leading one nil with a whimper. The fans turned on the team a bit. However the players slowly turned it around and won back the respect of the punters. Yesterday had that horrible feeling again. The attitude of some of the players was pretty disgraceful. The style of football was terrible. I went into the game expecting a tough game and wouldn't have been surprised to lose against an in-form arbroath side but we had players hiding and shirking responsibility from the first whistle. Yet again (same as the previous few weeks), Rigders rolls it to Coll, nobody moves or shows an intent to receive the ball. Coll smashes it forward. Defence deal with it comfortably. Is this a tactic employed by Robbo, or just players not having the balls to make a run, angle, or take the ball. The middle of the park was weak and invisible yesterday. Only players who I would give any credit would be Ridgers or Walsh, maybe McCart. There is no leaders, no fight, no toughness. Like has been said, there isn't a heap of players to replace our current 11. They need to take some responsibility and have some pride for themselves and the club and pull us out of this mess. This result has been coming and hopefully it makes these players realise they are nothing special and have to dig, fight and battle for every ball. Press, niggle and stick the foot in now and again. They need to move for each other, create space, have faith in each other. I'll be there on Saturday, I would rather see Harper, Machado, McGregor on the park giving 100% than the likes of storey, Keatings or trafford going through the motions.
  34. 8 points
    Todorov had a good game v Queen of the South (I was there) and scored a goal but gets dropped today. Why on earth? On his worst day Toddy is better, more industrious, not scared to tackle, than White. I am fed up of White jumping and missing the ball. I am no football manager but fail to see the benefit Robbo sees in playing White week in week out for little return. I would have Todorov starting, with Walsh too and Keatings. Incidentally well done Charlie Trafford, he never gives up despite not being given a regular start. Carson a good signing, improving every game.
  35. 7 points
    I thought the broadcast was decent enough, apart from when the ball was not in play like waiting for a corner and the AI went in search of it. The commentator has a difficult job without a sidekick or a support team in his ear and was ok with that in mind but just wasn’t adequately familiar with the players on the pitch. That needs to improve and he could have been better prepared in terms of recognising them.
  36. 7 points
  37. 7 points
    Absolutely delighted to be able to announce that in less than 2 weeks we have reached the target to get "Milestones and Memories" to print. On behalf of Ian Broadfoot, the Supporters Trust and the Club, many, many thanks to all who pre-ordered, donated or simply passed the message on. Ian will now get the final copy together and we can start planning the launch of the book itself. More info on that in due course. The club has now taken the donations page down from the online shop but you can still pre-order. Not only will that secure your copy but it will also help the club's cash flow at this very challenging time.
  38. 7 points
    I couldn't care less about the stadium aesthetics or bushes. That won't bring back fans. The match day experience will. At the moment its a souless experience for all involved with fans and sometimes players just going through the motions. Atmosphere doesn't just happen. Sometimes it needs a bit of a nudge. Regarding the stands.It's the chicken and egg stuff the Gardiner was talking about. We need to attract fans first and foremost. Increasing the number of home fans provides a consistent increased revenue. Away fans are then a bonus, not a necessity.
  39. 7 points
    Even before the pandemic struck I was concerned by the fact that we were increasingly struggling to make full time football work in it's conventional way on dwindling financial resources. Part time football was and remains an obvious destination but that is far from ideal and would make it all but impossible to get back to the top tier in the short of even medium term. A combination of full time and part time seemed a much better solution but, although we have had part time players in full time squads in the past, Jimmy Calder and Paul Ritchie notably come to mind, that is very difficult to work with the full timers training during the day and, due to work or educational commitments, the part timers only available in the evenings. So, I wonder if we could think a bit differently. Since the beginning of professional football, full time players have tended to train daily for about four hours almost invariably in the morning and very early afternoon. Is there any reason at all why they couldn't put those same hours in in the late afternoon and evening on a daily basis ? That way, they would themselves be able to combine full time football with some other employment or, in the case of the younger full timers, education or apprenticeships to supplement the very modest full time salaries we are now able to offer. Those full time players and coaching staff who were not otherwise engaged would have more time for community work in schools and elsewhere during the day thus bringing the club more closely into the community. The biggest benefit though is that we could then bring in some of the country's best part time players and fully integrate them by being able to train with the full timers for two or three hours two or three times a week. There are thirty or forty part time players in the lower leagues who are more skillful and have more potential than very many of the full time players playing in the Championship or the lower reaches of the Premiership who do not, for very understandable reasons, want to give up good careers or relocate to the Highlands for our very modest full time wages. However, if we could help find them employment in their own line of business or a place at college combined with what would be a very generous part time wage and the opportunity to play with full time colleagues at a higher level that could be a very much more attractive proposition for them. Could this be a way forward not just in the Championship but even if and when we are fortunate enough to return to the top tier or am I barking up the wrong tree entirely?
  40. 7 points
    I'm fully behind the board on this. They dared to speak out against the cabal of self serving clubs and the papers and of course we are now being hounded as the latest statement says. Any club being relegated (Falkirk Partick etc) is being hounded in the same way when they release statements about their enforced demotion. Seemingly the only acceptable statement people would like would go along the lines of "we have full confidence in Doncaster. We dont want any reconstruction and everybody should stay quiet now for the good of the game. (The game being the premiership without regard to the other leagues) Also in regards to the Null and void nonsense. For teams like ourselves in playoff spots. The season is effectively Null and Void for us. No play off money or associated TV money from that. I wish the 6 self serving clubs in the Premiership would have at least got the same amount of vitriol that ourselves and other afflicted clubs are getting.
  41. 7 points
    I do most of my food shopping in Dingwall and find that wrapping my ICT scarf over my face is an excellent way of ensuring folk keep at least 2m away from me!
