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    Exactly how atrtractive a gig are ICT at the moment.? Who would want to replace Robbo ? Those calling for his head should remember that a guy who did not even consider the job came out well on top at the last interview stage.. Who were the applicants? Do we know? There will be a drastically reduced queue if we advertise again. Reality check boys. We are where we are. The good times were great. The bad times will be ****. That's it.
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    There quite clearly is a rift in the dressing room. Players were having a go at each other, the discipline is "shot". Tactically we are shocking. Perhaps we should axe Robbo and learn from the mistake made with Foran. Only problem is that there are 5 or 6 players that should depart prior to the manager but there are no replacements for them !!
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    Have to agree with that, this has been going on too long now and rather than starting to make any noticeable difference, Robbo and the coaches seem to be continuing to make all the same mistakes from last season. As a fan it's utterly depressing and it's one thing getting behind your team and giving full support when it's relatively short term and action is being taken, but this is dragging on with no end in sight.
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    Are you suggesting that he was unaware that his contract had expired and that he hadn't agreed a new one with us?!
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    Meekings turned down a deal in November or around then saying he wanted to concentrate on his football or something like that which is typically code for I'm leaving and waiting to see who comes in for me. He then got injured and didn't play any games in the first half of 2017 for ICT. Then, after relegation, instead of offering the guy a deal based on the best we could offer, just in case he might have hung around, we, erm, released him and Meekings found out via Twitter, through an Inverness Courier journalist. This obviously went down like a lead balloon with Meekings who wasn't aware that he was getting released and he subsequently signed for Dundee after training with them for several weeks. Even injured and with one leg he's still better than every single defender we have. Combined.
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    Well perhaps the omens were there long before we kicked off. Glasgow city centre awash with Old Firm neds, the nice wee train journey to the Rock cancelled due to engineering works and roadworks bringing traffic chaos to the Erskine Bridge. Underground to the West End and an empty student pub. Uber to Dumbarton and quaffing in the Stags Head watching part time Old Firmers watching the game. And then a walk down to a ground that resembles a Sunday League setting and then watching 90 minutes of Sunday League fare. At the time I was quite happy with the first half performance. A superb Polworth through ball splits the defence and Bell finished well in the 8th minute and we were in charge for the majority of the first 45 minutes. Again I have to comment on the lack of enthusiasm and celebration to herald that early goal. We looked neat enough but it was tippy tappy stuff with most balls going either sideways or back. OFW did appear to ooze more confidence to those in front of them and those brave few sitting in the stands. And if Bell had notched a second when through on goal 1:1 and we had gone 2-0 up – well who knows. Trafford and Oakley both had half chances, OFW had little to do and it really should have been 2 or 3-0. There was a sense of a standing ovation, albeit muted, as the boys trooped off at half time. And very quickly after the restart it became clearer what had happened. Stevie Aitken had given us far too much respect. He had decided to sit his team deep, allow us the ball in our own half and defend deep. The elements were also in our favour in the first half as well. Dumbarton lined up like a pack of dogs looking for the fox. From then on they defended, allowed us the luxury of possession in our own half but they pressed and pressed and looked to break at every opportunity. Froxylias basically ran the show. It took them a mere 2 minutes to equalise and we never looked like getting back. Froxylias fired home in the 47th. Froxylias bent a curling free kick at our goal in the 63rd minute, OFW made a good stop, albeit over dramatically and Wardrop reacted, knocked in the rebound whilst our defenders watched. OFW looked as if he had pulled his groin or his knee and he never took any further kicks and threw the ball out if necessitated. I suspect that he will be missing in action for a few weeks. And why oh feckin why did Robbo appear to leave the playmaker role to Donaldson ? Why didn’t Vigurs drop back ? Is Gary Warren collecting yellow cards ? Hope I get him in Top Trumps. If he dived then that was ridiculous. I thought that he was practically in with a chance of a goal. Judging by his muted reaction he was guilty. That all happened in the 79th minute and Robbo had not even appeared to have considered a substitution at that stage. How Oakley stayed on after the hour stupefies me. And then to add insult to injury the decision is made to hook Tremarco and take on Mulraney. A certain poster on here gave Mulraney some gentle stick and his reaction almost led me to go on the park and give him a slap. He clearly does not want to be here. Tremarco himself also looked bemused as he trooped off. And then we leave it to the 87th minute to bring on Baird for Oakley. And we keep on hoofing to the skyscraper front three of Bell, Baird and Mulraney !! And remember the name Colin Steven. Another in a long list of embarrassing, amateur referees. He lost control and came up with a bevvy of ridiculous decisions – albeit both ways. And then it was back to the Stags Head, on to the Uber, on to the Underground, on to Central Station and home to Chorley. Travel cost me around £75 and I will NOT be spending that type of amount to watch absolute dross. I have booked for Livi and Dumfries. I am going there for the pre-match and post-match activities and I will not be considering any other games unless the team show a distinct improvement or even if they showed some enthusiasm and fight. Those two ingredients are sadly lacking. OFW - Nice to see him back. Back four looked more confident. Spectator for most of the first half. No chance with either goal but may have over-dramatised the free kick save. McKay – Back at full back. To be honest I hardly noticed him which probably says it all. Warren – Sorry but has become a luxury and his lack of discipline is shocking. And he was mighty quiet for a captain. He basically looked cheesed off. Donaldson – Who the feck gave him the playmaking. Libero role. Dzebi-Zade would have done a better job. Chalmers – Sweet left foot was noted once and then it was a case of Sweet Feck all. Polworth – Roving role again. At least he gave 100% and looked most likely to produce something. Great through ball to Bell for the goal. Vigurs – Some lovely touches but plays throughout in an area ten yards either side of the half way line. If we could afford such a luxury and have a couple of beavers beside him – well. Trafford – Dougal’s comment about fitness and diet may come in to play. He looks the part but dies after the hour. Mind you he runs for Vigurs. Tremarco – As with OFW it was nice to see him back but not as an offensive , wide player. Needs to either go back to left wing back or even central defence. And why he was not allowed to play for 90 minutes to enhance match fitness beggars belief. BELL – Starved of any delivery in the second half. No support up front. Worked his socks off and should have got a first half brace. OAKLEY – Inept and provided zilch basically. Already mentioned Robbo’s selection and tactical boo-boos.
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    Anyone who witnessed the last quarter of the Dumbarton game would be saying exactly what Dougal was implying.
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    What is it like working for Tullochs ?
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    Has Robbo finally realised that the very players he told he wanted rid of (those he hadn't signed) are the ones he now desperately needs to rescue things? If Robbo carries the can for the players he signed, then Muirfield Mills carry the can for the Manager they signed. People point to the Cup Final as the moment things started going south for us, I think it stems back to the involvement of Muirfield Mills. They've been all mouth and very little positive action from day one. What ever happened to the additional investment they promised when they said the initial £250k was just a start? How much did they pay for control of the football trust and where did those funds go? They forced Sandy Catto out, had Grassa removed, refused to let the club sell Hughes to Utd, seem to be delaying on the stadium deal, forced Kenny Cameron out, forced Willie Finlayson out and David Cameron is gone. Ken Thomson is the only non Muirfield Mills director and how long till he's pushed out the door? Add in the numerous club servants who have been alienated and you have to really question what the end game is, or if they even have one. Robbo, Danny MacDonald and Jim Oliver are all Orion rejects. Almost as if they are trying to rub Savage's nose in it, not make friends with him. Not one of the Muirfield Mills members on our board has any football experience at any level. None of them have any experience with running a business when it comes to it. Lots of vanity projects sapping money away from more vital functions would suggest they are in it for no other reason than ego. People will say things were not perfect before. Really? What we have now is better than Top 3 Premiership finishes, Finals, Semi Finals, Europe, Squad of Players who cared and not going home feeling like **** after every game?
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    I'm certain he's going to chuck it in the next few weeks. Nevertheless this was a jobs for the boys appointment. Some on here seemed very opposed to Sheerin but after seeing his Aberdeen side against us recently I wonder if he'd have been alright. They were fast, direct and very well drilled. I wasn't too keen on Lennon, but he'd have been unquestionably better than the incumbent. This was a jobs for the boys appointment and an ethos that has hung around the club like a bad smell for far too long.
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    Sounds like he's desperate to chuck it in already. Practically begging to be put out of his misery.
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    It was said by a lot of our players over the last couple of years, that the ICT dressing room was the best they had ever known, and you could see that in the way they would fight for each other, cover for each other and run that extra mile for each other in games. Now you see players squabbling on the pitch when things don't go well, and it comes across like they wouldn't sweat blood for each other. I know that there are a lot of new players, but every new player in the past always commented on the camaraderie in the dressing room and how they were welcomed into the fold. If this has gone, is it down to problems with the managers style, or are Foran's 'bad apples' still there, or is it just a case of a clash of personalities? They certainly don't come across as a 'team' and a lot of time look like a bunch of complete strangers. This is where a manager comes into his own, can he unite the players or has the dressing room been lost?
