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    This has probably all been posted before but We aren't having a bad season, we are having the worst season. Unless we have some sort of stunning turnaround we are relegated and relegated as one of the worst teams to play in the top flight of Scottish football in decades. Gretna, who were a bankrupt shambles in their top flight season, won five games. That's the level this team are at. Every area has been a failure: - Recruitment - Has Foran signed a player who has improved the team? I don't think he has. Maybe Billy Mckay but improving the team by signing him isn't exactly a managerial masterstroke. We have signed bench-warmers, who bat about Scottish clubs trying to find a good season to get a few more contracts. Guys like Brad McKay, Billy King and Henri Anier fall into this category. While watching the game the other night Billy King forced a corner and I said to my mate that his agent will be putting that in his highlights reel when he tries to get a new club - that's all these guys are interested in and that's how bad they are. We were starting Doumbaya in "must-win" games then we released him a day later, who is planning this? - Team selection - It's bizarre at times the sides that we are putting out. I think that Foran and his team are over-thinking things, trying to tinker because they are panicked at what is happening. In February we chanced upon a couple of good performances with a midfield trio of Polworth, Tansey and Draper but almost as soon as we found that we moved away from it. To drop Draper and Billy Mckay for a derby game and then complain that we don't have enough "nasty lads" is beyond belief. To make Vigurs captain is the same (we've got others just as bad as Vigurs btw). - Coaching - The players don't know what they are supposed to do on the pitch. What is this team's identity, how do we play, what are we trying to do? Do we want to pass it, are we direct, do we want to play on the counter? No-one knows. We don't have anything underpinning lobbing players onto the pitch and hoping it works out. This means the players don't have any confidence, it means they make mistakes, it leads to stupid decisions - the game on Friday we literally handed County three goals, the first goal and two penalties. Terrible decision making but what help and direction are the players getting? None. We have poor players badly set up and badly coached. - Organisation. I've heard that the day-to-day running of things on the playing side hasn't been great, that there's been problems with training and that all isn't well behind the scenes. We have a goalkeeper who lobs the ball in his own net every few weeks but we loan out our back-up keeper out without a clear option to recall him so are reduced to effectively bringing Esson out of retirement when we shell OFW out of the side for the second time this year? We have the worst season in our history, have directors resigning and the response is to bring back our former assistant manager as a coach? With five games to go when we are five points adrift? It's ridiculous. I'd be amazed if we sack Foran and it's dangerous times. If we go into next season with the same rag-tag squad on far less money, our crowds will reduce. If people think we are going to bounce straight back and go on a First Division tour then they need their heads examined. Dundee United were in a better situation this season and they are in no way guaranteed to come back up. I wouldn't be surprised for us to be nearer the bottom than the top of the First Division given our current form. I don't really have much hope even if we did sack Foran. Who are we going to bring in as a replacement? If we'd got rid a few months back we would've been a more attractive option than a lot of other clubs now we'll be a floundering Championship club with a reduced budget and a demoralised squad and fanbase. Best case scenario if he stays is that he shows a capacity for learning, we manage to keep together the bones of a competent squad and build on it. I'm not hopeful.
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    I see that Kenny Cameron has announced he's stepping down as Chairman. Personally I'd like to thank Kenny for his years of service and helping to give me some of the best football memories I have. I've met Kenny on many occasions and he was always a genuine guy who had time to chat and I've never doubted that he had the best interests of the club as heart. All the best in your retirement.
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    I suppose that Kenny Cameron’s resignation had a ring of inevitability about it after we were finally relegated. It’s a sad way to end a Chairmanship that delivered a degree of success that might never be bettered. Scottish Cup winners, League Cup finalists, Championship winners and UEFA league qualifiers. That’s a hell of an achievement for what, in anyone’s definition, is a relative football backwater. That all of this was done on the back of a small support and an almost complete absence of financial backing makes it even more noteworthy. I’ve read a lot on here in the past couple of days that bears no resemblance to the man that I know. Uncaring? I’ve witnessed the pain when things have gone wrong. Uninvolved? I’ve seen the tears of utter pride and joy at Hampden. Uncommunicative? Time and again I’ve struggled to get a word in edgeways. There’s a tale of someone fetching up at the stadium looking for a “tour” and being shown around by “this old guy”. Time and again he’s chatted to our mascots, patiently explaining about why we couldn’t sign Messi – at least not this week. He didn’t take a salary. This is not a man who didn’t care. As a former Chair of CJT, he helped us achieve things that we could never have done without his support. He was instrumental in getting funding to charter the trains that took our fans to the League Cup Final against Aberdeen. As far as I know, it’s not been repeated. Any initiative for pricing and ticketing, he always involved us. Sticking up for us against the League’s central belt bias? Every time. I know that Kenny was incredibly well regarded by others in the SPFL as someone who was both engaged and genuine and the club benefited from that influence. However, if things go wrong there are fewer more exposed positions to be in than a football Chairman or Manager and when change happens it’s usually sudden, unpredictable and pretty brutal. That’s where we are right now and why there’s been the amount of anger expressed here over the last few weeks and months. Mistakes have undoubtedly been made but now cool heads are required to identify a clear plan to take us back to the Premiership and this year – of all years – it’s achievable. There is no Rangers, Hibs or Hearts to mount a challenge against and the club will rise to the challenge with the support of all of us, including Kenny’s successor. On a personal note, Kenny was a stranger to me when I first met him through the club. I now count him as a friend and I’m a happy boy that we shared experiences from Glasgow to Bucharest. Enjoy your retirement with Christine. You’ve earned it.
