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It takes quite a few people (and resources) behind the scenes to keep the site running smoothly and every year we do look to see if anyone is interested in helping out in some way.  

  • From a technical standpoint, I am always looking for bugs to squash and improvements to make so that the site runs as quickly as possible and without error. I am always interested in people with technical skills who can make suggestions or tweak things here and there... and I am still on the lookout for someone with PHP/MySQL knowledge that can help us migrate our current stats application to a late version of PHP7 or to PHP8 which the main site is now running on. That's a bit outside my current capabilities and at some point it means a portion of the site may no longer work if I am unable to get it updated somehow.   
  • On the content front the @tm4tj can never have enough assistance. We do have things like the NAPS competition ably managed by @MrCaleyjag or the NPL Prediction league and the SPFL prediction leagues run by @Gringo but Manfer is always looking for help with previews, reports and other articles. There is a small core group of users who help out but there is always room for more. This could be previews, reports, other unrelated articles, blogs, or simply data entry or looking after things like our calendar, player profiles or other history bits and bobs which I know interest a lot of folk if the 'ex-ICT' threads are anything to go by. 

If you are interested in helping out, and will be able to do any of the stuff listed above ... or have other ideas how you could help, then let us know. Reach out to myself or @tm4tj through email or on here and we can have a chat about it. 


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Thanks Scotty

We have had a number of helpers over the years and are grateful for the help we do get. From my point of view I have received fantastic support over the last couple of seasons from IBM who now runs the PotY department and EWD who does the number crunching and brain shrinking stats in the background. That allows me more time to add mostly previews and reports. However, if there are any budding reporters out there, give me a shout and we can maybe add something new to the articles, you must be fed up of my drivel by now.

Mr Caley Jag had been in touch recently and I'm hoping he can take up the backlog of player profiles that had been neglected over the years, that's one area of our stats that needs addressing. Our games/goals/appearances should now be pretty good thanks to IBM & EWD helping out, but there's always something else that needs updated or input.

Drop us a message, don't be shy. We will eventually get through all the mail and get back to you.

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Was hoping we got at least one volunteer so we could use the classic line that "an email has just flooded in"... 🙂 

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