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    I disagree with much of that. Whilst Vigurs yet again controlled the game, both he and Polworth have often played significantly better than they did against Dumbarton on Saturday. The difference was that against a rather more open Dumbarton side, we found a bit more space in front of Vigurs and Polworth, we created a few more chances and took them well. Oakley pulled the defence all over the place on Saturday whilst Austin found the space and the composure to score 3 goals. The big win was because we had far and away the best performance from the front men that I have seen all season.
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    Polworth is the second best player we have ever produced through our own youth system and although, like much of the team, his form has dipped on occasion this season, he is always fully committed and the team tends to do much better with him than without him. Everybody is entitled to their opinion but I really don't understand the abuse that Liam gets from the stands and, far too often, on this forum.
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    Bloody hehl! Calm doon you lot. Start a new thread will ya.
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    What about Graeme Shinnie , granted he joined us at 17 but came through the youth set up before going out on loan at Forres. He has to be one of the best we developed .
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    I think I'd rank Nick Ross over Polworth for the moment.
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    TBH at this level and a home game against a team like Dumbarton who are part time and always going to be lower end of the Championship, then for Vigurs & Polly to run the game and cigar through it is the least that should be expected. These are 2 players with a wealth of experience at Premiership level and are both along with Doran going to be high earners - too often this season we haven't seen performances at this level from these guys. While credit should be given for Saturday it'll be more worthy if this level is maintained in the final 3 games against higher quality teams. Credit to the players for the performance on Sat but this does not exonerate them the criticism levelled for abject performances & results earlier in the year.
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    Me neither...Polly & Vigurs seem to get the brunt of the critism. Constructive & justified critism is fine - the constant barracking that they get isn't.
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    sorry but i would give my second place to Grant Munro. He had a far better attitude and matured far quicker.
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    Players are only human and make mistakes,they also produce things of pure magic,even the best have off days as we all do, but contant sniping does nothing but undermine confidence. Has it not happened to people on here,so lets cut these guys some slack because they do there best. Remember point a finger in the mirror and it points back at yourself. So lets get the last four games won , then they are all heros.
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    3rd best. Assuming you put Ryan Christie first, Grant Munro was a very solid, reliable and consistent performer in the top flight for several seasons. Polworth is good and has potential to be better, but hasn’t exactly stood out in the 2nd flight.
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    Just home after being out on the town after the game. A great performance and result. I agree, Vigurs was immense, Austin took his goals well, Doran scored a great one and set one up, Polworth gets so much undeserved stick, the defence was solid, and Oakley put in an incredible shift. Clearly the substitution of Austin should have been Oakley judging by the bench, but it did not change anything. A very satisfying afternoon (and evening) and we can look forward with optimism. Tuesday will be interesting. Dumbarton need to win so should chase the game, so that should suit us. We will have Tremarco, Donaldson and Trafford available. I would start the first two, but Calder deserves a run, so an interesting decision for Robbo. Good to see Elbouzedi getting some game time, and he looks promising too Lets keep the run going guys!
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    Yeah, they play some nice stuff together but Polworth sometimes lets himself down with some bad decisions, ie the ball back in face situation where he did so well to get where he did and then delayed his pass across the box, this gave the defender time to close him down, Dumbarton got their goal from exactly the same place only the winger squared the ball earlier. Polworth had another great run across the box, beating two defenders then missing the goal completely, I'm just a wèe bit disappointed with him just now,think he can do better. But overall today the team were excellent, just wish we had started this run two games earlier.
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    Some strike by Aaron as well. Great team performance all round
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    A month ago the play off place that concerned us most was the relegation one. Whatever happens now, we have done incredibly well to turn things round so quickly.