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    Tonight's sale of Draper to Ross County has (hopefully) concluded the worst summer of the clubs entire 23 year existence. starting with relegation, we've seen the following. - We sack Richie Foran after the end of the season, which was the right decision but taken so late that the rightness or wrongness of it becomes secondary. Why persevere with someone for so long when he obviously wasn't good enough, suffer the consequences and then take action when it's too late? The fact someone with his history at the club was despatched with a two line statement was also a joke. - The club then reshuffles the boardroom, with a load of Inverniessian estate agents, solicitors and whatnot leaving and joining. No-one really has any idea who any of these people are, none of them have any experience at running a football club whatsoever. The only chink of light is appointing Danny MacDonald, who does know about this, as COO last week. - Following relegation we don't reduce season ticket prices and issue unbelievably arrogant press release about getting promoted as champions. The tin eared idiocy of this is made more apparent by subsequent events - we ask fans to stump up money to ensure we can cover costs but then release and sell our high earners? Surely someone must've realised how this would go over? The 'apology' afterwards is nothing either, don't get into situations where you have to apologise. - The club then embarks on the most nonsensical summer of PR idiocy its possible to imagine. The only way it could be worse is if Finlayson invited a few Japanese trawler boats to dock outside the stadium and slaughter some of the dolphins. First we get rid of stalwarts like Duncan Shearer by text message, then we adopt radio silence from our social media team, then when we get someone to man the Twitter account, they accidentally like filth and our club outs out the stupidest statement in our history about it. It's been said that lots of this stuff was done by volunteer but you could employ a 16 year old media student and they'd do a better job. - In between this we praise the candidates who applied for our job and were interviewed and then... appoint someone who didn't apply, hasn't worked as a manager in five years, hasn't been particularly successful at this level in 13 years and was shocked to get in. I hope he does a good job and he's at least a positive person but looking at things logically the odds are stacked against him. He's also working with people he hasn't brought in, no doubt due to cost, and will be under pressure very soon if we don't go on a run. The fact that he's already started slating the team and players doesn't bode well. - In terms of playing we've lost some stalwarts, as you'd expect, and replaced them with jobbers. Being absolutely honest about it we've signed raw youth players doing the trialist rounds, jobbers who've been released for being no good or guys who've most likely come from agents. We don't have a solid defender and we don't have someone to score double figures in this league. We also someone got into a war of words with an ex player managing a HL club that we have loads of links with over us trying to sign their best player and captain for no money. An utter embarrassment. i don't really mind about us selling players or who they go to, all players leave evenuslky and it's better to clear out players too soon than too late. Our squad was stale and under performing. It's the fact we are certain to sign utter useless jobbers to replace the players who've left that is really concerning. I don't think I've missed anything. I don't know if the board or the manager or the Chief Operating Officer wants to give us an update on what the plan is with all this but it's difficult to see where it's going. We don't have an identity as a team, we don't have a structure to ensure that we succeed as much as possible. We have made investment available but no-one is going to invest, apparently. Is this it for the foreseeable? As fans we need something to look forward to, more than a win against Forfar, although that's probably going to be as good as it gets these days, I just hope that at least somebody in charge at the club realises what a state we are in because it needs to change. We are more likely to leave this division down the way than up at the moment and if the people in charge don't get that then we are in for a hard few years until they do.
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    As part of that media team for a long time, I can safely say that without @CaleyD there would have been no media presence at the club and what you are getting now is what you would always have had - or worse. Another guy who took nothing out of the club - no pay, no freebies, nothing. Someone who drove the team all over the country in his own car, sometimes at his own cost. A guy who drove a clapped out club minibus to Charlton and back with @ANDYCAM. Someone who singlehandedly got the team progressing from written previews and reports to pre and post match video and then on to match coverage with commentary. Someone who occasionally bought equipment that was needed. Someone who put our club twitter account into the realms of national coverage and recognition and facilitated the main star of that twitter account into accomplishing things that he never thought he could. (In the spirit of the "stig", that bit will remain cryptic) Put the club and CJT's web pages together and maintained them. All of this was done in circumstances that were far from ideal, sometimes with little cooperation and appreciation and occasionally at detriment to his health. Of course, being club media, it was never our job to hold the players or manager to account. We were there to support and the MSM could do the other stuff. It has been difficult sometimes to see the carping and personalised rubbish written on here and directed by people who, if they had put in half of @CaleyDs effort would have made a real difference to the club and it's suppporters. Still, it's easier to snipe. As @Fraz says, sometimes you just don't know what you've got until it's gone. Thanks for a great experience Don. You'll be missed.
