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    Robbo has posted on this site in the past and I am sure still visits it. There would always be constraints on what and how much he could say but a weekly one hour question and answer session on here alternating on a weekly basis between the manager and a designated board member would cost nothing in terms of resources, go towards clearing up misunderstanding and ambiguity and generate much needed rapport and goodwill between club and fans.
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    Sensible statement outlining the business case - realistically who would want to run a football club? We can be grateful that some of those who have made money are still prepared to subsidise full time professional football in the Highland capital. The statement has the ability not only to get the ducks in order with spectators etc but the players. We need to find hunger to win games against 9 teams who currently appear somewhat hungrier and more competent than us. Morton will be highly motivated this Saturday so the pressure to perform must switch from the Board to the team with SUPPORT.
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    No he didn't. He gave Hughes the biggest budget in the club's history to play with and then some more. Hughes through the dummy out when he wasn't given even more, despite being told the club had no more money to give. This was also after Hughes had blown some of the budget on dross like Liam Hughes and Dani Lopez.
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    In reply to Gringo's post, the much criticised media consist at the moment of only one man who for years has tirelessly improved what is delivered at ICT using mostly all his own camera gear etc, to a standard which most SPFL clubs still do not come near which let me tell you is not cheap. He is for me who is above criticisim, he edits, streams matches, transformed a toilet at ICT into a media room and gets paid, em nowt! So I would suggest he is not hiding. Please take a bow AJ
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    just watched the stv interview with our new chairman. what was he sitting in front of ---- a very large, expensive mirror with that bludy ICTFC PRIDE OF THE HIGHLANDS crap engraved on it. What an embarrassment when opposition directors visit.😈
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    Largely agree with Charles here. Plenty of folk have been on here moaning, myself included about things at the club in recent weeks and months. Surely we can muster up 120 people to head along to this event and express their concerns despite the short notice? if not it will only serve to strengthen the notion that a lot of people are happy to piss and moan about stuff they don't like but not do anything about it when afforded the opportunity. So if you're annoyed about season ticket prices, the Pride of the Highlands badge, the poor communication through Twitter and Facebook or whatever it may be this is your chance to speak up about it. If you can't be bothered to do so then don't bother complaining about these things in the future.
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    Just because it should have happened in January doesn't mean we shouldn't embrace it now. The Chairman in January is no longer on the Board and the new Chairman who has sent out the invitation was not on the Board in January. It is clean slate time. It is time to all come together, accept that we are where we are and work cooperatively in order to restore a bit of pride in the club.
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    Why is the Ross County player R**s D****r still on the front page of our clubs website? 4 days and counting
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    Kenny Cameron couldn't win - had he not given out such contracts he would have been accused of not building on the success of the 2014/15 season as many fans were clamouring for at the time. History will show images of him holding the Scottish Cup aloft at Hampden - easily the best time in our history.
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    After all the critism of the silence and, worse still, misinformation coming from the club, such a frank statement has to be welcome as, in my view, is the resignation of the current chairman who, in his short tenure, has presided over chaotic administration and communication to such an extent that his position very quickly became untenable. His going is the right thing to do, possibly the only right thing he had done as chairman and his replacement is a first and necessary step to restoring our reputation and credibility. As for restoring our place in the Premiership, that is going to be a difficult and uphill task given our limited financed but it will be an impossible task without everyone from the boardroom to the dressing room to the stands putting recent differences behind us and now pulling in the same direction.