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    Definitely this, we cannot allow ourselves to get carried away thinking a play off place is now expected, we've done incredibly well to get to safety win the cup and now go on a great unbeaten run, and hope realistically to finish as high as possible, anything extra is a bonus. If we fail to secure a play off spot I feel we've done enough to set a platform for starting fresh next season and getting off to the strong start we missed this season and establish ourselves very quickly as a deserved top 3 team at least. Saying that though if the players secure a play off place they will have pulled off an absolutely incredible feat and deserve the full support from every ICT fan in the country and we need to fully get behind everyone of them and that includes polworth, who again today got the brunt of absurd abuse from person(s) after getting a ball to the face. He didn't have his strongest performance granted, but he's still an integral part of our team and my experience of his personality tells me he needs support and encouragement not berating and ridicule. We need to stand behind robbo and the team and do all we can to help them push to the best possible outcome we can. As the old saying goes "United we stand, Divided we fall"
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    Even if we don't make it this season, this run gives me much more confidence going into next season if we can keep the majority of the current squad together with maybe a couple of additions.
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    The equation remains the same. Win our four remaining games and we are in the play offs irrespective of what anyone else does. Still an extremely big ask but we have hit form in the home straight and the confidence from that is now clear to see.
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    Massive difference when we play with width and pace . Thought both fullbacks played really well getting forward. Calder maybe sold himself for the Dumbarton goal but after that he never put a foot wrong and was always looking to be involved while whipping in some dangerous crosses and was MOTM for me , just shading George whose work rate was phenomenal.
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    The dream lives on. I'm actually out of the country for the next two weeks, but you can be sure I'll be following our progress online. Vital that we win the next two and then we have a fighting chance. Who would have thought a few weeks ago, that we'd even be daring to dream like this? Best of luck lads.
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    The club has embarrassed themselves with this, apparently they were handed this as they walked into the ground..... superb welcome. Would be interesting to know what the target group for these was.... Like it or not, these fans are the future of our club and need to be encouraged (within the rules) to continue to back the team - yes misbehavior needs to be managed, but issuing a 'scare' to people who so far this season have sat and watched the game in the same manner as everyone else is ridiculous. Worth pointing out to the chairman that at the Irn-Bru Cup final and the Scottish Cup final the main celebrations from the players was towards those creating the atmosphere - these people cannot be ignored and need to be actively encouraged to attend game and continue to support the team. Already I have noticed that various younger members of the group are now attending Nairn games and trying to bring an atmosphere there which I think says a lot about the welcome they have received from Inverness. It may well be too late to recover the relationship with these fans, but those who are still disgruntled need to be addressed as a priority. The current board have discussed their priorities as 'improved communication and collaboration with you the fans our most important and valuable asset' but quite frankly I haven't experienced such a poor relationship between the board and fans since the Mike Smith era. A few of my favorite quotes from our chairman are as follows from his message on the 24th of August. 'I recorded more than 25 subjects for us to follow up and we will get back to you with a list of action points and timescales for delivering them' 'These are all valid issues which we intend to tackle in a priority and managed way' 'It is easy to talk the talk. We have a lot to do to win back your trust by setting out our action plan and delivering this will see us walk the walk' I'll let you decide if these have been followed through... Am I right in thinking that all clubs have a Supporters Liasion Officer? Does anybody know this persons remit? I would expect that they should be managing this situation far closer that they appear to be and Liase a lot closer with the current board and the fans who have been disgruntled since day one of this regime. The fact that this person is so far unknown is laughable and points out that they are clearly failing in this role. 'Don't be drunk in our ground but our bar is open early tomorrow for you'
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    C'mon guys, don't let facts get in the way of some good old Polly bashing
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    The most obvious answer is that Grant Munro is the best we have produced he managed to continually improve and make through the leagues and at different levels, then go onto captain our club he would go down as one of if not our best centre half we have ever had and lets not forget that goal he got against celtic in his last season, I think Harry Kane would be claiming that if he could. Captain, leader and decorated champion. Next would be Nick Ross just due to his overall work rate and contribution he made to the team through-out his time playing for the club not to mention THAT goal against Hearts he has to be number two. Christie would be next and probably had he stayed with us longer he could be the best however he left us after not very long in the first team. Lastly would be polworth, I mean if he left tomorrow would anyone really care, work rate questionable, attitude questionable, good at dead balls sometimes not exactly a player people could say has done much to make fans remember him either apart from his countless complaints at his teammates for messing up or time after time losing the ball and just standing there watching it instead of getting it back.
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