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    I'm as happy clapping as they come but I've not renewed mine (or my daughters) Early bird period is far too short not going into next payday so I can't afford it. It's even less appealing at the non EB price. Plus we have no manager, barely enough players, no vision for the future direction of the club or anything regarding investment. In fact no communication whatsoever aside from asking for money. Finally I can only reiterate what others have said regarding the price. To keep it the same price in a lower league with one less game, no derby or any big game is inexcusable. There should have been a £30 to £40 reduction. At the very least they could have thrown in the first home cup game but no. After a terrible season watching dross this is what the new administration come up with? Unbelievable. I love going to the football and have never not had a Season Ticket since I moved back from Glasgow nearly 9 years ago but I can't feel anything other than were being taken for granted on this occasion. Honestly feeling very torn at the moment.
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    The team should be holding their heads high after that result today. Not off to the best start granted, but then Stm were straight off the starting blocks and were pressing us heavily all over the park. We needed to settle and build the confidence and it never happened before the penalty was awarded. That could have easily killed off the game, but it never and the players still tried to match stm at every opportunity and did well to go in at HT 1-0 down. To have shown so much fight and then lose the 2nd would have broken many a team but we kept going, even against the absolutely ludicrous level of refereeing. I have never been one to slate referees too harshly, but in this case every insult thrown at him from the stands was completely justified. The guy was 100% biased and should be sacked for that performance. To not only fight back against a stubbornly good stm side and the referee from hell and secure a draw, we very nearly topped it off with a fine glancing header from young mckay that just a foot or do higher would have sent the TCS into chaos. Fantastic atmosphere and brilliant resilient performance from the players. Get the win on Tuesday and we jump back into 7th. Least we deserve. Ridgers was absolutely phenomenal.
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    Despite how it ended, we have a very great deal to be thankful to Kenny Cameron and, before him, David Sutherland for. Prior to those with Tulloch connections taking the helm, the previous regime under Doug McGillvray had almost run us into oblivion. We were over two and a half million pounds in debt, the bank had pulled the plug and had it not been for our famous cup win at Parkhead and the money from the two subsequent TV games against the Dons we would have entered administration at the very best or, at worst, been liquidated. Instead, under first Sutherland and then Kenny, we became a debt free established top tier club no strangers to national cup finals and still the only team north of Aberdeen to win the major cup tournament in the country. Yes, mistakes were made this season and probably last and, no doubt, with the benefit of hindsight, he would have done things differently but for that wonderful, unforgettable afternoon at Hampden alone he deserves our thanks and good wishes. The immediate future might be a difficult one but were it not for David Sutherland and Kenny Cameron there might not have been a future at all.
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    A very tough day yesterday. I want to thank everyone this season i have met up with had a drink with and went to games with. Been a long hard season but the crac has been greatno matter what. Amazing club with amazing fan's. Very proud to call myself a caley jag. Roll on next season so we can begin the fight back
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    What an extraordinary statement from CJT. CJT held an AGM on 5th December 2017. As is evident on a very lengthy thread elsewhere, very short notice was given for this meeting and many members received no notification. Due to the short notice, I was unable to attend but it seems as though the meeting was a shambles. I am not aware that CJT have issued any report or minute of that meeting but Caley D summed up his impression of the meeting by posting "Long and short of it.....the society is currently in abeyance due to having insufficient board members. An EGM will be held at some point in the future (no timescale was given) to rectify this and bring it back into proper operating order." In CJT's statement above there is reference to a Board meeting being held; that the Board is now up to 6 members and that this Board is now seeking 4 more members. But there is no mention of holding an EGM. Why not? The statement says "We need to know what’s important to you". I would have thought what is important to us is clear from the 6 page thread elsewhere on the forum. We want a supporters' body which is representative of the supporters, which actively works in the interests of the supporters and which keeps the supporters fully informed. Instead, we appear to have a self-appointed group who, over many years, appear to have done very little in representing supporters' interests, have consistently failed to communicate with the members and who appear to be acting unconstitutionally by simply ignoring what I understand was an unopposed call at the AGM for an EGM. The statement goes on to say "We are actively working to update membership records so we would like to encourage you to respond promptly." Just what exactly are people supposed to respond to? Is this supposed to mean that yet again members are expected contact CJT to tell them we are members? And if we don't, will we be deemed not to be members? The statement refers to a proposed meeting with Graeme Rae. Surely it is quite inappropriate for such a meeting to take place before the EGM takes place? It is vital that communication with the club on behalf of the supporters is carried out by people who have a remit from the supporters. It seems strange that after weeks of silence, this anonymous statement should appear so soon after Davie's recent post in which he stated that he would attempt to call an EGM with the aim of calling for the resignation of the existing Board membersand electing a new Board to take CJT forward. I will be interested to hear what progress Davie is making in due course. But one thing is clear. This mess has to be cleared up ASAP both to protect the voting rights and to give the supporters a genuine voice within the club. We have to have an EGM as soon as possible to establish a new Board to take things forward. That will provide a platform for the existing Board members to state their case and argue as to why they think they should continue in post. It will then be for the members to decide.