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    I think that we've had such a terrible time that people want news to be good. In truth, this isn't 100% good or bad. It's good that new people and potentially new investment is coming in and they'll bring their own strengths and contacts. Dougie MacGilvary was chairman when the club was formed but he was also running the club when it ran up significant debts. People bemoan David Sutherland and Tulloch now but they basically saved the club in the early 2000s. I remember MacGilvary opposing the investment that Tullochs made in the club at that time that started his exile. No-one could possibly argue that MacGilvary was right about that. Savage became involved in the mid 2000s and what he's remembered for is the Marius Niculae signing. Savage invested in shares to the value of Nicuale's first year wages and we had ourselves an international centre forward. Although Niculae was a top player it didn't end that well - the club got involved in a dispute with the player and we had to fight him into the Court of Arbitration for Sport over a payment he said was due. Savage left the board claiming time pressure with his business but it was generally seen at the time that Sutherland and Tullochs didn't like the Niculae scheme and Savages higher profile ideas. in addition, people are talking about Grassa etc coming back. We can't keep going back to how things were in the past, we need to develop a plan for the future for how to succeed as a club. I appreciate that there isn't a big queue of people willing to put money into Caley but we need to have a forward thinking club rather than trying to recreate something. As well, we suffered the consequences last season of having a manager and a chairman joined at the hip. If we'd sacked Foran in January we'd have had a better chance to stay up, So I'm in the fence regarding this development.
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    Frankly I'm a bit baffled at the ongoing abuse and rantings after one bad game. The reviews against Dundee Utd suggested that we competed well and were unlucky from my recollection. We have a team which has not played together (only regular two players from last season started the game) and is hampered by some of the most experienced players being injured (e.g. Warren and Tremarco). A number of the new players need to prove themselves as being up to the standard however I'm sure their confidence will grow when they are read the forum (as most do) and see that they are being told they are rank and to 'feck off' as one poster seems to use as a tag line to every post. In fact we seem to have grown a few newbies who have even registered just to show their unconstructive 'support'. The reality is that the state of the club has meant that rebuilding will take more than one transfer window. We don't have funds to buy and therefore have to take risks on players who are raw or possibly need a fresh chance. This may find a few gems but will also find a few who will not make the grade. It will take a number of games to make an initial assessment of where we are but I am under no illusions of being able to compete at the top of the league. Happy clapping is not being asked for however a degree of common sense around the team needs to be applied with hopefully some of the injured players returning soon to provide some leadership. Wringing our hands at every opportunity and personal abuse of players and management (both playing side and non-playing side) is unlikely to improve anything.
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    I think it is a pretty fair statement. Reading between the lines, it is obvious they realise the mistakes and lack of communication has cost them a lot of trust and goodwill. It is easy to be cynical, as some will be, but as a statement of intent it is a big improvement on the past, and I think you have to give them a chance to follow it up and deliver what they say. I also have to say, I have no idea where this money is coming from, but surely a very welcome development at a time when we really need it. If it is put to good use, then happy to give them credit for getting that in. As for the questions, hopefully people will be able to ask that at the promised Q & A session. Graham Rae is a former Inverness Royal Academy pupil, an invernessian who was in the oil business, and is now retired, I believe, so will have the time to devote to the club. Good luck to him.
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    I would have thought the website and communications in general was of crucial importance at the moment. This is not an "either or situation". Doing some work on the communication side of things does not mean that work has to stop on work around managing the finances and addressing shortcomings at the playing end of things. All these aspects are essential parts of the business and should be complimentary. Let us suppose you are a young player down South looking for a move to get some first team experience and your agent tells you ICT are interested in signing you. What do you do? You look up the club's website, social media outlets and probably the fans forum as well to find out a bit more about the club. As things stand, unless you were desperate, you would probably tell your agent you weren't interested. In order to attract the quality of players we need, the club must project an image of an efficient, progressive club with a positive sense of purpose and with a supportive fan base. As it is, the website and social media outlets give an image of a club in crisis. For instance, in the "News" section there is a choice if "Club" news or "Team" news. The latest "Team" news concerns the visit of the Krankies to the stadium in early July. News of new additions to the team are listed under "Club" news. And even then, the extent of any information about any of the new lads is just the absolute minimum. If the club announces it's new players to be world in such an amateur way, it is not going to make the club attractive to young guys looking to progress their careers. The lack of attention given by the Board to its social media outlets may well be preventing us from recruiting the very players who could help us turn our fortunes around. And it is not as though it is difficult to do. We may need to buy in some professional expertise to improve the website and to provide some training for staff in putting new stuff on (and removing when necessary), but website update would be a one off and not very substantial cost. A small proportion of Draper's transfer fee. Once that was done it would just require an hour or two a week at most for trained staff to keep on top of things. As for the Board members themselves, I appreciate that they may not have the social media skills themselves, but from their professional backgrounds each and everyone of them should know how important it is for the club to utilise social media effectively. They should all also be capable of drafting statements or tweets and making decisions in response to any events which happen, e.g telling someone with the IT skills to remove the picture of Ross Draper from the website. P.S. Having just had a closer look at the website, I note that the club hasn't even bothered to post any announcement at all about several of our new players. Welcome to ICT guys!
