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    Get a room, FFS!!!
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    Won’t somebody plleeaassee think of the children?! *sobs into Daily Mail*
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    Thanks for this post. I was wondering the same thing tbh. Seems banter dead these days
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    Totally deserved victory last night and how Falkirk managed to score 6 against Dundee Utd is beyond me as they were poor last night. All played well and it shows the difference when Vigurs plays as he keeps the play moving and we are a better team for that. While Polworth did okay last night, that is something he, and Chalmers need to do more. Fear the loss of Vigurs due to suspension will come back to haunt us in the next two games. As I said in a previous post, we have the nucleus of a team here and, while it has taken a little time to gel, you can see some players now starting to get up to speed in this league. It must be remembered that many of the new signings had played little or no first team competitive football before joining us so a big learning curve. And now to the referee. Some posters have said we need to lose/stop the perceived complex that we are getting a raw deal from referees. I think last night indicated otherwise as the referee and linesmen, especially the far side linesman were very poor. Of our 4 bookings, Warren and Chalmers were justified but Oakley's was not as he was caught by the keeper in my opinion. Even if the referee did not think the keeper caught him, he did not deliberately dive. Again, how many times have we seen similar situations this season where no action taken by the referee. Oakley should also have had a penalty in the second half where he was blatantly held and the referee and standside linesman could not have missed it but still no penalty. In fact Oakley was fouled continually throughout the game with nothing given by the referee. Falkirk were a bit cute in there were a few off the ball incidents which went unpunished and Bell got some rough treatment, and zero protection from the ref. Finally, to compound the poor officiating, Falkirk's goal was well offside, probably not given as the linesman did not keep up with play but even he should have seen it would have been impossible for the Falkirk players to be in the position they were without being offside. Given that he also missed another clear offside earlier, when Falkirk should have scored, then you can see that the officials could have altered the game substantially. I fully appreciate that being a referee is difficult but they do make it difficult for themselves at times by getting so many basic decisions wrong. Incidentally, was sitting next to someone whose two friends were visiting him from England and they could not believe how poor the officials were last night.
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    It strikes me that the best piece of business we could do in the January window is to offload OFW. Leaving aside the question of fault, at present he is contributing absolutely nothing but consuming the salary of at least two good Championship players. Freeing up that cash and bringing in one or two decent players could be the difference between pushing for promotion or not especially with the suspensions that are looming due to our poor disciplinary record.
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    Polworth Man of the Match!! I must have been at a different game. Apart from a couple of decent passes he continues to give the ball away far too easily and gives up when beaten ,. How he gets a game every week beats me. His booking sums up his attitude
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    Polworth was to me outstanding. Vigurs was controlled and saved a certain goal when it was three on one. Donaldson was class. Warren is now using his experience to our benefit. I was there to see Mulraney score his first goal for the club - a significant breakthrough for him. Expect more now. Great cross from Aaron for Baird's goal. Oakley has real potential when he start's believing in himself. Bell is treated like a rag doll by opponents - kicked around without support from referees. Mackay was a great workhorse. Everyone played really well with Ridgers kicking in particular impressive. Against Livingston I thought we played outstanding football for 40 minutes. When Vigurs was sent off we still held our own until their late goal. Last night we built on that performance against the team that shocked the Championship with their 6-1 win against Dundee United. I know that being a referee is a difficult job but sooner or later we will get a reasonable one. I thought Oakley was kicked by the keeper when he went down for what looked like a penalty after just a few minutes. It did not look like a dive but it will be interesting to see the highlights. Whilst some of our bookings may have been merited, Warren was grabbed round the neck and despite both officials being close by, nothing was give. Longridge appeared to slap Polworth yet the referee seemed to share a joke with him and let him off. Oakley was man handled on frequent occasions but this was ignored until late in the game. Bell was body checked but it was possible this was behind the backs of the officials.
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    People sit in the Main Stand because they don't like to make a noise so it's probably expected their jimmies are rustled by some guy from Livingston actually supporting their team by vocally encouraging them.