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    Well i enjoyed yet another memorable ICT away day. Those who i expected to see i met and saw. Nowt wrong with the atmosphere. As fer the game it was poor but both teams set up defrnsively. Loads of positives to me. Ridgers has cemented his place and really is a solid keeper. Donaldson was immense, Tremarco is the Duracell Bunny, Polworth ran his socks off as did Oakley and we appear to have unearthed a wee cracker in MacKay - simply has to be signed up - with sell on clauses - and given some real game time. We never looked troubled, defensively we kept it tight and shaped, thought we played some pretty stuff a times BUT as all season lacked the killer touch in the last third and lack of a proficient striker. We deserved to win. Our heads could have gone down after that deplorable penalty kicked but we kept to the age old adage of keeping going to the final whistle. Respect to the team and the loyal away support. Just need to get out of the play off spot and start planning gor nect season. Cant believe that so many are whingeing. To me it was a last gasp winner, just as stimulating and enjoyable as the Vincent clincher at Hampden - and giving most fans a well deserved, albeit wholly unexpected cup winning experience in the worst season in years. We are still alive and kicking and the only way is up dudes. Have a nice day ☺
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    Dougal is right when he says people have been warned time and time again. Previous incidents have led to this kind of discussion on numerous occasions. In all those discussions I cannot recall a single person ever suggesting our supporters should "sit quietly". Time after time, old "fuddy duddies" like me make a point of saying we love the atmosphere the lads create. If there wasn't a rogue element amongst them, I have no doubt that more youngsters would join in and the atmosphere would progressively improve. And the more people who join in the vocal support, the more likely others are to join in. Some of these youngsters don't seem to grasp the fact that engaging in the type of behaviour which occurred on Saturday could result in them getting a criminal record. That could then have serious implications for them when they start looking for a job. The club and us "fuddy duddies" don't want decent lads getting sucked into wrong kinds of behaviour with all the implications it may have for them. That is why the club's firm line is to be applauded. Nobody here is against the young crew. We are very much for them which is why they have been warned time and time again of the consequences of their behaviour. Stewarding may be heavy handed from time to time but you can hardly complain about stewards and police evicting people from the ground when a criminal act has taken place. And time and time again, when stewarding has genuinely been heavy handed, the "fuddy duddies" come to the defence of the youngsters and in some cases have personally intervened. It is rather sad to see that utterly pathetic statement which was posted above. If any of the lads involved in that group are genuine fans of the club they will not associate themselves with that statement. Genuine fans of this club will come and support it. Genuine fans who give great vocal support to the team will always be welcomed by the club and their fellow fans of all ages. It is only the tiny number of Idiots who break the law, who put their so called mates at risk of legal sanctions and who damage the reputation of our club who are not welcome. Instead of playing the victim, it is high time that the majority of decent lads stood up to the idiots and stood up for the club.
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    We're going to build a wall, a great wall to stop our players leaving. And County are going to pay for it!
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    Paul Gascoigne? Good Lord.
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    A sad day. After eight years living in England and getting to as many games as I could, tbis is my first full season as a season ticket holder for some time. What a year I picked! I've been at all home games except the two against Celtic (holiday and work prevented these) and to a few away ones. I don't think we are worse than many of the other teams, but we've lacked a consistent plan and line up. It is hard to pick consistent performers, apart from Tremarco and, perhaps, Draper. We know our strengths (Draper and Tansey bossing midfield) but too often did not build the team around that. Bringing Billy back should have saved the season, but the service he has had has been limited. I don't understand why Fisher was frozen out. He is a grafter, and while his finishing is hit and miss, I like his attitude. Others have failed to perform, or let their heads drop when times have been tough, and decisions have gone against us, but we have a squad that should have been mid-table. Since the St Johnstone game I have been resigned to our fate, and the loss today probably makes it inevitable. To hear that we only performed when 2-0 down says if all. I will miss only my third home game next weekend due to family commitments. What I would give for a miracle and a home play off game on the 28th, but I just can't see it. I will be renewing my season ticket, as I love the club and football, but I fear the worst next season, and just hope we can build a competitive squad that can get us back up. After two cup finals, two great days out at Hampden, bossing the derbies, a European adventure, albeit brief, this is tough to take, but we must still get behind the team for the last two games and hope for a miracle. Lets just hope we can bounce back and get more great memories. Yes, we have punched above our weight, and it was great, but we should be a Premiership club.
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    Polworth is the second best player we have ever produced through our own youth system and although, like much of the team, his form has dipped on occasion this season, he is always fully committed and the team tends to do much better with him than without him. Everybody is entitled to their opinion but I really don't understand the abuse that Liam gets from the stands and, far too often, on this forum.
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    The manager drove to York (370 miles), picked up Daniel MacKay (and Kieran Chalmers I believe) and drove back to Edinburgh (200 miles) where they stayed overnight before heading on to Perth (a further 45 miles.... all "ish"). Daniel was asked about it in his Sportsound post-match interview, where one of the questions was "so who got to choose the music on the way back?" to which the answer was "oh there wasn't any music because the gaffer talked all the time". Making that trip in advance of the stresses and strains of managing a team in a cup final shows quite a lot of commitment to tge job.