  42. 7 points
    Perhaps, for once, I am looking at things from a "worried" perspective. As far as I am concerned I just want to attend a live game and watch ICT play again. This time is all about survival and I can see a number of teams collapsing. I couldn't give a feck who is in the team or who is on the bench.
  43. 7 points
    Found this one while searching for a fan photo for Johndo... .
  44. 7 points
  45. 7 points
    For what it's worth, I thoroughly enjoyed last night's game, apart from the result obviously, and it turned on key decisions by the referee. Thought he got the Ridgers call right but that was about all he did get right. Felt the bookings were harsh for effectively their first fouls and he couldn't wait to book the players. Would he have done that in an Old Firm match?. Definitely teams are being refereed to different standards outside the Old Firm. Giving Hibs a penalty was correct but then to deny us one for something very similar was poor. Nick Walsh is a poor and arrogant referee, witness his dismissive attitude towards Robbo at full time. I get what people say about the tactics but it made for a more open game and had we got the penalty or Walsh scored, the tactics we used may have proved correct and it did catch Hibs out for spells. Proud of how the team performed and maybe we will get a refereeing decision to go for us one of these days.
  46. 7 points
    Harper is a very good player. We should be pleased he is back. We can but hope there is a real coming together of the group of players we have. Financially we need to accept the position and maximise the options we have.
  47. 7 points
    Hope he doesn’t ruin the green, green grass....
  48. 7 points
    Well I would bet mucho spondoolicks that the 194 ICT supporters who witnessed this performance would rank that first half performance as the most fluent and effective that we have played in a long time. I would class it as entertainment personified and the singing must also class as the loudest and most prolonged in years as well - even though a few idiotic barstewards tried to ruin it. Storey coming off at half time definitely affected the rhythm and Rooney was nowhere near as effective in midfield - although he had done enuff in the first 45 to win the MOM by a country mile. We started off as a 4-2-1-3 but were forced into a 4-4-2 in the second half. I reckon we would have trounced them if it had stayed the same. We totally controlled the first 15 minutes and then we were treated to the goal of the season which will be very difficult match. McHattie fired a pinpoint 60 yard cross field ball which found Rooney in miles of space. He then moves forward and we expect a looping cross. Well he cut it back along the 18 yard line at pace and DORAN smashed it into the corner. And only seven minutes later Rooney is at it again and at the end of a speedy counter attack KEATINGS cooly chipped it home. And we all thought that Storey had smashed in a second but unfortunately it was the side netting that bulged. And as we drew breath we wondered if the second half would be more of the same. Alas Storey going off, presumably injured, we probably lost our system. Brad McKay coming on at right full back and Rooney moving into right midfield. Harsh maybe but I feel that we should have taken on McGregor. But don't get me wrong - we continued to boss the game. We never really looked like grabbing the third but Dundee never looked like scoring either. We did play a low lying back four but they won nearly everything and our workmanship and pressing was excellent. The only negative is that we may have lost three more squad players but let's hope that none of the injuries are serious and that Welsh and Walsh will return soon. Do it is a very happy IHE who sips his post match voddie and let's hope that 2002 brings more of the same. Smileymometer to follow ?
  49. 7 points
    You don't always need something or someone new .... sometimes you just need to appreciate and make best use of whats already available to you. My understanding is that both of these guys have been around in the background for quite a long time and have already made contributions to the club. The difference being that they didn't feel the need to shout it from the rooftops Our current chairman was a fan long before he was a board member and that gives me faith that the current and any forthcoming appointments are more to do with benefitting the club than anything else ... I could not say I had the same confidence in his predecessor.
  50. 7 points
    Why persist in playing White? He was rubbish again today ?
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    • Inverness CT 1-1 Ayr United - Report
      Better late than never, the live stream burst onto the laptop 15 minutes before kick-off and it was game-on. Inverness had the first chance when Todorov headed off the underside of the bar, the ball adjudged not to have crossed the line.
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    • Inverness CT -V- Ayr United - Preview
      It's matchday two this weekend in the Ladbrokes Championship and the visitors to the Caledonian Stadium are Ayr United who have two former Caley Jags players in their ranks. Tom Walsh and Joe Chalmers joined the Honest Men in the summer and could be in the squad this weekend for the game that kicks off at 3:00pm.
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    • Dunfermline Ath 3 - 1 Inverness CT - Report
      TV sets were barely switched on when Nokolay Todorov opened the scoring in the second minute. He would leave the field injured to be replaced by James Vincent after nineteen minutes. Inverness held that lead until the twenty-third minute when captain Euan Murray headed his fourth goal of the season to level matters. That's how it stood at the break as both sides searched for a second goal. Ryan Dow put the Pars in front with twelve minutes left in a rather turgid second half. Declan McManus scored a superb third to seal the points turning on the angle of the box and firing high into the net. Deserved 3 points for the Pars as they get off to a flyer.
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    • Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT - Preview
      Let there be football


      It's the start of the covid restricted Championship campaign 20/21 and Inverness travel to Fife to take on Dunfermline Athletic at East End Park. The game is a closed doors event and kicks-off at 3:00pm on Saturday 17th October with live streaming available from Dunfermline or the usual social media outlets via twitter, BBC Sport etc to fill the void of following your team at the stadiums. The steak bridies will be a big miss from East End park as will the pre-match entertainment on Halbeath Road and the general enjoyment of slagging your team off on a Saturday afternoon. It's what 3:00pm's were made for.
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    • Inverness CT 0 (4) - 0 (2) Cowdenbeath LCup - Report
      Bonus point struggle. Inverness took the bonus point after a penalty shoot out, the game ending scoreless. Cammy Mackay saving twice as Todorov, Deas, Welsh and Allardice fired home from the spot.
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