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    Are you, by any chance, the reincarnation of a turkey that voted for Christmas? You can harbour the expectation that somebody else's money should subsidise your football if you like, but the big and obvious dangers of this scenario are that the sugar daddy has absolute control over your club and, of far greater and even more obvious concern, there's the issue of the future, or lack of it, if... or more likely when... the sugar daddy withdraws the subsidy. Remember Nairn County? And what next for Dundee United? And then there's the "saviour" that David Murray used to be hailed as at Ibrox? Sometimes on CTO, I'm just not at all clear as to whose agendas on here are against - or very occasionally for - whom in terms of Mcgil/savco or Sutherland-Tulloch or Muirfield Mills. The board is currently controlled by Muirfield Mills who have put over half a million pounds of their own money into this club.... money which has been vital in securing its viability over the last five years or so. But you now tell us that you want these people removed.... more or less in the same breath as your earlier derogatory comments about "the builder". I will take this to be a generic term referring to David Sutherland and Tullochs - who in recent months have, in the first case, donated quarter of a million to keep the club solvent and, in the second, donated the stadium fabric back as the last stage of serial subsidies worth around £6 million. For someone who is so keen to get a sugar daddy through the door, you seem to have an incredible desire then to turn round and give these benefactors a right good kicking. This seems to be by no means unique among ICT fans..... and it doesn't exactly serve as encouragement for any benefactor to put their money into an organisation whose supporters will then turn round and bite them.
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    The way wythank15 talks about Hughes you'd think he was the only ICT manager that had ever lost good players from his side and had budgetary constraints. Also worth remembering that our good form earlier in the season came with a front two of Baird and Bell who not only buzzed about the front line to create and take chances (less so in Bairds case!) but both did a power of work defending from the front which made us a lot more difficult to beat.
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    Cubs like Hamilton and Partick Thistle are run well and efficiently in the top league with resources similar to our own without input from a 'sugar daddy'. We functioned well and efficiently in the top league for years without input from a wealthy benefactor. Quite apart from the fact that they are hardly queuing up to invest, sugar daddies are not the answer and would, in any event, be a short term fix. The answer is proper and effective management both in the boardroom and the dressing room. Right at the moment, we seem to be somewhat lacking in both.
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    Without being pendant in residence boom boom my response to your points are as follows: Butcher left, we did not finish second nor did we win a cup and we lost Andrew Shinnie who was a stand out for us. I'm glad you accept that losing your best players and injuries can have a deleterious effect on the team, which relates to point 3. With no out ball (Watkins had left and Doran was injured) an aimless hoof up the park would have achieved little so yes, the players at the back had difficulties as a direct result of losing your quickest forward and having another quick player injured. The reason why JH left was over the very issue you raise, trying to clarify the budget. I accept your point about Hughes recruitment but remember it wasn't Butcher who identified the bargains brought to the club from down south. The fact is we have never had enough money to buy established front men, they cost too much, which is why we have always gone for players from the lower leagues or strikers who have had injury problems or fallen out of favour or guys who can't find another club we were soooo fortunate to get Marley Watkins who could convert from being a winger to a very effective centre. I do not expect in my lifetime to experience the highs of JH's reign, he turned us into a proper football team and the board turned us into a laughing stock in one season, quite an achievement. You can continue to have a downer on JH if you like but he will remain our most successful Manager long after we have departed this life.
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    Makes the season more interesting that we`re trying to get into both play-offs!
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    The stuff about Harper being deliberately subbed off is typical of our club. We are an utter shambles, on and off the park. Someone said that if we go down the club will disintegrate, it's already disintegrating. The guys in charge have no idea what they are doing - Muirfield Mills are a group of ex-pats who wanted to stick some money into local sport and now they are running the club - they don't know what they are doing. I've been told a few things about the shambolic organisation of the club and it all rings true. We have a load of utter amateurs trying to administer the club, from the teamsheets, to the commercial side, to the finances, to player recruitment, to the pitch. A few years back someone told me that a former board member said about Terry Butcher "we've created a monster!" because he basically ran the club, ran the playing side, ran the scouting, did a huge amount of media. Since he left things have slipped - the success of the Hughes era (with Butchers players) hid it for a couple of years but once that fell away there was no disguising it. Robbo is a positive guy but he's not managed to take us from a good position a couple of months ago to anywhere near where we need to be. If we stay up, which I think is doubtful, we need to try, somehow, to get an investor in who can back us for two seasons to clear out the playing squad, employ a manager who can recruit players of value and develop those we need to keep and give the club some organisation. Sadly, it's doubtful we'll get any of that.