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    From the AGM it was generally agreed that Tulloch had provided in the region of £6,500,000 of "value" to the club over the years (not including any interest). I've not done the exact sums, but it was surmised that they had received approx £2,000,000 in rental income over the years....there's also been £300k of rent arrears written off and no rental for the past 12 months. That gives a net position of about £5,000,000 that Tullochs "paid" for the stadium & leases since 2001. The gift that has just been provided means the club will save 76 years worth of rent at £205,000 plus they asset has been valued at £2,300,000....total £17,880,000. Club will have £30k rent to pay per year (£15k to Common Good Fund & £15k for Car Parks)....over 76 years (and on the assumption we may have the car parks that long or need to pay for an alternative at similar rate if they are developed) that's a £2,280,000......the net "gift" value comes out at £15,600,000....on top of the £5,000,000 net investment by Tullochs from the last paragraph. Whichever way you want to cut it....that's £20,000,000 to the good for ICTFC....and I fail to see how anyone can continue to paint Tulloch as the bad guys. Some of you have been around this forum long enough to know that I did a lot of digging and questioning over the whole stadium ownership/lease deals for a number of years because I wanted to ensure that the debt would never come back to haunt the club. You may also recall that I made a statement (it may still be on this forum somewhere) that whilst I could not share information that I had been shown in confidence, I was happy to stick my neck out and state that the club's interests were being looked after and that the debt would not come back to haunt us. So this is as huge for me personally as it is for the club because a lot of people have questioned my credibility over the years as a result of that. Finally (for now at least...lol)....the work to bring the stadium ownership back to the club was started a long time ago and the offer was made public 12 months ago....so whilst the current board may have been the ones to finally sign off on it, credit has to be given to the previous Chairman and Board as they are actually the ones that made it even remotely likely or possible.
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    I cant help but think that a large number of the posters on here now are post merger and have become accustomed to on-going success and a guaranteed place in the top leagues. To me the last 24 years have been a total feckin mini-miracle. I followed Caley (OK Celtic as well) since I could walk. I have followed them all over the Highlands and wherever the cups took us. I always dreamed of being in the higher leagues and winning Cups!! In those Highland League days it was a case of away days with your mates, winning was a bonus and fortunately in the Highlands it usually was. You practically knew everybody around you at games or they introduced themselves to you. It was an extended family. What we have achieved is mind blowing. I will cherish every feckin minute - well at least the minutes I can remember or hadn't been chucked out I have met so many newbies and established so many great friendships. I HATED some of the SPL away days. They became boring. I actually looked forward to this season. I am worried but I still look forward to many away trips. We have made great unions with the likes of QOS and Dumfermline. I will be there even if we go down. I will be there next season and I will be there until my head is chopped off by another Immortal. The Away Day crew differs in numbers but it is still great craic. There is always a friendly face to have a dram or two with. Peeple are all trying to pinpoint blame. To me the club has been mismanaged over the last two seasons. So the damage has been done. This year to me is all about survival first and a sign of revival next. We are again a little fish in a big pond. We always were and always will be. I suppose that you will all now note that I am cheesed off with a lot of the negativity on here. Hopefully this may strike a note with some.
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    Loud, colourful and enthusiastic support is always welcome. However, the behaviour complained of is selfish, dangerous and criminally illegal whether in a football ground or elsewhere. There is no excuse for it or justification for defending it. Warnings have been issued before and ignored. The time has come for the perpetrators to be identified and punished. Brechin City were very hospitable to our fans on Saturday. A few abused that hospitality. That is not the Highland way. It's not the ICT way.
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    We use the small-ads section of local newspapers. "Desperately Seeking Zschusschen......."
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    I'm not sure I want to pay extortionate prices to watch a team managed by Gus McPherson or Maurice Malpas. The fact of the matter is, as I alluded to on the other thread - we might all care about the club but the club cares for us not a jot. We aren't valued fans, we're just a number and a customer. Your club doesn't care about you, they only care for your cash.
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    I already give over £300 per season for my season ticket with arguably limited value for money - why would I just give a charitable donation to a business? Giving hand-outs doesn't do anything other than encourage spending outwith your means which means in the future another hand out is needed. If my business cant run at a profit then it will fail - nobody will just donate me money, this whole idea that football clubs should be exempt from normal business practices including balancing of the books is a bizarre one.
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    There are plenty of other threads in which you can criticise him and the board......and have done so often enough. IMO it is rather ungracious to disagree with the sentiment of this particular one even if you feel that change at the top was needed.
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    I owe a lot of fellow posters a profound apology. You argued that there should be change in January to save our season and our Premiership status, I argued that Foran had potential and should be given time to put things right. I am so very sorry, you were all right and I was entirely wrong. Foran is getting worse as the season goes on rather than better, It's quite clear now that he can't coach, he is no tactician and he can't inspire and that he is never going to be capable of doing these things. His attempt this evening to heap blame on the players rather than take any responsibility himself was contemptible. The players are good enough for mid table. The manager has proved that he is not good enough for the Highland League. The fight for Premiership survival is lost. Nevertheless, we can't drift for the rest of the season. Foran needs to be gone by Monday either of his own volition or at the hands of the increasingly discredited board. This season is lost and was a complete shambles. We need now to get someone who can manage in to start preparing for life in the Championship to give us any chance at all of recovery.
