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    I like John Hughes, I always have, even before he was our manager. He seemed like someone you could have a laugh and a joke with and had a wicked sense of humour. However, lets indeed talk about reality deniers and note that it has been well documented that JH did not operate on a shoestring. He had the largest budget of any manager in our history. I would say he used that budget wisely and got results as you have noted, but it was definitely not a shoestring ! However, two things soured his relationship with the club . The first was when private discussions about the next years (reduced) budget were conducted in the media and the second was his reaction to the club's refusal to let him speak to Dundee Utd after Jackie McNamara's departure. This led to irreconcilable differences between club and board. He was not some innocent party here. There was enough blame to go around. In my mind, we got two things wrong at that time, and with the benefit of hindsight I am sure you could ask Kenny Cameron and he would agree now. The first was refusing to let him speak to the Arabs. If our manager - any manager - wants to speak to another club then let them ... and don't let the door hit them on the way out ! If they are not committed to ICT then they can go. The second was appointing Richie. Every single one of us wanted Richie to succeed but Kenny showed too much loyalty in the end by not sacking him earlier, and that hurt us big time. I appreciate what JH did for us when he was here, but lets not erect the statues or canonise him just yet ! As for blowing opportunites to run the club succesfully ... I disagree. We have had several opportunities over the years, starting with Pele, and it could be argued our current manager kick-started our golden era in the 2003/04 season when we first got to the SPL. If you recall he had to fight tooth and nail to get our board moving and for the SPL to let us in, and had he not taken up the offer from Hearts - which I believe was the only team that could have lured him away at the time - then who knows what our history might have been ......
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    He certainly has experience in a number of roles at various clubs, and has been in discussion with us for a few weeks. Might be good for both parties - new challenge off the beaten track for him and a fresh appraisal of the situation we are in. Over the years we have been a happy hunting ground for players and managers to come here and prove themselves - perhaps mr Gardiner will do likewise.
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    I’ve said on here before, and maybe the club have tried this and I’ve missed it, but I often wonder about maybe making hospitality a bit more informal from time to time. Instead of sit down meals and bars what about having some local butcher come along and cook up some burgers, have some fun kids activities indoor or outdoor, meet the players / manager before / after the game and make it just a bit more of a thing for every age of fan. Younger fans can play some football with their pals, meet their heroes and get some food, older fans can chat with players, have a drink and also get some food. I’m surely over simplifying things and perhaps I have missed similar events in the past but just thought it’s worth mentioning regardless.
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    Lizi - Can you provide more details about the handbag. It may have been left in the CEO's office.
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    For goodness sake give him a fair chance before carping and criticising. He can't possibly be any worse than his predecessor.
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    Let's give him the benefit and wish him all the best for the new role. Perhaps he can be "the one"
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    At our level it's all about loyalty. As soon as we become successful, our managers tend to be lured away by bigger clubs who can offer better wages and conditions than we can. Are we all so loyal to our employers that we would reject an offer from a rival employer which doubled our wages? I think not, so we have no right to criticise an ICT manager who takes up a better offer. Sadly that is our current position - bring in a manager we can afford, encourage him to succeed on a shoestring budget, and if he does, then he soon gets snapped up by a bigger club, and we're back to square one. As for loyalty, well I don't think we'll get much better than the current incumbent. He's been here before, been lured away, and eventually, for various reasons, come back. Somehow I think he'll be with us for a good while yet and so I'm optimistic about the next few years.
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    I quite like the early kickoff and late kickoff times. If anything let’s boycott the 3pm games which interfere with your afternoon and evening plans.
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    Good to see an appointment who has no links to existing or previous board members. Will hopefully have lots of ideas and contacts to generate new income / investment for the club. Time will tell if it is a good appointment but he has far more experience than our previous CEO (and the board). Lets back the guy rather than looking for reasons to dismiss him before he has started.
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    ... the successful 25 years you are quoting DD relate ONLY to FOOTBALL and not to infrastructure, business model or finances. "expectation that his contribution to the club pays his way and makes a positive contribution to the club's balance sheet." Yes this is essential and must be monitored closely and regularly He must also evaluate everyones jobs to see if they are absolutey necessary because financially we can't carry passengers.
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    Realistically, they ended about three months ago.
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    Some have questioned whether a club of our size actually needs a CEO. My answer to that is that it all depends on whether the club wants to grow and compete at the top level of Scottish football or whether we are content to be an average 2nd tier side with more chance of going down than up. The separation of the day to day management of the club from the strategic oversight of the Board is an important one. It allows those doing the day to day work to be properly accountable to the Board in a way which is not possible if Chairman and other directors are taking the responsibility for managing their own strategy. That works fine for a small, part time enterprise but not for a business where there is work going on on a number of fronts. I feel pretty positive about this appointment. Scot Gardiner brings a wealth of high level football experience to the club and, to me, his appointment demonstrates some considerable ambition on behalf of the Board. Not only does he have high level relevant experience to do the job and help other staff in doing theirs, but that experience should be invaluable to the Board in providing advice and information which will help the Board in formulating the strategic aims of the club. Of course, Mr Gardiner's appointment will not come cheap and we are a club in a difficult financial position. There will, therefore be an expectation that his contribution to the club pays his way and makes a positive contribution to the club's balance sheet. Hopefully ,as a football man, he can earn the trust and respect of those associated with the club in a way in which the previous CEO unfortunately could not. If he can, then this may well be a pivotal moment in the club's development. As we celebrate a successful first 25 years of the club, I sense the club is developing a more business like approach to the business of football. Of course we want to spend more money on the footballing side of things, but without a solid business structure embedded in the community the club simply won't generate the resource to do that.
