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    We have no control over what happens at New Douglas Park on Saturday but we can control what happens at Inverness. We need every advantage we can muster including a huge home crowd. The board haven't done much to help this season but one thing they can now do is reduce entry to a fiver for adults and free entry for concessions to make sure that the home stands are packed. Will cost us about thirty grand but that pales into insignificance compared to the over a million pounds we will lose every single season we are out of the Premiership.
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    Just open the fecking gates
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    Tonight (17 May), Graeme Shinnie and Ryan Christie got Aberdeen's goals in a 2-1 win at Ibrox, and Rory McAllister scored for Peterhead in a 2-1 loss to Forfar.
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    We can't control what happens in Hamilton, but we can make sure they feel the heat by doing the business on Saturday.
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    Nick Ross will certainly be up for it. Maybe Vincent and Williams too.
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    Good question. Fisher must wonder why he had to wait the whole season to get a chance.
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    What would have been if we had partnered Fisher and Mckay months ago ?
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    Somebody put Davy feckin Crockett in front of Esson.
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    Get ****ing in there come on caley thistle
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    I'm fine, the players look fine and they have been told to concentrate on putting in 100% effort and, if they do that, they will overcome Dundee. "Play to your strengths and be aggressive. The flair players who are not aggressive have found that in the last couple of games and need to do that again tonight. "You are looking for brave players at this stage of the season and capitalise on Dundee players are not on their game. "If you win tonight, I look at the body language of the Hamilton players - they looked very down. "We need to take advantage of that." I thought that was more realistic than of late ?
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    To be honest I can see why he picked that team. Mulraney and Cole have been wholly inconsistent. He has evidently gone for the old school experience and again I cant blame him. Lets hope that it is Tansey and Draper sitting in the middle. If it is we need both Polworth and Vigurs to show a lot more effort. I would be telling Vigurs to expect to me on for an hour. I also hope that he plays Fisher and Mckay both up front and does not put Fisher back out wide. I am glad that he has hooked Anier. but again we are changing the personnel and the system.
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    First we need to make sure we get that far...
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    A fabulous memory and shows what can be achieved by a highly motivated, moderately paid squad of players who are well managed. Get the team well managed again, both on and off the pitch, then we can look forward to another promotion party at the TCS in the future.
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    Who needs a screen when you've got white walls?
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    Better stay out of this Charles or you will be placed in the happy clapper club. I like reading the posts about potential new managers. At least we can have a good laugh at some of the names proposed.
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    and some of us haven't had breakfast yet.
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    World take Butcher back in an instant. He has his detractors, but given time the man knows how to build a team on a budget. Most of the current squad are still his players. No awkward transition phase required.
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    i have terry butcher back and Foran as his number 2
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    I really can't think of a more crass and empty gesture than this proposed protest and anyone doubting my sincerity here should note my rare empathy with Dougal on this subject.
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    Posters should be forced to make a choice rather than simply deriding others when they stick their head above the parapet. And I don't just mean Renegade. Criticising is easy. Sticking your neck out is the difficult part.
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    Dundee go to 3 at the back and it sounds as if we are retreating
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