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    There was a lot to take in and Barry Wilson was chipping in too so between them both they touched on .squad size too big, no opportunities for U20's, players wages structure, lack of proper scouting network, concern in youth for about job security, players signed without someone looking at them, an SPL club selling merchandise out of a portakabin, no crowd bounce despite cup win, Foran saying he "needs men" - Charlie rubbishing that and saying we need committed footballers. "Defending is the easy bit of the game". RF wanting a team of 11 RF's. Lack of a team shape, trying to play with a no 10 using players who aren't no10's. Losing the dressing room. Not investing transfer windfalls. What was going wrong tactically on the night. Comparison with slicker club operation at County. Some fans having unrealistic expectations. Recognition of Roy McGregor and plea for ICTFC benefactor to step forward. I sensed he was as angry as the rest of us. There was just no doubting his passion for club and disappointment. Really was a must listen.
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    We were excellent today, thoroughly deserved the win and it probably should've been more. We appear to have stumbled on a formation and style that works, or it has the last two weeks anyway. We built on the performance against Falkirk and improved on it. We set up in a pretty standard 4-4-2, relatively flat in midfield with Chalmers left and Mulreany right. Vigurs and Polworth sat in the middle in front of the the same back four as previously, including returning hero Donaldson. Up front we had Baird and Bell. United had a few chances early and forced Ridgers into a reflex save from a shot (didn't see who hit it) and then we had to scramble clear from within the six yard box after a prolonged stramash. After that we really took over and started having an impact in an attacking sense. Baird and Tremarco missed headers and we had a few other openings before opening the scoring. Following a corner the ball was headed clear to Vigurs who shot in from the edge of the box. We then doubled our lead with one of the best goals I've seen us score in years. A United attack broke down around our 18 yard box and we broke with a little dink into midfield from Donaldson (I think). We then moved the ball quickly through midfield and released Mulreany with a weighted through ball. Mulreany rinsed the left back for pace and drove into the box, where he hit a driven low cross that Connor Bell drilled in from a couple of yards. It was a ******* belter, everything about it was perfect, the passing, the pace, the finish. When Mulreany got the ball I said to my mate that this would be goal of the season, I can't imagine us scoring s better one this season. We had a couple of other breaks which could've lead to goals in the first half, Mulreany, Baird and Bell all had opportunities. Into the second half and we again sat strong and broke, with Mulreany probably having the best chance when he was pit right through but didn't shoot quickly enough. Donaldson also had a header that he put over but should've got on target. United, oddly, played with their centre half Durnan up front from an hour but that had zero impact, I don't think a single chance came from it. There were a couple of set pieces that Ridgers had to save but weren't really threatening. It was nervy for the fans because we've been so bad but looking back, we cigar'd it in the second half. Overall, we were excellent. Vigurs was at the heart of everything, he ran the midfield. He has been superb this season, strolling though games and dominating possession. He can switch the play but it's the way he plays little passes to create space, flicks round the corner of players and turns with the ball that makes him so effective. He really has been a class act and is the heart of our team. Defensively we have somehow become settled and solid. Having two experienced full backs in Tremarco and Raven is a help but Donaldson has been a rock the last two weeks, defends well, no nonsense, quick and good in the air. He clearly loved getting that win, going by his celebrations at the end. He looks like being a real find. Up front Baird and Bell aren't likely to be prolific but the way they pull defenders about, hold the ball and make runs is vital to creating the space for our chances. Mulreany has kicked on in the last two weeks, another confidence filled game today, including an actual assist, miracle of miracles! Second week in a row he dominated the full back and his end product was better. Great stuff
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    Want to say a Hugh Thank you to Lady F. She has very kindly just called me and told me she has a programme for me and she is sending it free of charge. I am blown away with her kindness. She is a true fan and a special lady. Wish there was more people in the world like this. I promised I would donate money to charity on her behalf and post the receipt on this forum. Thank you again.
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    There's possibly only one thing that saddens me more than the anti-social behaviour in question and that is the apologists who seem to be queueing up in support of a bunch of troublemakers who have been creating well documented problems for a considerable period of time. My main regret here is that there wasn't a more pre-emptive strike on this months ago. For goodness sake, these wee neds have been a thorn in the flesh of this club for long enough in addition to causing offence under the law of the land and that of the football governing bodies. The law has been broken, other supporters' match day experience has been repeatedly spoiled and, especially during the lengthy period of inaction, Inverness Caledonian Thistle has had a bad reputation for anti-social supporter behaviour forced upon it. This problem needed sorted and now some action has at last been taken. Defending these people on the grounds that they make some kind of virtuous noise is absurd. Football is a sport and not a dustbin for social malaise. Meanwhile the irony of the whingeing we are now reading about club statements is palpable. Complaints about lack of communication and board inactivity have been loud and long. However the response of some to the far more proactive and forthcoming board policy seen of late appears to be to complain about that as well.
  31. 10 points
    Petulant and immature. Grow up children and continue to do what you do best by supporting the club loudly and enthusiastically but when you have overstepped the mark as some of you did on Saturday for goodness sake learn the lesson and don't give the likes of CB and others the opportunity to ridicule you. You can do much better than that and have done in the past.