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    That was a disaster. We seemed in control at the start of the match, lots of time and space on the ball. However we lacked urgency, a st mirren or pars team would have destroy them when the opportunity arose. Not us, vigurs and Trafford strolled about. Our full backs didn't push on we were happy to sit on a 1-0 lead. Second half, they pressed and harried and bullied. We dissolved. Once we conceded. Players went hiding, midfielder not moving for a pass, strikers passing rather than shooting, defenders who are unable to defend. A horrible combination. One extremely worrying thing is the lack of fitness, bell died on his feet, as did Trafford, tremarco and Polly. Our bench offers little, we have no CM. Our defenders on the bench are worse than the awful defenders already on pitch. Even more worrying is the lack of resilience in the side. The players are passing responsibility, shirking tackles, not making runs. A horrible combination when you combine it with players who are not particularly good. Only pass marks for me were OFW, Bell (even though he ran out of gas) and Warren (despite getting sent off for diving). At least he had the gonads to make a run into the opposition box and take players on. Ooft I'm stressed.
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    Agreed. One of our strengths from the time of Steve Paterson onwards has been the unity and camaraderie in the dressing room. John Hughes destroyed that and and it has remained broken since. If we can restore that spirit in the dressing room we will be half way to starting our revival and recovery.
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    Robertson 'let it be known' that he was interested in the job, common practice as it avoids the potential embarrassment of applying and being formally rejected. A bit cute of him having got the job to then say he never applied. If he wasn't happy with the general coaching arrangements he should either have refused the job or insisted on changes, so he has to be accountable. Way too early to panic. After a steady decline from the gradual break-up of the cup winning squad, relegation led to the guts being ripped out of the team. Dunfermline was a disaster but in other games we've been competitive. The failings are the same as last year, an inability to convert possession into goals and an inability to keep a clean sheet at the back. Over the last few years, how much money has been wasted on ineffectual strikers? Off the park things are starting to look much more encouraging with the promise of a more open regime and the tidying up of the club's finances and corporate situation. There have already been boardroom changes so I don't see any point in further criticism of the new regime. Our main problems are on the park where we are not seeing value for the cost of the squad. Yes we need to see improvement but let's give them until Christmas and if we're in the same position then, decisive action will need to be taken.
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    Let’s not forget that the first time around Robbo had Donald Park with him, and plenty of players from that time rated Parkie as the best coach they ever worked with. Robbo has done nothing since then and that time with Park. Maybe he was the brains? Maybe it was Park who was actually the difference ?
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    Terry Butcher again? Where does that rumour originate from, pray? Seems Bizarre. Even if there was any truth to it , even a glimmer, I would imagine that any fan who remembers his history, in order to secure a move. would be sufficient reason to move on really quickly from wasting thoughts on him as a realistic prospect.
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    This all begs the question about the role of our Directors in the last two years. Are they deliberately trying to get us back to part time football to keep the overheads down to a more manageable level? I used to be so proud of the fact that we had kept on improving year on year after being admitted to the Scottish Senior Leagues. Now it's just hugely embarrassing to see how far we have fallen since we won the SFA Cup. Time for Robbo to be binned along with his poor signings before we become even more of a laughing stock.
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    He's 37, so I guess he has sussed that most of the things I said haven't come true!
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    Having pizza or chips after away games didn't appear to do us any problems under Butcher or Yogi so I can't see it being a problem now. Whether or not players are eating poorly in between is another matter.
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    It is a coincidence. Latapy was seldom there and those who seem to be falling over themselves to try and portray him as some sort of coaching maestro have become tiresome in the extreme. He had nothing to do with our success that season. Nothing.
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    I did in the past around 1 to 2 years ago see that Caley was in profit by around £100,000 so I find it a bit hard to believe that Caley is out of money and overall the club seems to always get things for the cheapest prices. I knew before of them often getting players without buying the contact on the grounds of the player out of contact I remember a Nigerian guy they had before who came from that case but I would be interested to see what Caley money level is actually like either way weather I am right or wrong .
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    Ok. I will de-personalise it and word it more 'nicely'. Could the useless tube who manages ICT go back to Levein's Boys Club please.
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    What do these guys actually contribute? They have been present for the entirety of two ultimately failed managerial spells and are on their way to making it a hat-trick. When the managers did poorly, they were sacked. When players play poorly, they are not offered a new contract. These coaches cannot get the players to look like they have ever met each other before stepping out on to the park yet they are seemingly untouchable.
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