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Feckin Livi, Feckin Hissy, Feckin Robbo

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Of all the teams, of all the places, of all the managers, of all the rejects - it just feckin had to be Liviscum, Robbo and Hissy. Altho eventually it turned out to be academic it was still a very, very disappointingly, gutting experience. Just not wot we are used to. :cry:

The Anti-climax actually started in the Granary as the bar hosted a well below par turn out of the Usual suspects. Only the ample breasts of lg and Mrs guzz, in their figure hugging Charlies Angels T-shirts stood out altho they were soberer than Maimie M, her ample breasts and her ever changing locks. Even the feckin Glasgow Inter City crew numbered TWO !! (small not ample) :roll:

And we almost went behind in the 1st minute when Little Britain fired against Brownie. After that Brownie produced saves from Pong and Hooligan as we played second fiddle early on.

Mckenzie then produced two fine saves from Morgan and Bazza but from the resultant corner Rosscoe rose high at the far post and headed home altho it seemed to take a deflection.

After then it was a dour midfield battle but then Dargo missed a sitter and fired well over when it looked as if he could have subtly side footed home.

And just as we thought that we would cruise to half time Morgan lost possession, Whelan showed some skill and his deft cross found an unmarked Little Britain who fair peltered a header home.

We feckin dominated the second half and should have gone home with three points and a handful of goals. Wyness rounded the keeper but inexplicably went for goals, instead of a simple cut back to Dargo, and strong desperately cleared off the line.

We also appeared to be denied a stonewall penalty when Pinxietin fair clobbered Morgan and the Sprout also appeared to hand ball several minutes later.

But Livi, to their credit, plugged away and always looked dangerous on the break. It was as if Robbo was playing us at our own game. And just as rumours that Hibees had equalised swarmed through the ICT support Little Britain released healing and the crocked Tattie Cruncher fire home. It was almost a daylight deja-vu of the Dugleash strike from the CIS game. :cry:

The atmosphere on the terraces dwindled but our players seemed to be sparked into life. They REALLY looked fired up fer the first time in the feckin match. Hart went off injured and instead of the expected Bayne CC pulled off the injured Hart and pushed on McAllister.

To Rory's credit he got himself into THREE half chance goal scoring positions, although one was in the "sitter" category. He fair got laldy from his fellow players, and some of the crowd, which will hardly do his confidence any good BUT he did more in 10 minutes than FECKIN dargo and Wyness did in 180 feckin minutes.


BROWN :lol::lol::lol: feckin great shot stopper but looked unsure on crosses and his communication with the defence still looks dodgy.

ROSSCOE :lol::lol::lol::lol: looked really up fer it. Always looking fer the ball, always looking to go forward and always the most feckin likely to score.

MUNRO :lol::lol::lol::lol: looked very assured and outshone Dods. Enuff said.

DODS :lol::lol::lol::lol: Usual self but wont get many tougher opponents as the wily Whelan.

HASTINGS :lol::lol::lol::lol: Most improved player of late but if only he could get forward as effectively.

WILSON :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: MOM by the feckin proverbial mile. If only we had a "clone" to play alongside him in central midfield.

HART :lol::lol::lol: As industrious as ever but he simply is not a playmaker.

DUNCAN :lol::lol::lol: Game just about summed up his Jekyll and Hyde season. One "world class" header back to Brown, always grafting but gave the ball away too many times.

MORGAN :lol::lol::lol: Flattered to deceive. Drifted in and out of the game. A bit Duncanesque. IMHO did not give Hastings enuff cover or options.

DARGO :lol::lol::lol: Hopefully the Flu recovery is the reason. Busy enuff, held the ball up well but missed a sitter and just did not look 100%.

WYNESS :lol::lol: Poorest game of the season IMHO. If he had slipped Dargo in it would have been game over and he just looked lost at times.

McAllister :lol::lol::lol: Felt sorry fer the lad. had three chances to equalise but blew them.

CROWD WATCH :lol::lol::lol: We must have made up 30% of the attendance. We started off in great tune but once Aberdire and Livi scored it went a bit dead and only came too at the end.

REF Watch :shock: :shock: :shock: It wasnt really Murray but his linesmen. The flagger on the Main stand wholly pissed off the Livi crew (although Hissy was desevedly booked fer mouthing as he warmed up - and could have been sent off fer time wasting when he came on) but the fat ******* in front of us was a total waste of feckin space. Two offside flags were hard to credit and the corner taken from six inches outside the line was unbefeckinlievable.


We were solid at the back and lost two well created and well taken goals. The midfield lacked creativity, cept fer Bazza who was stuck out wide, but the forwards could hardly complain of a lack of service. Unfortunately Dargo and Wyness, of all days, chose an off day together. :roll:

Fifteen attempts at goals and nine corners resulting in ONE Rosscoe header says it feckin all. :cry:

Livi edged the first half and we dominated the second. We had the far better chances and should have won 6-2 or 6-3!!! Morgan penalty claim looked a stonewaller. IMHO CC should have put on Bayne instead of Rory.

BUT give Livi their due, they belied their position and looked a better outfit than the Arabs, the Pars or the Bairns. Whelan is an immense alcoholic (which I can relate to) whilst if they go down lets pinch Brittain and Hoolihan and even consider Morrow.


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Oops, did I tread on your toes with ma hobnailed slippers.

You are only annoyed cos ye were sober, perish the thought.

You cannae gie Wilson full marks, he only played for the last half hour.

My thread initially sterted as a reaction to some negative vibes on the olde site, I then had to explain my thought by adding some comments on the way the game unfolded. We seem to have been at the same game though, as we both agree we had the chances but did not take them. We will have to up the smillie count to ten, it will give a more accurate account of the individual performances. Easier to spot the good from the bad, like me and you :twisted: :angel:

You must have been taking notes during the that not cheating, or is yer memory going...and, You must have been taking notes during the that not cheating, or is yer memory going :?:

Anyway good shout, Motherwell for you. :)

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Aye, was gutting IHE!! Only me and ITNjnr made it through on the train (although Riley turned up later on apparently). Left getting stuck at Livi South for 2 hours harder to take as well!

But such is life, still getting annoyed at CC's inability to make a substitution. Ok, we were heading for a loss, so what would it have mattered if we gave young Ben Jackson a wee run about! Was cautious over Tokely's inclusion, but he played well.

Morgan was dire, until we went behind then he seemed to come up with the goods, and Barry Wilson was everywhere!

Ach, was an allright day out!

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