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    Whilst we obviously need to recruit to supplement our now wafer thin squad, in my view, the most important thing is to retain Ross Draper. In what is likely to be a physical and combative league, his presence could be the difference between challenging for promotion and battling relegation. Yes, he is likely to be on a high salary by our standards but to shed him would be a false economy.
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    I heard Robbo on Sportsound yesterday and was very impressed by what he had to say .He spoke with a lot of passion and determination to do well .Has been over the border looking at a couple of new signings but didn't give anything away to jeopardise that . Apparently although he hasn't managed for five years it's not been for the want of offers ,but the right one came up last week !! Spoke highly of our fan base of loyal fans although not huge but hopes that will change . It felt like the backbone is evident once more . Personally I can't wait for season to start and wish him every success and hope he can do the necessary for us . Go Robbo !!!!!
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    Sheerin won the Development League in 2016. Also, please put some clothes on.
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    Absolutely pathetic. We've got ten outfield players and no manager. We haven't announced anything about players to be released or retained or anything. But we put out a press release saying that we are keeping Premiership prices in the Championship with a line like that in it. We aren't in a position to be arrogant. I understand that we probably need to keep those prices but FFS, at least sugar coat it with some sort of positive announcement.
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    Sorry about the late post but been working flat out. Luckily I was in Perth on Wednesday and Thursday so a nervous journey along the A90 turned in to the best away day I've had since the 3-0 at Dingwall last season. The fans were fantastic from well before kick off, probably the most vocal and supportive other than the cup semis and finals, even giving Foran support when he came out. Even before Mckay's early goal, he was unlucky a charge down just went wide, and to get a quick second was brilliant. The team then kept their composure, created a number of decent chances, and kept possession better than in recent times. For my money, the best 90 minute performance I have witnessed this season. Esson was steady, Mckay did well at right back, with Raven very good at left back, also adding cover to Warren and Laing at times. Warren and Laing bossed central defence. In midfield, Vigurs was immense, perhaps a bit lucky to just be booked, but had composure, urgency and passion. Draper was back to his old self. Tansey was up for it. Polworth had some good moments, whilst also covering Raven regularly. Fisher worked hard and took his goal well, but was out on his feet by the time he was subbed. Mckay took his goal well, pressed the Dundee defence and was probably also tiring when subbed. I thought Anier worked hard and put himself about, but he is not Mckay class, whilst McNaughton and McCart were put on to ensure we kept out Dundee late on. The players were all up for it, the crowd was fantastic. We need the same team and a large noisy support tomorrow. It's still a long shot, but at least we have a chance, however remote. Its my wife's birthday tomorrow and I was originally not going. She is now having lunch with her sister and I am now going. Wednesday was a great night, can we do the impossible? I don't know, but I will be backing the guys 100% regardless of what happens. If it does not go our way tomorrow, let's give the players a long standing ovation at the end. If many leave, they leave us memories of several seasons none of us dared dream about. Two finals, one cup win, three top six finishes, a trip to Europe. They deserve our appreciation! Come on Caley Thistle!!
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    Scottish football's three major competitions all being sponsored by bookies is kind of like waving a double whisky beneath the nose of an alcoholic. It has been clear for some time that betting is endemic within football and its following to the extent that it has long since developed into the problem described. So what do the governing bodies do? Have bookies as their three main competition sponsors. Clearly these bookies are sufficiently cynical to identify a series of cheap sponsorship deals which, on the other hand, carry a disproportionate market exposure for them with this kind of access. Without scruple, they exploit this to the absolute maximum and with as little regard for the wreckable lives they are getting a cheap hotline into as they have for how many shops they open in poor and vulnerable areas like the Merkinch. If you are in any doubt about what a sinister influence bookmakers are, drop into the Merkinch charity For The Right Reasons in Grant Street and speak to Richard Burkitt.
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    Can we now banish the 'Pride of the Highlands' logo now please it's just adding to the embarrassment? Thank you.
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    Please use this thread only for the important matter of the CJT Special General Meeting. The off-topic PC debate has been split out and moved to General Nonsense.
  40. 9 points
    An anonymous post, with no details, a 'board' composed of 6 unidentified people, and a vague promise to put things right, whilst appearing not to have a clue who the members are of this organisation. What is your remit to make any announcement at all, and who do you represent? Not the supporters because they have no way of knowing who you are or what you intend to do, especially as they have been shut out and ignored for months, if not years. The whole thing needs scrapped and reformed, with open, identifiable people answerable to their members and supporters. I expect another two to six months of complete silence. Graeme Rae will throw you out on your ear, quite rightly, until a responsible, professional organisation is established.
  41. 9 points
    Daniel Mackay's goals per minutes played ratio is sensational by the way. Deserving of a start?
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    The absolute state of some of our fans being happy for Draper. He's moved to our rivals. Even worse he's forced a move to our rivals by demanding a transfer. At a time when you wanted the leaders in the team to take the bull by the horns and try and lead the team to something resembling a promotion fight he's jumped ship to Ross County of all teams. and folk say they're happy for him!? Aye, okay then. As renegade says it's not like he was struggling financially or anything unless he's been taking gambling tips from Lewis Horner. As far as I'm concerned, thanks for your effort for the last few years but that's it. I don't wish him well at all. Can't help but feel if the board showed some balls and punted Foran after Accies romped to that 3-0 win we might not be in this situation.
