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I monitor a bunch of websites to maximise my travel opportunities and one of them has this offer today that might be of interest ... not sure how long the price will last .... Inverness to Los Angeles for £271 all-in !!!




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When I first posted it I think the layover was 12 hours (overnight). These deals fill up fast. There were lots of options for routes including via Toronto, New York, and London. 

It gets frantic when they post ‘error fares’. A couple of weeks ago we actually booked round trip Toronto to Dublin for all three of us for $327  including taxes but we were too late and the airline did not issue tickets. We figured we could easily go from Dublin to Glasgow or Inverness reasonably cheaply. A similar experience a few days later but to Amsterdam this time for $750 for all three of us. Again, those folk who got booked early enough got their tickets but we missed the boat ! (Or plane). 

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ok folks - this one is a belter !!! Inverness to Las Vegas in October/November for only £228 !!

You can get hotels in Vegas for pennies and if you can stay out of the casinos it doesnt have to set you back a fortune !


also Portland, Oregon for £229



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Highlighting another travel deal that just came up .... would be interesting to know if anyone ever booked these deals I have posted !  I keep looking for one that goes in the other direction but they seldom come up!

This time its Inverness to San Francisco for less than £270 !! San Francisco is great (we went there last year) and if you stay on the other side of the bay, somewhere like Berkeley then Air BnB can be pretty reasonable .... 



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Heres another deal that just popped up in my feed ..... Inverness to Costa Rica or US Virgin Islands for under £250 !!



This site has now made their premium app free so you can sign up for alerts to/from any airport and for error fares etc .... it has the potential to save you a ton or to let you jump on some last minute deals if you are spontaneous. 



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These prices are something else, Scotty. Excellent.

Portland ,Oregon, is the one city in The U.S. situated  directly south of Vancouver, Canada, right close to the West coast, that I would not mind at all living in. House prices are also much lower compared to the average price of a smaller, detached house in Vancouver these days of about $1,000,000 Can. With a younger, dynamic population, totally clued in and very progressive, it's a wonderful place to settle in. Very near the Pacific Ocean with easy access to all the major transport facilities. I am sure that as a holidaymaker arriving from Inverness you would receive a fine welcome and enjoy a surprising and great holiday.

Cheers Scarlet.

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