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    One major flaw there would appear to be that these are volunteer directors who receive no remuneration for what they do on the club's behalf and you also appear to want to make them financially responsible for losses incurred - in a business which doesn't follow the basic rules of economics in the first place. Jam on both sides and butter round the edges comes to mind. Any profit they make goes into funding a player pool which already has costs way out of proportion with what the customers pay for the product. Any loss in what is an extremely high risk business and you expect these volunteers to be personally responsible. I wonder how many volunteers there would be to become directors if these were the rules? And what precisely is meant by "fund the losses"? How would you propose they do this? In advance of a definitive outcome to the current situation, I'm not going to attribute blame publicly although I generally take the view that, in an environment where room for manoeuvre has always been extremely limited, the Board have made mistakes which must also be viewed alongside the successes of their watch. I am prepared to say as much, and elaborate on it objectively when things become clearer... all under my own name. On the other hand, I can't help but feel that caleyboy has a preconceived "anti-board" agenda which he is content to express from behind a mask of anonymity.
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    By some distance, that was the best performance i've seen from us this season. In attempting to fit our best midfielders into the team, Richie's wound up chopping and changing the shape all season but he might finally have landed on a formation that gets the best out of them. Vigurs sat behind Tansey and Draper and was the heart of some excellent passing moves - his ball through for Fisher's goal was delightful. Polworth isn't a natural wide player, but he put in a hell of a shift and is obviously more reliable defensively than Cole or Mulraney. Same team on Saturday, surely.
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    The singing was absolutely brilliant tonight ... and what a team performance ... gritty, professional, beautiful passing at times ... Why only now?
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    I do think you are way off the mark suggesting that directors take any money out of the club or that they are in it for financial benefit. Plenty to talk about after the season ends, and plenty to say about the structure of the club and how it might be improved, but just blasting at directors in frustration is not going to get anyone anywhere. Whatever mistakes they have made, the question is the best way forward, not a slanging match to blame people who are probably just as horrified as we are at how things have turned out.
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    McCoist was offered the job years ago and turned it down due to our location. He didn't do a very good job at Rangers even when they were playing part time sides every week. If he wasn't great with a team that was always on the front foot, I wouldn't fancy our chances with him in charge of a side that could possibly (should we stay up) be under the cosh most weeks. He seems like a nice enough guy, but he wouldn't be my choice.
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    I feel sorry for anyone who missed that last night who wished to go . Great effort from team and great result . The fans were as good as I've heard , sang and cheered from KO till final whistle , and our resident drummer did a fantastic job. The young boys and girls did us proud and showed what passion they have for ICT .All very well behaved and me and my friends were proud to be part of it . Looking forward to same on Sat on and off the pitch .Whatever the result we will all be back next season singing louder than ever . C'MON CALEY GIVE US MORE TO CHEER ABOUT !!
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    We have no control over what happens at New Douglas Park on Saturday but we can control what happens at Inverness. We need every advantage we can muster including a huge home crowd. The board haven't done much to help this season but one thing they can now do is reduce entry to a fiver for adults and free entry for concessions to make sure that the home stands are packed. Will cost us about thirty grand but that pales into insignificance compared to the over a million pounds we will lose every single season we are out of the Premiership.
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    Irrespective of the money any company or business is ultimately judged on its profits / losses, stability / instability, performance and decision making ? Many will point to the manager and the background team as the scapegoats but the Board are ultimately responsible for those choices. But I am as worried as to who would replace them.
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    Yup. The decision not to play him for a large part of the season looks silly at best. True. Mind you if he could score the simple chances too, he'd probably be playing for Real Madrid!
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    that is class. Wonder where we would be if he had not been frozen out most of the season. Maybe he'll save us, just to add to the irony.
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    Great goal by Fisher https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNUYjtvU31g
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    A chimpanzee smoking crack would have more intelligence than anything you've ever posted.
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    Just open the fecking gates
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    All this talk about "the losses incurred by relegation". What losses? Can anyone say what they are, and then quantify them? If the club is relegated then there will be less money coming in next season than this season, and, one hopes, less going out. But losses? Less or no TV money isn't a loss - it's less or no TV money. Less or no prize money isn't a loss - it's less or no prize money. The club will have a smaller turnover. It may make a loss - though there is the parachute payment to take into account. But relegation is a fact of life for a football club, and I think you'd be hard pressed to point to a particular loss - an actual loss, not a shrinkage in revenue - and say "that is directly as a result of relegation".
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    Great game & great support. Glad I went, as said above atmosphere was superb. Takes my streak of watching live games (excluding telly) to 13 years all be it only 3 games. I've played my lucky mascot card & fly out tomorrow so over to someone else to see us safe & I'll get the result when I land.
