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    Awful place to be an away fan. Full credit to those few who are going to put up with it. I dare say the supporters bus getting stoned once has put a lot of people off. Can't say I blame them to be honest.
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    I'm sure that learning his craft here and emerging as a key player in the first team has been good for Christie's development, but to be honest, I don't see that he is going to develop a lot more here. He works his socks off most of the time but all too often there is such a lack of movement in front of him that he is forced to play safe balls square or backwards with the result that he creates relatively little end product. You can see the frustration at times. I think he has reached the stage where he needs to move in order to develop. He needs to move to a team with a more attack minded philosophy with players in front of him who can pull defenders out of position and create the spaces for the incisive passes he is capable of delivering. I can see the attraction of offering him a 2 or 3 year deal on a much higher salary in the hope that it leads to a significantly higher bid in a couple of years time, but there are a couple of huge risks in that. Firstly, with our limited resources, paying him significantly more means there is correspondingly less for others. He needs good players round him to bring out the best in him and we will not attract and retain good players if we can't afford the wages. Secondly, he may get injured or simply fail to fulfill his potential. If that happens then we keep paying a high wage for an asset who is not actually worth too much. Personally I think the best option for him and the club would be for us to cash in whilst we can and get a realistic (7 figure) price for him in this transfer window. With Vincent, Doran and Roberts all due to return from injury, with Williams potentially available for midfield duties on Tremarco's return from injury, plus the re-signing of Vigurs, we have a lot of decent players in midfield. Where we have a problem is up front. With £1m+ in the bank we have the opportunity of attracting a better striker. We also have far too many players on contracts which expire at the end of the season and this would also give us the opportunity to offer a little more to players the manager is keen to keep. In selling Ryan, a loan clause would be an option but not an important one as far as I'm concerned. What would be far more important is to get some clause for a cut in any future sale of the player. Yes, we would miss him if he went but personally I think the benefit of the major cash boost would more than compensate for that. He is now at the stage where he will develop more without us, and with the cash boost his sale might generate I think the club would develop more without him. It's time for him to move on with our very best wishes for his future.
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    DD a very good post your first paragraph says it all. We have to remember we are a small club with very small support and have to cash in where required, I don't think the club has the money to offer him a big long term deal. We have to accept that any good young player will move on and he is the best local young player to come through the youth system. We have to wish them all the best and no doubt we will follow them wherever they go. Lets hope there are more to follow in the coming years.
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    Think he was looking to flood the middle of the park and let Mutumbo have a run around chasing hopeful balls alone. Wouldn't be the first time a team has went that way at Celtic Park. In the end. 4-2. Least we managed to bag a couple. Hopefully our attackers will be able to take a positive from that. Was always going to be tough. Always is. We were anhilated there last season when we had a strike force.
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    I also watched it online, if I am being brutally honest we can back into the game after Celtic switched off after going 4 up, up until that point we were dreadful no point in glossing over it
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    4-1 Ryan Christie... Comeback is on!
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    On this evidence, Celtic are going to stroll the league this season - Armstrong keeps getting better, and they can afford to play luxury players like Mackay-Steven and Allan ahead of him and Brown. I'm not gutted by the way we've played - defence is makeshift and keeper is new, so that's what happens. Up front, we are slowly getting there I think.
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    It's a modern photo as it has the current Christmas lights on the pillars.
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    In the end of the day, whatever happens with Christie will happen. It would be great to see him stay another year, it would also be great to see a decent offer come in and have him progress. The most important thing for the board is to actually keep a good youth system going. Christie is not the only major asset in Inverness and the highlands.
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    Just curious whether people think the player gets a say in all of this ... Plenty of folk saying sign him up now, or sell him on for a huge fee, or the board should resign if they cant get him to re-sign etc. As far as I know, Ryan does get a say in all of this and we cannot force him to sign up for longer, nor can we force him to accept a transfer (although he likely would given it would be a bigger team and wage). The club will do what they can to keep him for as long as they can, but they will not stand in the way of his progress. The Christie family have been, and I think always will be, very loyal to ICTFC so as and when Ryan goes, and he WILL go (onwards and upwards) I believe everyone will try to make it at a time that benefits everyone, or at least doesn't screw things up for everyone.
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    He's a hard worker and scores goals. Always looked dangerous whenever I saw him. I'd be willing to take a punt.