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    They will change it when they get round to announcing the pre season friendly with Clach.
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    The people from the Dark Side are poking fun at us Jock !! And all of a sudden we have become a feeder club But once again we have a transfer fee revenue and undoubtedly released the players on the highest wages. Where has that spondoolachs gone or are we going to spend some ? Jock - for many it is more about the ineptidude and amateurism of our Board. It is bad enuff being a laffing stock on the pitch. It is truly, truly embarrassing.
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    Bye bye I will stay and support ICT
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    Politics aside - they need to start using OFW and Raven. We ain't going to sell them as no one is looking at buying. They are being paid so use them.
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    Clearly you don't going by the above which in a way makes the comment worse. I don't normally comment directly like this as it may be construed as picking on someone but your initial post is in bad taste even if it was meant as a joke. More than one person pointed it out so just remove it please and don't antagonise the situation. Having first hand experience of this illness I don't wish it on anyone and it's certainly not something to be joked about.
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    I'm sure we'll get an announcement from the club in the coming weeks...
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    Sorry RIG but he had the power to say NO and if he had any football knowledge he would have done so. I honestly get the feeling that Foran took advantage of him. I think Hughes saw through him.
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    Whilst the standard of football wasn't the best, that game was definitely not forgettable. I will remember that game and the whole day for as long as I live.
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    Well put DD. We seem to have absolutely no idea how to negotiate contracts and, to me at least, too many were given on the strength of poor management decisions and for that the board, but especially the chairman have to take responsibility. I think the passage of time will show that Kenny Cameron's time as chairman was not the best in our history.
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    It was a long term agreement of £5K per week plus VAT. Almost identical to the bar bill at the Heathmount.
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    And when it does, maybe someone could write a book about it!
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    Interesting to see that you stance has softened over the last three days Jock! On Saturday, you were apparently definitely going to be off to Clach whereas you have clearly moderated that in the interim to merely "seriously considering" it. I must remember to forewarn my friends down at Grant Street of your threat. Have you always been grumpy or has this come on only since your relatively recent arrival on this forum, where the only item of non-negativity I can find among your 23 posts to date is the single word "Agreed"
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    Absolutely the guy conveniently walked away leaving us where we are today, bottom of the league and skint. His appointment of the untried Foran on such a lucrative deal was absolute madness one which will be haunt us financially for a couple seasons to come, if all is to be believed.
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    And get rid of that NAFF badge ONCE & FOR ALL - PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    With Draper and Tansey both gone this is make or break time for Liam. As you say, he has had plenty of opportunity to shine, but in the last couple of years he seems to have gone backwards. He now has a better than ever opportunity to show what he can do and playing at Championship level should also help. If he can't make a position his own this season, then I don't think he ever will.
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    It was Sherwood Forest. 5-0 to the trees, whose pace and mobility we could not match.
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    I'd be happy with a solid mid-table finish this season, with a relatively settled team to build on for next year. This has been a huge team turnover - new players, new manager, less money. We were unlikely to replace like with like. If John Robertson can settle the team down, get them playing together and keep us up comfortably, I'll take that as an acceptable season - not what I'd like, of course, but better than things look now.
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    It's all new at board level and at team level, let's give a bit more time before we hang them out to dry!