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    I don't mind losing. Losing is a part of life. What I won't accept is player who represent my club as employees, failing to give their all on the pitch. Last night, there were plenty of them. This is unacceptable, surely Robbo can see the players hiding. I would rather see 11 youth players giving their all and snapping into tackles, than mercenaries floating about the pitch, stealing a wage.
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    We had been as high as second in the league and reached the league cup semi final in the season that Butcher left. There’s no telling how that could have finished if Butcher had stayed. Whilst you can’t ignore losing quality players, and the injuries that occurred, the fact remains is that Hughes recruitment was generally poor. You can only sign what is available, but maybe it’s better to keep some of the budget rather than sign lots and lots of midfielders, when we were clearly still short in both defence and attack. I understand that. The trouble is we tended to hurt ourselves when we had the ball by trying to retain possession too close to our own goal and then making a mistake. That season, we weren’t generally ekeing out points, we were trying to hold onto a lead and often failing. I don’t dismiss the winning 4 out of 5, I am just saying that it made the season look better than it probably was. Surely an experienced manager would have clarified the budget? The style could have been successful for years to come, but only with the right players. I would question Hughes’ ability to find and recruit those players.
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    You think that having only 10 teams in the division might help us there?
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    the way things are going our Highland derby next season will be with Peterhead.
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    Pathetic............................My patience is wearing very thin. Of course I'll stick with my team but the enjoyment levels are zero at the moment. Robbo keeps telling us that our under 17's are a very talented bunch, well now's the time to give them a chance, they can't do any worse.
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    Disgraceful. No desire or belief. Embarrassing that these so called players represent the club bar a few. Ridgers, nothing to do in the first half except pick it out the net. Couple of missed crossed which should have been punished but a good save towards the end. Seedorf. Did okay defensively. Has no left foot so always goes outside when attacking. Easy to dispossess. Warren. Did okay. McKay. He is woefully bad. Just saunters about thinking he is a player. Tremarco. Mom for me. Showed desire and fight unlike most others. Chalmers. Rotten, always passes sideways or back, any forward pass is to the opposition. Powderpuff in the tackle. Polworth. Started brightly but seemed to give up. Vigurs. Classic Vigurs, nice touches, too relaxed sometimes giving ball away. Gets frustrated, gives away needless fouls, Huffs, gives up. Jake. Hid all game, couldn't be arsed today. No runs in behind, didn't take the winger on once. One decent cross. Doran. Usual. Can only last a half. Poor game by his standards. Oakley. Bullied. Little service or support. Put in decent effort. Zac. No football brain or touch. Bell. Hardly got on the ball. So so bad. If we play like that again then relegation is a serious concern. Forget the challenge cup. We have much more important issues at the moment. Survival.
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    weather looks lovely. Maybe time to break out the BBQ? And i was not born in Scotland. Born and raised in Northern Ireland. I have Scottish heritage but none coming from inverness. Just happened to come across this wonderful club and traveled to watch them play in turn falling in love with the wonderful place that is inverness
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    ffs, that's why a lot of people don't go to these games
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    It could be argued the first team players have been resting for the best part of 3 years!
