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    Glad the club did at least make an offer. Although I think we all knew it would have to be on reduced terms. Also fully understand why this wouldn't work for David. He's been an absolute legend for ICT and will go down permanently in our history as one of the best. Club stalwart who can comfortably be mentioned in same breath as likes of Tokely, Munro, Golabek, Duncan etc. Players who always dug deep for the cause.
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    In my previous job and current job if I don't get mandatory 12 hour rest between shifts by law I am deemed unfit to commence my shift on safety grounds (fatigue). So I completely understand why he's asked for the postponemt you can't be expected to produce your best performance after a 14 hour journey insufficient rest and insuffiecent food and fluid intake. The body just won't work as it's intended to it's basic physiology. In both Robbos pre and post match interviews he clearly says Ian Blair asked the question of Queens about postponing and their chairman refusing the request. Queens are just as culpable for the farce yesterday as much as the SPFL.
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    David Raven a gentleman and a scholar. Epic contribution to caley thistle. Wish him and his family all the best for the future. Respect.
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    Great servant to the club he may have been, but it can't be right that he gets to take supporters' children when he leaves???
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    A couple more. As others have said above, I'd like to express my personal thanks to 'the rave' . That semi-final left-back to right-back goal is something I'll remember forever!!!! We're probably seeing the end of an era with his exit but he'll never be forgotten. Honourably and thankfully, unlike others , he's not whoring himself over the bridge. Cheers Dave and all the best.
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    Scarlet... I think the major factor here is the SPFL, through Ian Blair, refusing the request for the postponement. I am not clear as to whether Blair at any point left it to the two clubs to decide, but if so, he is merely acting as a latter day Pontius Pilate. For me, the defining quote was what Robbo said in the last answer in his interview on Sportsound with Richard Gordon just before 2:30 where he pointed out that this request had been refused while Rangers and Celtic are free to get postponements simply in order to organise lucrative early season friendlies. If ever further confirmation was needed that Scottish football is being run for the benefit of two clubs - and in consequence failing - this is it.
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    Bizarre comment, unless you care to explain?
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    Week in week out David earned every penny of his wages, can that be said of all the staff? ......no ransom demand there, just realism on his part.
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    They didnae do me a favour - that fekkin late winner screwed up my Naps league bet!!!
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    Something rather awesome about a team that got relegated rather badly, faced all sorts of upheaval over the summer, with a large turnover of players with a lot of newcomers of perhaps questionable pedigree (by that I mean experience and quality) having had a terrible start to the season, and earning strong criticism from fans, questioning both players and managers competence, now completing 9 shutouts out of 10games (with the one loss aided and abetted by incompetent officials)...with the latest after a horrendous journey down. if there's such a thing, this season is becoming a bit of a mini epic, one that makes me proud to consider myself an ICT supporter. By coincidence my other team also earned a battling draw after a difficult journey away, but just a mere 2 and half hours stuck on a train in the cold and dark!
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    Don't think anyone who's had to work for a living would be very sympathetic to Robbo's argument for having the match postponed. I think it's more likely a bit of psychology. Anyway, Robbo as manager continues to impress. I don't think promotion is out of the question yet!
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    Yes and obviously making up for being deprived of food and liquid during yesterday`s traffic delay. A long enough journey without what happened. I also agree with Robert's comment above about the A9 dualling taking too long. I can't see it being completed in 2025 despite what Scottish Ministers believe.
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    I hope we find out the reason for the Board of Q. of the S. to act as they have done. It may be legal and acquiesced-to by the wonderful SFA, but clearly the element of compassion and common sense is entirely lacking on both parties. Was it therefore money that motivated Q of the S? Or WHAT? Of course the situations with Rangers and Celtic need not be used as a comparison because when dealing with these two pampered clubs we all know that their interests, at all times, are first and foremost in the minds of the SFA and a few others. I'll bet your bottom dollar that had any one of these two clubs been involved instead of ICT, the request for a postponement in these circumstances would have been granted by all at the drop of a hat. And, lest we forget, ICT have been the daring upstarts who had the will and the way, against all odds, to take the Scottish Cup away from more deserving clubs don't you know? If more people like John spoke out like he did there would be less crappy behaviour in the world, and more kindness and consideration and more happiness. As for John Robertson, to be perfectly frank I think in view of the terrible ordeal the whole team had to suffer in so many ways he was remarkably restrained. He stuck to the facts and did not introduce hyperbolic histrionics. He just told it how it was and well done for speaking out John, I say. You have my vote anyway.
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    When I heard about the eight hour delay, I feared the worst, but well done to all involved today. Judging by the BBC text commentary, there was little between the teams, so if the travel had gone to plan, perhaps we would have sneaked it. Two home games looming, let's hope we get two wins! I drive the A9 twice a week on average, and the dualling progress seems far too slow.
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    Team are out in Newcastle tonight for a bit of r & r. I hope they have a great night. Well done today in the circumstances. Team spirit is thriving and long may it continue.
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    When pictures say a thousand thank-yous
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    I'll be sad to see him go along with my 8 year old son but completely understand he has a family and needs stability. He has stayed loyal to the club and continued to show how much a professional he is by giving 100 per cent even when managers have publicly said they want to move him on.
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    Right at the end of the interview, I think Robbo makes the very valid point that, while Ian Blair refused the postponement here, the league has no hesitation in allowing Rangers and Celtic postponements in order to play glamour friendlies.
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    Perhaps Dumbarton did us a favour - lets just wait and see if there is a situation to compare this winter and again - feckin good on ya Robbo - speak yer feckin mind
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    Last time we were in this division we had the benefit of two home derbies and the likes of Adam Rooney and Jonny Hayes. This time there are no local rivals and, although it has improved in recent weeks, the football and the players delivering it are not nearly so skilful, positive and entertaining.
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    We would be better getting grid of sme of the rubbish we signed in the summer, at least David is a footballer , and keep him until the end of the season
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    Calling all anoraks - Are there any clauses in the "rule books" that we could have cited as formal reasons to postpone the game. I cant ever recall a game being called off in such circumstances. I have however seen games kicking off late because the away team has got stuck in traffic. What would have happened if we had travelled in the early hours of Saturday and cam across the RTA scenario ?
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    Agreed. Given our very limited redourses, leaving at lunch time the day before with a view to staying overnight in Dumfries is excellent preparation. The fact that there seems to have been a very serious road traffic accident puts a game of football into perspective. On balance, I think that the SPFL have made the right decision. The circumstances, though far from ideal, do not justify a postponement.
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    I don't see how it's "terrible preparation" to be fair, leaving at 1300 seems reasonable to me. It was a serious RTA and no amount of planning could have avoided that.
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