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    The revisionist versions of how Hughes left the club are astounding.
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    Yogi did a great job with Butcher's players no doubt. However Hughes was not sacked to make way for Foran, that's simply not true If that's what you believe. The board wanted initially to strongly keep him as he was refused permission to talk to Dundee Utd. Otherwise they would have let him go and made money from it, no? Of course if we had let him go then people would be complaining about that also. The issues stemmed from that point onward. Obviously he resented that, dispite being on a pretty good contract with us. He demanded more and more cash dispite having the largest budget we'd ever given a manager and his signings were **** poor. He publicly and repeatedly slated the board and clearly the relationship between them became untenable. If any employee repeatedly berates their employer in the press then there's only going to be one outcome. Hughes manuvered his own exit, this was clear for anyone to see, as I'm sure he knew he'd be well compensated and could then get his next gig. Which was of course a rousing success. The disastrous appointment of Foran (both the appointment itself and length of his contract) was the biggest mistake the board made in many years but that's got nothing to do with Hughes.
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    Hughes got dunted because he lost the plot and started demanding money the club did not have as well as acting like a knobend in every interview he did.
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    We had that remember? the fans didn't like it, we sacked a proper football manager (which many on here called for) and appointed a rookie in his place, we got what our actions deserved now we are a skint championship mediocre club, get used to it we have been a lot lower than this.
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    I appreciate that you have been in North America for a long time Scarlet but cheerleaders and half time on pitch entertainment are not the answer in Inverness.Apart from anything else, they have been tried before with no positive effect on attendances. We will never have a huge support but entertaining and attractive football would help together with an improved match day experience including better catering.
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    It's worth bearing in mind that we are not the only club with a concern about poor attendances and poor results at home. Most clubs do better at home but, like us, both Falkirk and Dunfermline have significantly better records on the road this season than at home. Dundee Utd's home record is now just marginally better than their away record following their victory yesterday. What all 4 clubs share is an expectation from the fans that the club should be doing better than they are, and this is reflected in a frustration when performances don't match expectations. They also have a reasonably decent and vocal away support. Notwithstanding what the club, the manager or the players may be doing wrong, there is a clear message here that positive vocal support helps the team. Players seem to relax and play better when away from home but are edgy and nervous in front of the home support. Away from home. we have taken a greater percentage (61%) of available points than any other team in the division. That demonstrates that we are a pretty decent side and the question of why we don't do better at home is a very important one to address. Yes, we'll get bigger home gates if the team players better, but if the fans who attend the home games reacted more positively to aspects of good play and held back from venting their frustration about the poor play, then the players would probably be less edgy and play better as a result. We really shouldn't underestimate how important a positive and supportive home crowd is to the team.
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    Should reopen the west stand terracing and make it £10 to stand.
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    There are many reasons our crowds are down but having substantially lower away supports is a factor. Don't agree that the level of performance/results is as big a factor as some people make out. Falkirk reported a crowd of over 5000 for their recent home game against us and they were almost bottom of the league. Not sure what those criticising the board expect them to do as most of the suggestions here have already been tried with no success. In my opinion, the city of Inverness has no affinity for the club. Whether that is because so many people now are fairly new to residing in Inverness and have no history for the city, I don't know but until that changes, cannot see attendances increasing hugely. I also think some fans need a dose of realism. For the majority of our existence, things have been positive but now they are not. Most football teams go through this, even the Old Firm and we just have to work our way through this.
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    Had to reply to this. Sitting on a beach in Panama right now. Starting to wonder why I came here. The drugs you are on dougie boy are obviously better than anything from round here!!!!
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    Ha ha! Lol, yeah totally! I don't want a steak pie thrown at me, too scrummy anyway and what a waste :)
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    This time, but the previous success he had that wasn't the case and i think many choose to conveniently forget that, with several players being Premiership quality and experience such as Brown, Mann, Duncan, Bingham, Keogh, Mackie. There is no way given the current budget we can afford players near this quality with Polly, Tremarco & Donaldson being the only guys in our squad that could be considered near that level. Realism has to prevail within supporters eventually. Infact for much of out meteoric rise we had a budget above that of our peers in the lower leagues.
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    Have been banging that drum for years you're wasting your breath or print.
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    The only thing that was in the P & J last week was that Doran was likely to be out for two weeks which might mean he could be back. I hope Ridgers, Donaldson and Tremarco are going to be fit for the cup game.