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    Charles, I think you are a wee bit out with some of the dates. The first time the Q Cup was split into North & South sections was 1931-32. Citadel won it that season, on 12 December 1931 - more about that below. Thistle won it in 32-33. Clach in 34-35 and 38-39 - if the final was played before the turn of the year then that would give you the 1934 and 1938 dates for Clach. The Lilywhites had been the first Highland League team to reach the final, in 24-25, but were beaten by Royal Albert. Citadel's road to victory is described in the booklet about them which was produced in 1990 (& revised in 1991), which some of you may have seen. I would hope that the Inverness library would have a copy. They beat Caley 2-0 at Telford Street in the first round, had a bye through the second, beat Ross County 3-1 at the Longman, and then had a bye in the fourth round. This put them into the semi-final, and it looks as though this is where North were drawn against South. Citadel played Lochgelly Amateurs at the Longman on the afternoon of Wednesday 4th November, and drew 0-0. Three days later, they won the replay at Lochgelly, 1-0. In the other semi, Murrayfield Amateurs beat Inverness Jags 4-1 at Kingsmills. The final was on November 28th, at Pittodrie, and attracted a crowd of 5,000. This ended in a 3-3 draw. Everyone reassembled - well, not quite, the crowd was only 3,000 - at Pittodrie a week later, Dec 5th, and this time the score was 2-2. The SFA scheduled the second replay for the next Saturday, the 12th. In a move which will sound very familiar, they set up this match between an Inverness team and an Edinburgh team, at... Easter Road! Citadel were not happy, and suggested Perth or even Glasgow, but the SFA were having none of it. This no doubt added an edge to the celebrations when Citadel outplayed Murrayfield and ran out as 4-1 winners, in front of a crowd of just over 3,000. They came home by train the next day, and despite the fact that it was the afternoon of the Sabbath, they were greeted at the station by a crowd of around 1,000. The team captain was carried shoulder-high as the Cup was paraded through the town behind a pipe band. Sources: "Highland Hundred": Bill McAllister's centenary history of the Highland League, and "Inverness Citadel Football Club": booklet by Geo Campbell.
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    Brian Rice is living in cuckoo land. And needs to ask the team if they agree with him as they clearly don't.
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    Kingsmills I will be very gentle and suggest you wrote the above whilst not thinking. Listen, I loved watching the football played by Pele's teams and he had to rebuild several times during his tenure but he wasn't competing every week in the SPL nor in national cup finals and sadly he never won the Championship though I contend that JR won it with his team. As for Yogi being arrogant, I worked beside a lad who played out in the middle east, his son was captain of Falkirk's under 18's and he raved about Yogi as a person, a coach and a Manager, arrogance was never mentioned as one of his traits. We all have a bit of ego, it's what protects us from the world but arrogant? not in my book. As you can see from my numerous posts I have too much time on my hands at the moment, please excuse my fulminations.
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    Brechin won’t save us from the playoffs. The real worry for me is that back to back wins for Dumbarton creates the feeling of a winning run for them, increasing confidence and leading to better performances in games that they may not have been expected to pick up points in. We, on the other hand, do not appear to know where our next points are coming from. We need to win the game with Brechin and the two with Dumbarton. That would take us to 39 points. The most points that has ended up in the playoff is 42. I’m not sure where any other points are coming from unless we find a serious upturn in form.
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    I never thought it was possible but so far this seasons been far more boring and depressing than last. If we fall to the playoffs I don't believe we are strong enough to beat the other lot
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    The way wyrhank 15 talks about Hughes you'd think he was Hughes.
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    We are really suffering from not having a right back, and the general lack of depth in defence. McKa6 and Donaldson looked pretty good as a pairing.
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    Winning and glory is one thing which can never be guaranteed. However, I don't think it's unreasonable even for loyal fans to expect some degree of organisation and planning in the boardroom and a degree of commitment on the pitch. I am unhappy with the state of affairs at our club at the moment. Am I too a glory hunter who should go and 'support one of the top four in the premier' ?
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    If supporting a team is about winning and glory might I suggest you support one of the top four in the Premier? Real supporters stick with their team through thick and thin and will be at the Cup Final because thats what we do.
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    Just opened that link and ma computer exploded! Caution is recommended!
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    How do you figure the spirit was eroded under JH, if it was eroded it was by losing our best players and not replacing them with similar quality. The start of the serious decline was replacing JH with a total rookie supported by many on this forum. Am fed up with the JH bashing, history will show he was our best ever manager who completely changed our style of play in the right way. I also have a lot of respect for what Pele achieved during his tenure, I enjoyed his style of football.
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    Maybe Robbo said "B McKay", and the person writing down the names said "Nah, boss, he's at County!" ? BTW, if the story that Harper had to feign injury to get McKay on is true, then it's an appallingly cynical treatment of a 16 year old lad making his debut for the senior team. A public explanation is called for, if only to scotch this story.
