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    I'd rather the sensible young fans (the vast majority of them, I'm sure) would disassociate themselves from the numpties, or at least stop trying to justify their behaviour...easier said than done, I know, but needs to be done - the small 'Ned element' will ruin it for us all (and I don't mean just the younger fans). They need to realise that they are representing the club (especially at away games) and tbeir actions reflect on us all. Just behave, guys & stop justifying the behaviour of those that don't)..
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    Sorry but think your under a false impression that life is fair and proof required. Life is not a court of law. There is no onus on a service provider to give reasons for removal of access to a service . There is a requirement for people to meet minimum acceptable social standards whether renting a flat, working in a team or in a pub.
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    And I suppose dropping litter & damaging a fan is ok then? The club is for everybody, young & old! I really couldn't care less if the club alienates wee boys who think its a laugh to vandalise a bus...if they apologised for their actions, fair enough but doubt that'll happen somehow....
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    The only ranting seems to be coming from the likes of you complaining about the fact that those associated with the club are taking some actions against a handful of idiots whose behaviour damages the club. What Fraz is saying seems to be very much the same as me and others. The overwhelming reaction form older fans is simply one of sadness that the actions of a small number of idiots is harming the reputation of a lot of decent young folk who have been giving great support to the club. Of course the youth are the club's future! That is why it is important that actions are taken which mean they can continue to give enthusiastic support to the club without getting sidetracked into behaviour which which both damages the club and which might have serious implications for the youngsters themselves on a personal level. I don't know what your agenda is but the fact is that any suggestion that anyone in the club is trying to alienate the youth could not be further from the the truth.
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    What would be the proper way to handle it? Where have I alienated anyone? I'm not upset. I never had to deal with it. Posting about a given subject in a thread is now a rant? Aye ok. Everything I've posted is accurate to the best of my knowledge. It just really pisses me off when folk have a go at the very few volunteers and organisers we actually have but never put themselves forward to take responsibility. Very easy to have all the answers behind a keyboard when you don't have to deal with the fallout.
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    It doesn't sound as though you have taken anything on board at all. You say "some of which they know fine well didn't do any damage." but my post was all about the fact that this is not just about the damage. It is about behaviour in general and the absolute need for the bus driver not to be distracted. I acknowledge that you have not defended the actions of anyone on the bus and I assume from that that you at least acknowledge some folk behaved inappropriately. What you seem unable to appreciate is the seriousness of this. I am sure you accept that sanctions must be taken against anyone causing malicious damage but the more pertinent issue here is what actions should be taken against those whose behaviour was not in any way malicious but which, nevertheless, was inappropriate and inadvertently put people at risk. My knowledge of events is only what I've read, but whatever the truth of what went on is, the key consideration here must be to ensure that this kind of thing does not happen again. It is clear that there are some at least for whom a ban is completely justified. It may be that there are several youngsters who got sucked into the bad behaviour by peer pressure and perhaps against their better judgement. It would be a great shame if they got banned when a talking to and getting them to appreciate the potential consequences of such behaviour might well do the trick. But then again, some of these lads may well have been warned before for all I know. What I do know is that the actions of the club and the Travel Club will be aimed at ensuring that safe travel is available for people who wish to support the team. If some innocent lads are being unfairly banned then the fault for that lies squarely with the morons who caused the trouble in the first place. The club tries to provide a service which offers as cheap and convenient transport to games as possible. Remember, people give up their own time to organise this on a voluntary basis for the benefit of others. If you want to use the service, you abide by the rules. That's the deal. And please don't spout that cr*p about the club losing a group of fans for good. If the club has lost a small handful of morons then good riddance to them. The genuine fans amongst the youngsters will keep coming to the games - because that is what fans do.
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    They've not tried to hide behind anything. I've not seen anything from them saying that it was D&E's decision. However the reality from my previous experience is the they will have been given a warning about it if not an ultimatum. And who could blame them? It's a crappy situation and it's not a one off there were complaints and issues when I was involved over 2 years ago, most of which are dealt with at the time and we move on. You have to remember that everyone who runs and is a convener on every bus is doing so voluntarily and the pay for their seat like everyone else. They're not there to deal with people's behaviour, damage, complaints from drivers and bus companies, questions from the club/police, clearing up rubbish all over the place, vomit, missing games from taking drunk teens to A&E. I love the craic the lads bring and it's sad that it's come to this, I can only assume that they felt there was no other choice. Perhaps you could look into running a bus for the 30 excuded lads, you clearly feel strongly about it and there's obviously a demand. Out of interest what do you suggest they should have done differently?
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    If people are causing the club and volunteers constant additional work, behaving in a way that disrupts the enjoyment of others, is risking the club being fined and/or meaning there's damage having to be paid for, then I hope they are gone for good. If others who know who the culprits are have been banned and refuse to speak up to help the club and themselves then they can have no complaint. These are not the actions of supporters, they are the total opposite. So good riddance to them. Maybe travel numbers will increase now a disruptive element is gone from them and away matches. Maybe those who use the service would prefer to pay a couple of pound more instead of being held to ransom by what appears to be an increasingly unsavoury group. Whatever way you look at it, dealing with this issue is not a bad thing.