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    Yngwie, when did the SNP ever acknowledge that, out of interest? But I agree the £120bn a year figure is garbage. If you actually bother to look at the GERS figures, which are based on those produced by the ONS/HMRC guesstimates and re-guesstimated by The Scottish Governmment economists to more accurately reflect the Scottish Income and expenditure (figures which, incidentally have been accepted as national statistics)...and bear in mind the FACT that the Scottish Government is, by law, not ALLOWED to overspend their income....perhaps you could explain which bit of the UK is producing the enormous deficit...because, sure as hades, it isn't Scotland. It is being in the Union that gives us a big deficit...because the bulk of the deficit is money spent for Scotland, whether we want/need it or not...money which heads down to Westminster departments to enter the English economy, mostly in London, and boosts the English tax take. When was the last time Scotland got a chunk of money out of the UK borrowing, which costs us £3+ billion a year, to spend as WE want (that would be never, I suspect). Why should we pay for (or trust) a bloated and inefficient Westminster Government parked in London, doing stuff like producing 2000+ pages of tax laws, with built in loopholes that accountants get rich from finding and exploiting, to do things for us that we could easily do for ourselves and probably do better, if we were independent?. Out of our limited income, we fund the administration and spending of the devolved government departments,the staffing and maintenance of the Holyrood building, the salaries/expenses of MSPs etc, AND the Scottish Office and around 90 Scottish National bodies, NDPBs, NMDs NGOs etc...like the Crofting Commission, National Records, National Galleries etc. We mitigate, as far as we can, the austerity brainfarts Westminster Governments impose upon us..we pay for Education, housing and the NHS.and we still manage free prescriptions, free uni tuition, free bus passes etc. If we allow that, whatever else we have to do in an independent Scotland in the short/medium term, is pay social protection, at at least the same level as it currently is being paid in the UK...then what was spent IN Scotland FOR Scotland, is the total of what the SG spent from the block grant, the devolved taxes raised and Local Government input via business rates etc. plus the social protection payment from Westminster. The SG spent £42,848 million and adding the Social Protection of £18,199 million, sent direct from Westminster to individuals..gives a grand total, (including accounting adjustments) of £61,047 million, against an income of £59,957 million....so a deficit of £1,090 million we know DID come from Scotland. Therefore the bulk of our deficit was made by Westminster charging us £12,251 million (nearly as much as we spent on the NHS in Scotland last year) to do things for us that we could just as easily, and probably more efficiently and effectively, do for ourselves as an independent country. Anyone who thinks that, after Independence Scotland is going to have a Westminster style bloated Government with over 400,000 civil servants, 650 elected legislators and 800 unelected ones, 25 Ministerial Government departments and 20 Non-ministerial ones, with up to 109 paid ministers between them, and about 520 agencies, public bodies, high profile groups and public corporations and with military services, including Trident, geared up for offence rather than defence and a national debt approaching anything like £2 trillion is looking at independence through very heavily tinted red,white and blue specs. The £12+ billion we sent to Westminster would have paid last year's administration costs for all the Westminster Government Departments with a couple or three billion £ to spare. (and we are paying for our own Scottish equivalents of most of them already.) GERS Data is produced for Scotland as part of the UK, It does not model scenarios for an independent Scotland in which the Scottish Government would be able to make ALL its own choices..including not to run the economy for the benefit of London (though I would hope we wouldn't do it for the benefit only of Edinburgh and the central belt either) We probably will have some level of austerity in Scotland until we get up and running, but it will be, I hope, an austerity not wholly paid for by the poorest and most disadvantaged of us, while the better off get tax cuts....but we are equally probably facing worse austerity in a post-Brexit UK...and what looks like Tory Governments forever, given the voting tendencies in England. We are almost undoubtedly going to be facing drastic change soon...so there is going to be uncertainty whichever way we jump...so why not independence, if for no other reason than that the uncertainty won't last as long as the infighting within the Tory and Labour parties before they get down to doing anything useful, if measured by their incompetence in the past two years. It makes more sense to discard the crumbling security blanket of the Union and join all the other small countries who seem to manage well enough...like New Zealand,Denmark, Finland, Norway and Ireland for example......if they can succeed, why would anybody think we Scots couldn't?
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    Well the way I see it there's 3 options 1. Address the situation 2. Move seat (plenty options considering so many moaning about low crowds) 3. Ignore it and get on with life Posting online isn't one that's worthwhile or will do anything positive and will in fact potentially make others not want to go to matches if they think this is rife.
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    My workplace is full of bullying! Not kwl abusing the players but tbh it gets way to much coverage on here iv seen more abuse shouted at my boys under 13 games! Can't see how some1 shouting your ***** would suddenly turn u ***** lol
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    To an aggressive, loud, offensive fan initiating proceedings - not a perfect response, but yes justified in the circumstances.
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    ICT have always suffered from poor home attendances. What I found particularly disappointing was the higher we progressed through the leagues, the lower the average attendances became! I suppose there was an element of the novelty factor wearing off, but even so it must have been galling for management and players alike. Having been to a few matches over the last two or three years, it is clear the quality of football played by the current team is poor compared to teams of the past (even in the then second and first divisions). If that improved, I am sure the punters would return.