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    That is exactly why the club needs to address the issue NOW and not at the end of the year. If we allow Ryan to go in the Jan window under a pre-contract, our board should resign. A bit harsh considering they are the board who have kept us in the black at the same time as overseeing the most successful period on the field in our history.
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    Until the club and or the player have actually been contacted regarding a move I take this story with a pinch of salt. The press have made a story based on what? My understanding is that we have not been contacted by any club and where the bandied about figures have come from I dont understand. JH is reported to have said he'd let Christie go if we could keep him on loan. Seems a bit tongue in cheek to me. Why would any club pay a large amount for a player just to let him continue playing for the supplying club especially considering they could get him on pre contract come january and only have a possible development fee to pay.
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    There are two basic reasons why teams like Dundee United command much higher fees than we do for promising young players. Firstly, they have the confidence and foresight to put them on three or four year contracts and secondly, and just as crucially, they have developed a reputation for being shrewd negotiators who will not be sold short or taken advantage of. We, on the other hand, up until now, have a reputation of being naïve soft touches who will wet ourselves with excitement at the prospect of a few hundred thousand pounds for our best players. Whether he goes now or later, Ryan represents a great opportunity to change that perception. Such is the money in the English Premiership just now that any team that truly rates him even as a prospect for the future ought to be paying at least two and a half times the figure of £600,000 being bandied about. We have been a top tier club, with a one season blip, for a decade now. High time we started conducting ourselves like one when it comes to these sort of negotiations.
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    I don't believe there is any chance in a top six finish which is highly disappointing particularly after recent seasons, I still think we have enough to avoid relegation and hopeful finish above County.
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    Quite right CC 1 - 3..I was one who started getting peed off with Mac small c just before he started coming good,( For the benefit of those who generally jump down my throat ) I am not saying that Mr Lopez will become the same type of player as Mackay But he is already showing that he can find space and with fast wing play to feed him he coiuld start getting shots away and finding the net. I really cannot understand why so many posters are so ready to blame Yogi for any mishaps on and off the field, touting names that he should be looking at etc etc. surely they should understand that he knows what he is looking for and has his reasons for his decisions. It would ;have been great to have kept all the players we ;had but this is football life and it a'int easy on our budget. John is building our team to a shape that he wants and knows can be successful.We will see a difference as the league progresses, it is early days league wise. An example is the current criticism of Tansey and good explanation has been given of that in another post. John builds teams he doesn't collect individual stars and primadonnas.When our team starts to gel then the naysayers will be happy again, probably only 'till the next glitch arises, but some might just start believing again and maybe one day togetherNess will return.
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    So what he is in effect saying is that Lopez does not have a physical presence, isn't a quick runner and doesn't want to chase lost causes. It therefore rather begs the question of why he signed him.
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    If Iain plays to his potential he should be able to overcome the naysayers, up the pace and blow the opposition away. We all have major or minor personality disorders but what matters in this case is frankly whether he is willing to fit in, work hard on the training field and play to his great potential on the park as and when selected.. Let's face it, chums, we all change and mature as we age. And please remember John Hughes is NOT T. Butcher. Which is all I have to say on that score because "least said, soonest mended". So, knock 'em dead, Iain. Aye! .
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    Agreed. Jennifer Lopez would be better than Dani. Vigurs did more in his first 5 minutes than the whole midfield before that point in the game. His first five touches/passes were impressive.
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    As of the time and date of signing Iain Vigurs became an ICT player. Lets show the world we hold no hard feelings and hope he comes back as a better, more committed, player than the one that left us.
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    Now confirmed and straight into the squad for tonight Official Site Think he'll be a good signing for us and I'm surprised that people think he won't be. He plays in a manner that fits in with our style, he's a classy passer of the ball and hits a mean set piece. I don't really care that he gave us the old cupped ears celebration when at County, nothing wrong with that at all, I quite like seeing a player respond to abuse by scoring a screamer and then celebrating infront of the opposition fans. To be fair he was probably still seething at the way Butcher had hung him out to dry.
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    The best outcome for both club and player is for Ryan to continue his development at the club by signing a two year extention to his contract and to stay for at least another year before moving on to an English Premiership club for three million pounds plus add ons and a sell on percentage. If that means making him the highest paid player on the books so be it. A perfect opportunity for the club to speculate to accumulate. Win win for both club and player.
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    That is exactly why the club needs to address the issue NOW and not at the end of the year. If we allow Ryan to go in the Jan window under a pre-contract, our board should resign.
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