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    But it's not just about the damage. I don't know what the Travel club have decided or why, but there are general points which apply in any situation like this. The driver is responsible for the safety of everyone on board and for other road users. If the driver is briefly distracted then disaster can result. One only has to think of the tragedy down South recently when 13 people died in a minibus crash when it appeared that the driver did not realise soon enough that the lorry in the motorway lane in front of him was actually stationary. I personally had a narrow escape a few years back when stationary at traffic lights on the A9 Spey Bridge at Kingussie. The driver of a coach behind did not realise the traffic was stopped until too late. The driver slammed on his brakes whilst I looked in my mirror with increasing concern / horror about whether the coach was going to stop in time. As it happened, the last of the traffic going in the other direction had passed and the driver was able to move into the other lane and finally stopped level with me. It was a very scary incident with my life literally in the coach driver's hands. Whether people are guilty of damaging the bus or not , over exuberant behaviour, even when good natured can be distracting for the driver and puts people at risk. Most people understand that, but it seems that some of the youngsters have yet to grasp that simple truth. D&E may not have banned anyone but they may well have told the Travel Club that they will not be hiring out buses to us if there is any repetition of that behaviour. As for the mess: if I gave someone a lift and they left empty cans and bottles and chip papers (and probably a few chips) strewn around my vehicle, you can be pretty sure I wouldn't be giving them a lift again. I don't see why D&E should be expected to tolerate such ignorant and disrespectful behaviour The more mature and sensible lads amongst our young support will appreciate that the club and the travel club have absolutely no option but to take firm action here. I fully accept that some lads who are generally innocent of the bad behaviour may be affected by this, but the only people who are responsible for that are the the moronic ring leaders of the trouble. It is to them they should direct their grievances. Of course, if 30 are being banned from travelling with the Travel Club, that should be enough to hire their own bus and take the responsibility for that. They just might see things differently then. What a shame that the great job many of the youngsters are doing in providing enthusiastic vocal support for the team should be ruined by a small number of d*ckheads. Get rid of these morons lads, and get back to doing what you do so well.
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    To be fair to the 30 fans who had already booked bus to St Mirren before price increase,this will now not take effect till Dumbarton bus on 23rd September .
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    Why was the owner of DandE in press quoted as saying they were? Also said the mess left behind was worst he had seen?
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    No ideas how long, the statement wasn't clear. Have they been banned though? I haven't seen any public announcement to that effect. I used to help run the buses and it's a thankless task. People moan it's too expensive, people moan if you don't put on a bus cos you know it's gonna lose money, people moan if it's too quiet, people moan if it's too noisy, people moan if it doesn't stop enough, people moan if it stops too much, people moan it leaves too early, people moan it leaves too late.... It's quite possible that the coach company threatened to remove their service (they have before I believe) if people who are causing damage, causing the driver hassle etc arr not dealt with as ultimately the driver and the hirer are responsible. There's no way the travel club will want to lose money and they defo want to get as many fans to games as possible but they're left in an impossible situation. Somebody has to take responsibility.
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    What difference would it make? I thought they were boycotting the games anyway?
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    Ouch I'm sorry to hear that. Thanks for explaining everything to me I didn't realise it was such an uphill struggle to keep the buses running week in week out for the season.
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    The whole tone of your post - that some of our young supporters are not decent-minded and are idiots simply because they drop some litter and one of them has damaged a fan etc. is patronising and liable to alienate. That is all I am saying.
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    Is this code for "we have banned 30+ members, so we need to make up for our self inflicted losses"?????
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    How long will that last? Think my point is still valid, banning that many people cannot make good business sense.
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    All I know is that over 30 people got banned by the travel club (not D&E) with no proof that single one of them caused the damage. For what it's worth I don't approve of driver abuse etc but very poorly handled imo
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    This is nothing to do with what happened in the ground
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    Facebook post says it takes effect from 9th. Which is it?
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    Don't recall seeing a bit in the paper saying he had banned them, I don't condone the mess but not exactly worthy of banning orders, perhaps all 30 of them broke the fan?
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    Putting it on Facebook 10 minutes after I called you out on it 👍🏻
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    I take onboard what you have said, and if you check my comments I have not defended the actions of anyone on that bus, it's the reaction to it since and how the travel club have tried to hide behind D&E for banning folk from the bus, some of which they know fine well didn't do any damage. Anyway, nothing will change and they will have lost a group of fans now for good
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    Fraz handling this properly rather than exhibiting the totalitarian zealotry of some others in this thread. The youth are the club's future; it is foolish to alienate then even if you are upset by their behaviour. The club has relatively few fans in their 20s and 30s compared to other clubs - a lot of this is due to us being perceived as being too much of a family / old fogey club. It is fine to criticise constructively, but ranting serves nobody.
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    I was referring to the travel club losing a group of fans that would not use their bus, not the football club. I know now the truth of what happened. However I feel this is getting nowhere. We have similar view points on fan safety/travel concerns etc but can't agree on how it should have been handled.
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