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    You would have the child protection officer after you if you had taken youngsters to that on Saturday
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    Perhaps, but the world has moved on from kids wanting to kick about in the park and follow football teams - sit in the cold drinking watered down luke warm tea and stale pies. We now have a society and generation where multimedia and technology is all the rage, kids have opportunities and access for pursuits that most of us would never have had. Its not just football support that is suffering, its anything that involves leaving the house and human interaction - shops, restaurants, theatre, cinema - people can do this from in their own homes and kids are at the forefront of this. Unfortunately what football has to offer generally may not be what people want anymore plus football is a hard sell - at clubs like ICT even more so than 'big clubs' - its all been discussed before - location, costs, weather. catering, entertainment etc etc. Facts are there's almost an infinite amount of 'better' ways to spend £30 on a Saturday afternoon. Clubs need to understand that society is changing and have marketing/media/social media managers who know how to reach the public and youth if not they will get left behind and forgotten and for all the money ICT have spent on a communications & marketing manager we are awful at it.
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    It has been mentioned many times but we need to attract more youngsters to games. The club should be giving away 100+ free tickets to primary schools for every home game. No cost to the club and it may attract new fans, plus additional income on match day (food / drinks). I also think the club should have 5 a-side matches for kids before games and a half time. You could have four teams playing a round robin before the game with the top two teams playing a final at half time. This would attract family and friends of those playing and provide the fans with some entertainment! If the club had invested in younger fans 10 years ago our attendances might be a lot better today.
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    I don't think that girls ever enjoyed such an experience but were conditioned by society to to flash their flesh and wave pom poms rather than play, watch or coach football. Thankfully, those days are in the past but we still need to put much more effort into attracting and encouraging half our potential fan base.
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    Something like beat the goalie could be entertaining and if someone is really good it could solve our striker problem!
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    I agree totally. Girls nowadays thankfully want to play football not be oggled at with pom poms! No objection to a bit of half time entertainment though. Been a long time since there has been any such as a competition for fans or kids playing. Not sure it improves attendance though.
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    At the moment I think that I would appreciate entertaining and attractive cheerleaders more.
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    Sad as it may be there does not seem to be a way out of the dilemma since the Scottish Football Authorities would probably never change t to summer football. THAT would make a huge difference but how do you persuade people ,who appear to have no flexibility in their thinking, to make the changes that would possibly help several clubs survive and prosper? The other suggestion I've made may have been looked upon as joking -- I,e bring on half-time entertainment-- but I am deadly serious and the lack of forward and dynamic thinking here is pathetic and discouraging. This is not just a game of football , it's SUPPOSED TO BE a well-run business enterprise---if for no other reason than that of the future survival, of the club, which nobody can deny. People come to the stadium to be entertained , not frozen stiff and frustrated and bored to bits. And if you don't treat the client as at least of equal importance to that of the team itself then Management is crazy because it's just common sense, dearies, that if there are no fans in the ground then the team has no purpose for being in existence! THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE !! So what does the smart business do apart from advertising their wares? Why, INNOVATE for goodness sake. Bring in something new and fresh to ENTERTAIN the paying, and apparently often suffering, customer? So what does ICT do to entertain the customer these days. Same old tannoy music at half time? Again, NOTHING! Boredom and freezing bodies trying to convince themselves that coming back in two weeks' time in this weather is a great idea? Unless some bright spark does something to start a new trend at Tulloch Caledonian stadium then you are doomed to Same old, Same old.
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    Need to step back as too many only remember good times and been spoilt by recent success. There's clubs much older and better supported that would be envious of what ict have achieved. Right now its a downwards trajectory but we need to support the club and get a stable platform to build the next wave of success however that must also be realistic in expectations. Thoughts of cup wins, finals and ventures to Europe are rarity and can't be expected as the norm. Pit a plan in place to develop talent and maintain sensible costs and we as fans should back the club - the lack of leadership and transparency needs to be addressed now to encourage continued support next season from anyone other than die hards
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    Game 23 Joonya 291.7 SOS 284.4 Tichy_Blacks_Back 258.2 Mrs Gringo 244 CaleyCanary 243.7 Caley Braveheart 230.7 RedCard 224.7 Gringo 207 Scotty 166.2 MrCaleyjag 163.7 crownjaggie 143 mcdonnell761 132.5 CDN Girl 107.5 old caley girl 21.7 ictrmd 0
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    Cheers CB....swear I posted it up on Wednesday. Think I'm losing the plot. Falkirk v QOS draw @ 3.40
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    There is nothing revisionist about it, its a hard fact to accept I Know, but If that belief consoled you through our relegation and slump into mediocrity then I'm happy for you. Hughes knew another striker was a must he lost two in 6 months the board chose to appoint an inexperienced yes man in his place and paid the price, the error was confirmed by the resignation of our Chairman, what is revisionist about that?
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