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    Don't always agree with you caleyboy but you are spot on for this. Give the guy a chance before making some of the ridiculous comments already posted on here. As for paying £35k for players Satan, our gates and finances dictate that we shouldn't even be paying that. Where do we find the money to spend more as you appear to be suggesting. I do really despair about some of our fans understanding of the economics of the football environment that ICT operate in.
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    My views on this topic are very similar to Kingsmills but I sincerely hope our selection process was robust and our new CEO succeeds where others have failed. Good luck (I think you will need evry bit of it).
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    It would only be the teams who finish 3rd and 4th that would play 6 games in the quarter final the winner plays the 2nd place finished in the semi and the final against the 11th placed premiership side. Looking at Dundee st mirren and Hamilton they are there to be taken.
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    I'm sure there's some humor and sarcasm in your reply but I think Gringo's post was for information and purely tongue in cheek at the end. Ross Co*nty and Ayr don't concern me, their results can be anything, I'm more interested in our own and putting Dunfermline out of sight in order to get a play-off place. Most of our feet are on the ground but there's nothing wrong with dreaming a little once in a while.
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    £700 per week plus bonuses sounds pretty good to me.
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    Came across this today. Wee bit of fun https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/inverness-caledonian-thistle/1457190/quiz-how-many-of-these-caley-thistle-championship-winning-players-can-you-name/
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    The Dundee story shows two sides to the man. Sounds like he had good points and bad points in his time there. I will reserve judgement and form an opinion based on what he does, not what he did - or did not do - in past roles. I still question whether we actually need or can afford a CEO at the moment though ......
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    Nice handshake there...
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    This isn't fair at all. His role at Rangers was as Commercial Sales Manager, so he'll have had nothing to do with their admin/liquidation. He joined both Dundee and Hearts after their spells in adminstration.
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    Satan and Gregor up a tree K I S S I N G 😍
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    Cove in the highland league for a normal league match charge £75 +VAT (£100) for the same product.
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    Come on wynthank you can still get a ticket and come along when you stay so near........you will miss seeing us beating Hearts
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    Much of what you say is true but boycotting matches is effectively abandoning the team and will only make matters worse.
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    Yes, as I say starve them out. If we don't make a stand now there wont be a game in 10 years. Do you realise that between the time Rangers were relegated to the 2nd season after they returned the prem lost 500,000 supporters? That's with all the best supported clubs allegedly back in the division. Look at our own Chairman's comments regarding our financial position and lack of support. Change is needed and getting rid of the incompetents at the head of the sport is the first step. I am not suggesting people stop supporting their teams only boycotting matches where the support is being messed about due to the SFA's vested financial interest. These people have no interest in the game only their own financial survival, it's time to root them out and I feel the sacrifice will be worth it if others join the bandwagon and refuse to be taken advantage of.
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    Do you just copy and paste the same stuff about Hughes whenever you get the chance? It certainly seems like it.
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    What seems to be slipping through the cracks here is that the ICT and Hearts support is being forced to attend at these ridiculous kick off times due to the SFA's enforced blackout period between 2.45 and 5.15 only because the SFA want to get their pound of flesh from the TV rights which they hold and can't sell for a later kick off due to their own rules. In other words everybody has to turn up early so that the SFA can get their cut on the TV rights. This game could have gone ahead at 3.00pm without TV coverage. I have said it before on other related topics we should boycott the matches where the SFA insist on stupid kick off times to circumvent their own rules and collect on their TV rights, ruin their TV spectacle, we need only do it once ( and advertise it) and they will get the message, no opposing fans means no spectacle, a dead atmosphere and a poor viewing experience. I live within 15 minutes of Hampden but I will not be attending nor will I be putting money in the pockets of those who are unfit to run OUR game be it local or national. I suspect many of our national supporters will be doing the same, starve them out.
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    I’ve been to many away games over the years when numbers attending were low. However ICT away fans make up for lack in numbers by enthusiasm and voice - everyone joins in the singing, chanting, clapping and, if drums there, even better. A few fans can sound like umpteen times their number if they’re vocal. That’s why home fans are not heard - so far away in North Stand and Main Stand so silent. No wonder the away games are more enjoyable for the fans AND the team. Let’s all be VERY vocal at Hampden. It makes such a difference.
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    Let's hope I am wrong ...
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    Might want to start recruiting for AFC Inverness CT when we restart life in the Inverness and District League...
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    Quote from the 2nd para of the article: "So we came back to three things - employ someone who can implement a certain style of play, be open-minded in the transfer market and promote young players from within. In appointing the head coach, that person had to fit in with those three things. Daniel (Farke) has been brave enough to play homegrown players and make them better and as a club we have given him support in doing that because it’s one of our criteria for success." I seem to recall we had a manager that fitted the above description but folk didn't like it so we fired him and appointed a rookie with no football management experience, philosophy or style. Reinventing the wheel may be good fun but it's not productive, the past three years of torture could have been easily avoided by sticking with JH's style of football throughout our teams. The reality deniers on here will try to justify JH's removal because he wasn't good at this or that but the fact remains we finished 3rd in the premiership qualified for Europe and won the SC on a shoestring, it could have been the start of something brilliant and success attracts players who want to play for your club especially when they are getting good money moves elsewhere by performing well but no, the board had to exercise their authority, appoint their favourite son, supported by at least 50% on this forum, so please, no more plans about how to run a club successfully especially one with no money, we had it and we blew it, end of, that opportunity has passed us by.
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