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    It makes sense from a financial point of view not opening and a stewarding the South Stand. However, I entirely agree with OCG that it is a great pity that you can't indulge in humerous banter with opposing fans these days.
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    And me. Sounds like there's some absolute snowflakes in the Main Stand.
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    I've been told that away fans for all but the larger travelling supports will be located in Lower F for the remainder of the season. Season ticket holders in that area have/are being relocated.
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    Great strike from Mulraney for his goal. Smashing stuff.
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    Great result, three badly needed points. We still have that 15 minutes at the start of the second half where we seem to be asleep though? Good to see the strikers getting their names down, same against Queens on Saturday, just what the doctor ordered.
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    In answer to the original question, after watching yesterday's game I'd say: Both. Oakley to start, Baird to come on as a second striker in the last 10 minutes for whoever looks knackered out of the front three.
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    One of those rare (in recent times) occasions where you could actually relax and enjoy the game! It's nice to be 3-0 up early doors. The front 3 tore Falkirk apart on the break. Oakley held the ball well in the build up and always provided a target for Bell and Mulraney in the box. A good old fashioned 'big man-wee man' attacking combination. Mulraney's goal was a fitting climax to one of the best passing moves you'll see all season. Think the official-bashing is getting a bit over the top. The persecution complex / siege mentality can be a good motivator in small doses, but becomes toxic and self-defeating if you take it too far. All of our bookings were justified. If you were being picky you could argue that Falkirk deserved a few yellows of their own. As for the stand-side linesman, Baird was a yard offside for his goal so what are we complaining about? Regardless, why moan and boo at the end of a 4-1 victory? Cheer up folks.
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    I say what I see old bean. In here and in the real world. Positive - I thought Polworth played well last night. Plus he put in the required effort. Negative - His booking was needless and may well mean he misses an important match. Actually every match from now onwards is vital if we are to reach the play offs etc. I detest the bile in here and from the stands dished out to him and Vigurs at times. So, in summary, if anyone plays well I say so. If someone doesn't play well or does something stupid etc I also say so. Given the job footballers do they are in the spotlight and talked about. Lucky them and unlucky them at the same time. PS - Fair play to Baird for his goal last night. Also, he broke the unwritten rule of not celebrating against a former club.
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    It spoke volumes when Vigurs shook the refs hand when he eventually give us a free kick !!
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    Caman, like many of the "clique," on here has been a regular critic of Polworth so all credit to you Caman, looks like you can finally see the number 7 on the shirt! It just seems that if he dosent walk on water, change water into wine or heal sick children, he is poor and has an attitude problem. This has been discussed at length in other threads.....
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    Errr, caman IS Polworth!
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    I also thought Polworth was really poor last night. But that was the only negative for me.
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    I thought that this, the game against Falkirk, was Jake's best game for the Jags, in my opinion of the games i have seen. He has pace to burn, set up goals and scored his first goal for ict. I hope that this gives him the confidence to sustain it for the rest of the season. It was just a pity he had to come off injured.
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    I don't recall 'everyone saying we'd win the league'. As far as I recall, most of us were very well aware that the Championship was going to be a very tough division. John Robertson has done well to have us still in with a chance of a play off place from a standing start and a heavily pruned budget.
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    Well that was a great result! didn't see that one coming for sure, some good performances tonight, Donaldson was my MOM, looks really composed and was furious at the goal Falkirk got. Calder did very well slotting in at LB, because he didn't get much notice or get much of a chance to warm up! Oakley was very effective but if only he was a better finisher! Polworth for me was poor, lots of negatives and once again his head drops if passes go wrong, he can be so effective as we saw with his through ball for Mulraney. However, we go into the next game with a lot more confidence that's for sure!!
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    The ball looked to me to be still in play and therefore he was entitled to kick it out the park if he wished. The ref and linesman made some shocking decisions tonight.