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    Whether Drapers stays or not, this is the most radical overhaul of the squad we have undertaken in our history in a single close season. Very different from the last time we were relegated and retained our management and very nearly the entire first team squad including the prolific Adam Rooney. I hope that fans will bear that in mind and be patient without getting on the players backs early in the season if we do not get off to the best of starts. I would anticipate that it could take six to eight weeks at least for this new team with a new manager and a different style of play to gel and find their collective feet. We need to give this team at least until October before even beginning to pass judgement.
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    The communications from the club have been pish for years, the club statements are poorly written, aren't clear and in many cases are actually infuriating. Things like the statement about Greg Tansey when he was targeted by Aberdeen, the bizarre statement when Hughes left, the fact that we were publicising a "one course meal and pay bar" for the Champions League final minutes after we were smashed by our local rivals. That's continued in this close season. A perfunctory statement detailing that Foran is leaving, a few puff pieces about the new board and then worst of all the announcement of season ticket prices. If the statement on season tickets had been thought through even for a couple of minutes then it would've included an acknowledgement that some fans would be disappointed at the prices but that the club need to maintain them to allow us to challenge then people might have come around to it. As it was there a single, throwaway sentence about the prices. You don't need to be a communications genius to anticipate what the reaction will be to something and try to head it off at the pass, as it were. When you look at clubs like Hearts and Hibs who have focused on communications from the board and club, it's night and day for us and it doesn't have to cost money. The updates Hearts issue from Ann Budge, the way Leanne Dempster has had an impact at Hibs - this is a cultural change and it doesn't have to cost money. Since the board talked about appointing a general manager, the role has been discussed as something like having a 'football man' on the board, like Malpas or Butcher. I think the role needs to be more than that, needs to encompass how the club engages with the fans, with sponsors and local businesses, with government agencies, with the wider community. A big part of that is having someone with overall responsibility for this and the GM could do that. I'm sure Don did lots for the club without pay and the YouTube stuff is excellent. The Twitter account was engaging and responded well to queries rather than just pushing out links to the website, which is a lot better than most clubs official Twitter accounts. I do think that perhaps the club have taken advantage of him a bit if he's been doing all this without pay though and there's surely someone at the club now who can operate a Twitter account to send out the latest fixtures? It's almost passive-aggressive to just not do anything.
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    W/regards to Foran - I have no clue and as previous posters have said, we will never know in detail as it is confidential business information. You might be able to jump to a semi-valid conclusion if you pore through next year's accounts and compare staff costs or other categories, but the information is not going to be made public ... never has before and never will be in future .... W/regards to Kenny Cameron : He retired. end of story. no payoff there. To be honest, I am getting quite sick of the attacks on his character in multiple threads. Those that know him know he is a polite, soft-spoken, honest and genuine guy, who always had time to talk to any fans who wander into the stadium and ask for a chat. He is also a man who cares deeply about ICT and its fans (I have watched him go to bat for the 'kids' in the north stand on more than one occasion when he was a director and not yet chairman and those kids were getting hassle from overbearing stewards) and under his stewardship we did maintain our spot in the Premiership (until this year), won the Cup and got into Europe. Did he make a mistake with RF? Yes he did, and with the benefit of hindsight I am sure he would tell you the same thing ... although at the time (almost) everyone seemed happy with the natural progression that fans had talked about for years with Richie foran moving into the manager's chair. He might not be everyone's idea of a 'football man' but he has been around the club for almost as long as it has existed in various roles. He has put far more into it than he has ever taken out (like most current or former directors and chairmen). Did he get a financial benefit from ICT? Depends how you look at it .... the cynical would say yes and damn the details, but to my knowledge he is (or was) not pulling in a wage, but like many who have preceded him (and likely those that follow him) he has claimed reasonable expenses from the club for going about the job of chairman. You want to rip off a football club? or get rich running it? .... then you dont pick a perennial loss making team like ICT where every penny is watched ... and anyone who thinks differently is living in cloud cuckoo land !
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    I too am horrified at the lack of consideration by the Board in setting these prices. What a cheek they have asking for Premier League season ticket prices to watch a lower league product. This is nothing to do with fans loyalty and lots to do with the Board's total disregard for the paying public. They fail completely to understand that fans do not have a endless supply of funds to allocate to their Saturday fix. I have now decided to give up one of my two tickets which I have held since the stadium opened, and was effectively a donation. No manager, no team, no football presence on the Board and a crass statement accompanying the price sheet does not equate to a rush to buy tickets.
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    Where is the mouthpiece CaleyD ? He seems to have gone into hiding .
  49. 9 points
    Whilst many of us would have wanted Foran to leave weeks or even months ago, I think your last few words about Foran are totally uncalled for and not worthy of a member of this forum. Also, is it just me or do any others feel that writing a rant like that with no correct punctuation is at best laziness, or at worst , an indication of illiteracy?
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    I will stay out of the ethics or morality debate and just say this ......... to be fair ... only the most rose-tinted of glasses wearers would bet on us to win this year .... !!!
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