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    As said above by Caley Stan, easily our best performance of the season. Changing things again was interesting and Richie went for a 4-4-2 with a narrow midfield, which we've done before but without much success. This time though, it worked a treat. Keeping the game narrow, compacting the midfield allowed us to dominate with the ball as we had lots of options to keep possession and get the ball up to the strikers and without the ball, as we had players to assert pressure on Dundee. Collectively the midfield were all excellent, working hard and using the ball well when they had it. Vigurs was the standout though, an immense performance in the anchor role. He maintained possession and broke forward when he had to, probably the best game he's had since signing for us. Laing and Warren also had good games, dealing with everything that Dundee could give us - not a lot but we've not exactly been freezing teams out this season. Mckay had a great game up front and Fisher took his goal well - Fisher works hard though and is a target for crosses, which gives us another option. The one downside is that Dundee were dire and I could easily see Hamilton turning them over on Saturday. Hopefully Vincent and Ross knock their pans in trying to get the win for us.
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    It's still a 100% record, but with double the sample size.
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    Great to win and give us some hope, and another performance we could have done with on umpteen occasions earlier in the season to get us well clear of relegation. I'm also amazed that we kept a clean sheet and won in that vanilla and black kit! I'm another one who will miss the Motherwell game - visiting seriously ill mother in Edinburgh. I was coming up the A9 from there tonight and about 5.30 passed the supporters' bus heading south at Blair Atholl, wishing I could have joined them in Dundee.
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    No! You will have CB writing another chapter
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    when i booked flights over for this Saturdays game i was resigned to the thought of it being a nothing game as we would have probably been down. Never been so happy to be wrong. This game is now the most important of the season and i can't wait. Nights like tonight remind me why i fell in love with this club in the first place
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    ..God, I wish I could have got off work for that. A great showing from ICT on and off the park tonight. I salute you all!
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    He has had an appalling season but Richie deserves a great deal of credit for that. If, and it's still a very big if indeed, he keeps us up, he probably deserves to be given until Christmas to try to get to grips with learning to be a manager.
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    Tonight (17 May), Graeme Shinnie and Ryan Christie got Aberdeen's goals in a 2-1 win at Ibrox, and Rory McAllister scored for Peterhead in a 2-1 loss to Forfar.
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    We can't control what happens in Hamilton, but we can make sure they feel the heat by doing the business on Saturday.
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    Nick Ross will certainly be up for it. Maybe Vincent and Williams too.
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    Good question. Fisher must wonder why he had to wait the whole season to get a chance.
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    What would have been if we had partnered Fisher and Mckay months ago ?
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    Somebody put Davy feckin Crockett in front of Esson.
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    Get ****ing in there come on caley thistle
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    I'm fine, the players look fine and they have been told to concentrate on putting in 100% effort and, if they do that, they will overcome Dundee. "Play to your strengths and be aggressive. The flair players who are not aggressive have found that in the last couple of games and need to do that again tonight. "You are looking for brave players at this stage of the season and capitalise on Dundee players are not on their game. "If you win tonight, I look at the body language of the Hamilton players - they looked very down. "We need to take advantage of that." I thought that was more realistic than of late ?
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    To be honest I can see why he picked that team. Mulraney and Cole have been wholly inconsistent. He has evidently gone for the old school experience and again I cant blame him. Lets hope that it is Tansey and Draper sitting in the middle. If it is we need both Polworth and Vigurs to show a lot more effort. I would be telling Vigurs to expect to me on for an hour. I also hope that he plays Fisher and Mckay both up front and does not put Fisher back out wide. I am glad that he has hooked Anier. but again we are changing the personnel and the system.
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    First we need to make sure we get that far...
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    A fabulous memory and shows what can be achieved by a highly motivated, moderately paid squad of players who are well managed. Get the team well managed again, both on and off the pitch, then we can look forward to another promotion party at the TCS in the future.
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    Who needs a screen when you've got white walls?
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    Better stay out of this Charles or you will be placed in the happy clapper club. I like reading the posts about potential new managers. At least we can have a good laugh at some of the names proposed.
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    and some of us haven't had breakfast yet.
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    The Board are private individuals and, whatever you may think of them for our current plight, some have invested their own money already in the club. Why then should the individuals fund the losses incurred by relegation. If this was to happen you would have no board members or only ones who can afford to throw away money like Uncle Roy up the road.
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    World take Butcher back in an instant. He has his detractors, but given time the man knows how to build a team on a budget. Most of the current squad are still his players. No awkward transition phase required.
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    i have terry butcher back and Foran as his number 2
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    I really can't think of a more crass and empty gesture than this proposed protest and anyone doubting my sincerity here should note my rare empathy with Dougal on this subject.
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    Posters should be forced to make a choice rather than simply deriding others when they stick their head above the parapet. And I don't just mean Renegade. Criticising is easy. Sticking your neck out is the difficult part.
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    Dundee go to 3 at the back and it sounds as if we are retreating
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    Cracking goal. But not for the first time, a simple header missed the target. Head shaped like a new pound coin!
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    I always like to revisit pre-match comments post-match!
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