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    Too late for the board to resign now, the time for that was 8 months ago when it was obvious we were headed for relegation and they were doing nothing about it. They've got us into the mess we're currently in and they must stick around and get us out of it. Sadly though, I have absolutely no reason to believe they're capable of doing so.
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    I keep reading about demanding the current board resign. What is the plan then? Unless there is a credible replacement ready then how does this improve things? Don't get me wrong. There is little so far from the board which gives confidence about their ability to progress a strategy to move forward, however unless a better and clear Plan B exists it is simply a fact that we will have to give time for the current board to progress forwards and the reality is that the current team is not capable of challenging for the title this year (and unless new investment comes in this may sadly be the case for some time to come). It is easy to demand new investment but this needs a willing investor. Otherwise a bottom up rebuilding needs to be implemented and this will take time.
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    I think we need to lower our expectations, we are likely to be in the bottom rather than the top half of this league, JR needs time to bed in what is almost a new team, find a system that suits it and coach some of the bad habits out of players. I don't think the playing squad of any other side in this division has undergone the disruption that we have. I don't expect an instant return to the SPL we need to rebuild so that we have a team which can stay in the SPL and I doubt the current squad are capable of either.
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    How depressing, despite only 2 league games in. I'm coming round even more to the view that the whole set up is a conspiracy by the Board to take us back into the lower leagues because there isn't any money to sustain us at a higher level? It all seems to have started by telling Hughes there was no significant funds to kick on from our Cup win and 3rd spot in the Premier League. The way must be paved for Savage and/or McGillivray to return to the fold or we face oblivion.
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    On the positive side the steak Bridie was outstanding
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    Its positive that there is going to be a face to face opportunity and that given the negativity around at the moment the club/board haven't decided just to hide away and are pressing forward with this event. As posted above there are fans that live remote (with a ST) who realistically cant travel for 2 hours on a Monday night - are CJT having a presence? Is there a platform where fans who cannot attend can submit questions for consideration on the evening either directly or via fan groups?
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    Theyve overspent because we didnt budget for relegation!
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    Any official website has to up to date and accurate. Breaking news such as signings should be announced on site before there's anything near a media tip off. And any necessary changes regarding departures needs to be kept on top of. The process should be a statement and then have the media team remove any necessary material straight away. If anything pictures should be removed before the announcement is published. Getting new signing news via digging around secondary journalistic sources shouldn't happen.
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    The power to say no to what exactly? The managers signing targets? I think we'd all be a little concerned if the chairman of the club was involving himself in our transfer dealings and making decisions above the manager as to who was coming in or going out.
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    That's pretty well it, apart from the minor detail that Jock McDonald was the inaugural chairman for 15 months until May 1995 when he was succeeded by Dougie who was in office until February 2000. Irrespective of what people say about David Sutherland, without the Tulloch intervention of 2000-01 the club may well have gone bankrupt and without the Tulloch intervention of 2004-05 to provide the stands, goodness knows what its future in the SPL would have been. DFS once told me that Tulloch intervened to a total extent of £5.3M and this claim does stand up to the arithmetic. One intriguing revelation has been that Tulloch are proposing to "repatriate" the main stadium as well as the N and S stands to the club. The main stadium was what was handed over initially to the ICT Charitable Trust in 2001 as a quid pro quo for spiriting away that £2M+ of debt but it seems that a sequence of complex deals led to ownership eventually passing to Tullochs, as the real quid pro quo for really having taken up that debt. In his "pre-happy clappy period", before he found God on that legendary holiday to Damascus, Caley D used to give the club pelters on here over that deal, where