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Insult other members, why don't you!

Unlike Alfred the players that travelled to the game are hard working model professionals. Not spoilt over-rated brats.

The game was part of the deal in Shane Sutherland's move from Academy to ICT, which IIRC was re-arranged from last season as it was previously postponed due to a waterlogged pitch. I am sure that

Holy moly! One of our country brothers to the north shows that there is folk round that way that have a sense of humour and are relatively sensible! And it's none other Mahonio who proves it! Who would've thought! :wink:

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Think you may find that Oddquine is all woman. She is right in that not all Caithness folk support Wick Academy. The very full Wick True Blues bus heading south every other week is testimony to that.

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Has it dawned on anyone yet that "Oddquine" may well be better known to some posters as "Sophia"? Some of the similarities are uncanny!

Who's Sophia? Believe me, I'm me, not anybody else. There can't possibly be another me around, the world has done nothing to deserve it. (My family say they haven't either, but they're stuck with me. :sad:)

Maybe I over-reacted a bit...sorry. Didn't expect to come from a place where I'm perceived by some as an incomer/ white settler, and not in a nice way, to a place where, because I'm a white settler elsewhere, I'm perceived as a yokel.

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