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    All sounds pretty dire to me. Not much positive feedback from anywhere regarding the teams performance. I'd have thought that after our enforced extended break we'd have been up for this and raring to go but that didn't seem to be the case. Something is very wrong and needs fixing. But how? We're skint - end of. It's been an awful season and in all likelihood it's about to get worse. We face the prospect of two games a week and we struggle to perform in one a week. Come on ICT sort yourselves out, you're not on holiday yet so get your sleeves rolled up and get stuck in.
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    Bell and Elbowzadi on, jeez i bet Pars are getting worried...
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    County have 21 points from 29 games. At the same stage last year, with a rookie manager way out of his depth and a terrible injury list, we had 24!
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    aye and like the council I haven't an effin clue how to find answers to any of them. you have too much time on your hands Charles
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    Summer football please. Season from March to December. Would probably help the Ugly Sisters in Europe also. Might stop them getting pumped by the giants from Gibraltar and Luxembourg.
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    Agree if theyd been that desperate theyd have put the USH on overnight USH is proving a bit of a white elephant if no one can afford to run it
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    Almost at the stage where I would like to see us win the Challenge Cup and then put this eminently forgettable season behind us now and concentrate on preparing to hit the ground running next season for a proper promotion push.
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    I'd count my other half as a glory Hunter as she only goes to cup semis, finals and European ties. Wow, on sale a day earlier to ST holders! I'll need to get there early to beat the rush.😉
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    According to Jim "i'm such an arab my hair's tangerine" Spence, we're completely dominant but wasteful and should be well up. Same old ICT! Hope we don't pay for the wasted chances but fear we may.
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    Indeed. Also interesting how a few of our rivals have been getting in emergency loan signings. Our geographical location probably hindering us with this.
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    I most certainly do ten4. I expected the typical reply from "old brainbox" but a "turkey.......". I just hope we have people who know how to run a football club in charge in 9 months time. What he says is unfortunately true in football but what does he actually know about it. Off to bed now to pluck a few feathers.
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    I remember going in there for a dare! Quickest pint I ever drank!!
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    Dumbarton coming to catch us............if they do, the play off will most likely be against Raith, Ayr, Arbroath or Alloa.
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    15 sold so far that I know of 👍
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    All kicked off by the restoration of the monarchy. Yes I know that they were Catholic vs Protestant, but they were mainly about power and dynasty, not religion. We're way off-topic - I'll stop now
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    Meh! I only got five. and a half.
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    Saints fan comes in peace, my good friend Rob a big caley fan has help me post about the Caledonian bar perth bought this pub about 9 months ago a family pub that you can still wear football colours on a sat night even scumdee Utd colours if any caley thistle buses are looking for a base ,will put on food to help you soup and stovies bring in music if you want if it's a bus will change from Caledonian bar to. inverness Caledonian thistle bar for the day my self and three others will be joining Rob in the stand hope I can help any pub / bus coming down and you could do the same next time were up in Inverness
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    Well, I suppose that with a third of our league season still ahead of us, anything could happen. My first priority would be to secure 8th spot, hoping that injuries are kept to a minimum over the next few weeks, and demanding that discipline is good throughout that period - we can't afford suspensions. Then we can see what shape we are in - on and off the park - and start thinking about next season. Winning the Challenge Cup would surely instil some confidence and bring the team closer together, too.
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    With global warming increasing rapidly there is little chance of this new and dangerous weather situation changing for the better. It's apparently about to get much worse. That's really ominous. Translating this into the reality of Scottish football it is imperative, IMHO, that the Scottish football authorities immediately set up plans for next season to try out Summer football. If not, they will be held accountable.
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    After today, it's looking increasingly likely that we will be facing County in the league next season.
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    the unfortunate situation in football is that is normally always "other peoples" money that keeps clubs afloat. it's just that we don't seem to spend it very well or manage to attract sufficient income.
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    * UPDATE * St Mirren @ 1. 90 ( Due to Inverness game being called off )
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    I should perhaps instead have said - this HAS ALREADY DEVELOPED into the mother of all fixtures backlogs!