Tullochs effectively paid off the debt. As for Alan Savage, Companies House records that Orion hold 275189 (precisely captain!) shares in the club. This is presumably what it cost Orion to fund Niculae for the time he was here. This has now been highlighted by today's revelation that AS, DMG and IMG have gone 3 ways on the Hospice shares - a revelation which, in conjunction with DMG announcing a bid for two directors, is bound to spark speculation about a possible power struggle. In that event, the biggest shareholding is the 729,500 of the ICT Charitable Trust. These are mainly or even entirely the original Tulloch uptake from the 2001 bailout which were donated to the Trust. The Trust is now effectively controlled by Muirfield Mills, who are currently also well represented on the Board. So add in Muirfield Mills' own 376,00 shares and they have a clout of 1.05 million. Against that, and with the 3 way split of the Hospice shares, Orion/"Savco" has 466,500 and the McGilvray family (inc earlier acquisitions) just over 487,000. So McGilvray + Orion/"Savco" comes to 0.954M. Then there are significant holdings such as Roddy Ross (170,000), George Fraser (51,000), David Sutherland (his personal shares - 50,000), David Cameron (100,000) and Graeme Bennett (29,000). Where their loyalties may end up isn't entirely clear (although in certain cases that WON'T be with McGil/Savco!!) and we also don't know who have acquired what we assume to be the 500,000 shares corresponding to the "new money" announced in yesterday's statement. This is all in relation to a total of 4.4M issued shares (the previous 3.9M plus the assumed new 500,000, but extendable to 5M) The total number of shareholders, many of them owning just a token 250 but others into the thousands, is around 530. As a result, any battle for control of Caley Thistle could become an interesting sequence of events involving a large number of fragmented parties.
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    Good start on the improved communication front by, erm, apparently not informing fans of this friendly v Nairn tonight.
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    How long do you suggest , bearing in mind this is the 6th competitive game of the season, plus the pre season friendlies. Sooner or later the lame excuses will have to stop and the management and players will have to take responsibility. Appreciate the league is only 2 games old but to be spanked by Dunfermline, bottom of the Championship and out of the League Cup before the start of August is totally unacceptable.
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    Hi Gentleman and ladies of course, i am exactly who it says on the side and i would be more than happy to answer all questions any fan of Inverness Caedonian Thistle would like to put forward to me to avoid any doubt over anything that you have been speculating over regarding fitness, tactics ,rumours ,assistants anything football orientated things you see as success or failure i am happy to answer whatever i can and you will be getting it straight from the horse s mouth so to speak.This will hopefully give you the real facts and truths behind my career to date should you so wish. Thank you Kind regards John Robertson
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    fed up of waiting for him to become the player some think he should be.
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    Forget letters to the Chairman and social media - this forum included - I think it's time for a good old fashioned open letter in our local rag. If the club doesn't respond to that then I think many of the loyal fans will walk away.
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    Rich and powerful people don't treat football clubs as charities, but as vanity projects and marketing exercises. Surely Roy MacGregor isn't the ONLY man in the Highlands with a wallet and ego big enough to want to call the shots at a Senior football club.
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    Can't really disagree with your summary apart from Mulreany who seemed to be in one of his "I'm not in the mood" performances. If he he moaned less and applied himself consistently he would be an automatic pick. The defence was shambolic and easily brushed off the ball. We needed a strong defensive midfielder to help break up the Dunfermline attacks but that's another story. Wedderburn did that job well for Dunfermline. I believe that every team needs a strong spine with a solid keeper, centre back, midfielder and striker. What have we got? A spineless team. it's going to be a very long season.
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    Sat 12 Aug 2017 Scot Premier D Imrie (Hamilton 3 - Dundee 0) SL 2 R McAllister (2) (Peterhead 3 - Elgin 0) Eng Championship F Morais (Millwall 1 - Bolton 1) S Winnall (Sheff Wed 1 - QPR 1) Irish Premier C Allen (2) (Ballimallard 1 - Glentoran 2) Highland League A Greig (Fort William 0 - Brora R 4) D Gillespie (Fraserburgh 4 - Rothes 2) S Soane (Keith 3 - Forres 5) M Finnis (Nairn 1 - Clach 1) Eng Northern Premier league L Cox (Farsley Celtic 3 - Coalville T 1)
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