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    This guy wasn't vocally encouraging his team ... he was turned towards us, not the pitch, and vocally winding us up ... People probably shouldn't have taken the bait but given many of us in that area had been in hospitality for a wee while before that the judgement may not have been the clearest .
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    Well I am a fat, old lad and I have nothing to fear from section F but I've seen too many people who could get caught up in something the club have a moral and legal obligation to protect them from. Given your youth and attitude to children, we can take some comfort in that you havn't procreated yet!
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    It's a very real concern for any parent, no need to be an Ahole about it.
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    Its about the potential for violence and given there are young children in there too, it is not an acceptable situation. You may be an old, fat lad with nothing to be concerned about but what about the mother with two kids? A better idea would be to close the North stand and move everyone into the Main stand and keep the opposition segregation.
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    I'm not sure why he would throw himself on the deck when he could just have easily kicked the ball?
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    And he doesn’t protest or even feign surprise.
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    A calendar of Andrew Shinnies.
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    What has happened these days where we can't sit together anymore? I remember games in the second division with Livingston and we were all mixed in and there was no drama at all. In a time when our rivalry was probably a fair bit more serious. I visit other games across Scotland quite regularly and in a few league two and league one matches there has been no segregation so what makes us any different?
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    Worthwhile buying a season ticket for
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    Agree with everything there, good post! As you said it was refreshing to actually be able to sit back and enjoy the football on show without panicking every time the opposition headed into our half
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    I was one of those spoken to ... We were in the upper stand (front row) with the rest of those who had been in hospitality. To be fair, he was correct to speak with me as I used profanity towards that grey-haired numpty from Livi that kept standing up and taunting the ICT fans. However, when asked by several of us if he would speak to the that specific Livi fan he just walked away. After that, I ignored the Livi guy and concentrated on calling the ref a rather tamer name than I wanted ..... 'a clown' :)
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    Or provide blanks on every month, and a packet of A5 assorted players past and present stickers
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    If you pay peanuts you get monkeys. Not their fault in all honesty. I wonder what training they have for anything, let alone disorder. Maybe away teams should have some of their own officials amongst their fans. This include ICT when we are away from home. The majority of the clubs in the Championship are of a size that they can Police themselves.
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    As someone who has had back surgery and chronic disc problems I can empathise with him, constant leg pain will wear you down and make you crotchety. He is now a senior pro for younger lads to look to for leadership he needs to cut out the chat to referees and concentrate on his game, he could be a massive influence if he plays to his potential and stays on the park. I can forgive a player taking one for the team but dissent really is the most childish and needless of bookings, it also ensures that referees will give you no benefit of the doubt in a 50/50 challenge.
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    Fourth earns a play off place. That is certainly not beyond us and would be an achievement in itself given how poor our start was and, even if we didn't get through the system so heavily and unfairly weighted in favour of the Premiership club, would set us up nicely to have a real go next season.
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    Any chance of some links to these people stating we would win the league?
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    Good result and even better score line but who would have predicted that, at this stage in the season, we would be ten points and seventeen goals better off than Falkirk yet still in the bottom half of the table. The only thing predictable about this league is that Brechin will finish bottom and there is still time for us to make that unpredictability work in our favour and push for promotion.
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    No Scarlet just the same old sh1te referees
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    Great result and performance. The referee was a joke as was stand side linesman. He let them away with murder, not one booking for them when they should have had several. He was greeted with a great chorus of boos when he left the field. I hope Tremarco hasn't agrivated his knee injury as he limped off the park. As I said, a great team performance.
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    I'm no happy - they've completely screwed my NPL forecast!!!
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    Not raging I'm missing this game at all, no sir.
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    I agree with you. He makes mistakes and they can be some realy frustrating errors but the amount of hate he gets from the stands is absolutely ridiculous.
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    For less cash than you paid for it.
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    How do main stand season ticket holders feel paying higher prices to view the same match as an away fan?
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    hmmmmm that puts a different spin on it then.
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    What has the above got to do with this thread or ICT in 2018? Answer - zero.
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