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    I truly despair at folk on here's views of Vigurs. He is a superb footballer and will be a huge loss to us - anyone who thinks otherwise clearly doesn't really get football at all. More worryingly this appears to be a very visible attempt by our neighbours to lay down a marker for next season and beyond. A much as I enjoyed their demise on Saturday I fear they will be going large on an immediate return to the Premiership. We appear to be shopping at Aldi and they are clearly intent on melting their plastic in M&S.
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    You've been on here long enough to know its the ICT fan way - never see the issues at present, never want to look forwards and only to reminisce with rose tinted specs craving for former players/managers/board members to return us to the glory days................ We've signed a few young players from other clubs who have experience at Championship level or higher along with tying some of the existing squad on longer deals - with the added youth then there really isn't a lot of more additions likely or needed. With the departure of Vigurs a strong midfield enforcing player would be great, but we have Trafford who deserves a chance. Probably need another experienced CD as I'm not sure we will get a full season out of Warren. Other than that its adding the right strength and depth rather than just throwing names around now - up front a 20 goal striker would be great but doubt we can afford one, we already have Austin & Oakley so perhaps theres already one in the squad!!!
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    Completely agree, for the club to compete with the offer County have given Vigurs, wed effectively have nothing left to sign anyone else. We cannot compete with the level of finance that county have especially at this point in time. The Championship, as we've all realised is a different beast completely and the type of player that flourishes in it, is the young hungry enthusiastic and most importantly cheap players, who are fighting for their recognition. PL stalwarts like Vigurs, still want to play the slow paced tactical ball retention play, whereas teams like STM and Livi were displaying early on, just how quickly they could break from a mislaid ball and quickly get up the park and score. I don't want this to sound like sour grapes, I liked Vigurs too and would really have preferred him to stay, but it is what it is, he's made his decision, the club were powerless to stop him, its what he wanted and even if they had offered him more or somehow got him to stay, we'd effectively end up with the same situation we got from Tansey after his initial move to Aberdeen was blocked. Is that really what anyone would want?
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    Very disappointed to see Vigurs leave, he has been outstanding this season. Of course the "fans" who constantly shouted abuse at him in the first half of the season will be happy now and can turn their rancid hatred back to Polworth who will no doubt follow......
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    We can't spend money we don't have even though we would rather him stay!
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    That's what I said when the driving test examiner failed me yet again.
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    Still, I think his (Tansey's) penalty record has been the best that ICT has had in the past decade or so.
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    Not too bothered to see jake go, he hasn’t done a himuge amount in his time with the club so no loss there. Vigurs will be badly missed though! Clearly our best player throughout the season and very disappointed he is going, especially to county. No doubt he was offered more money and money talks! It would be poetic justice if we go up and county don’t next season.
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    Losing no sleep
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    We have also signed Walsh from Dumbarton and Beith swap in replacement for Mulraney. Money freed up and two young players who will want to prove their worth and have experience at this level. Cant see the negative here. But yes I agree Vigurs did well for us over the season and goes with my best.
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    Hope Cowdenbeath and Cove are drawn together.
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    I have to agree with whats been said so far. We have a strong team we now seem to have two goal scorers in Austin and Oakley. If Vigurs goes he goes with my gratitude as he became the nucleus of the team and yes he got sent off a few times but to me that showed his fight and determination and he is at the twilight of his career so will need to think of his and his families future. If he goes he will be replaced and we have cover in the squad as it stands plus we have the summer to recruit. I'm genuinely happy with our current on field squad and with a couple of additions we will have a strong team a complete difference from this time last year where we had nothing. A good start to the season is key this time around and we have a settled team who can achieve that and hopefully win more games. Whatever way you look at it we are in a much more positive and stronger situation than 12 months ago.
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    Always amazes me that so many on hear always seem desperate to get players back that left us when given the chance before. Mutombo, williams, ross, storey etc all my honest opinion wouldnt improve our starting 11. Okay squad players maybe but none would command lower squad stage wages so its a no to all from me.
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    That's some serious romanticising of his time here.
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    I agree. I think this season for them a prime example of how throwing money at players who dont care doesnt work.
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    Thankfully, John Robertson seems very much to be looking forwards rather than backwards.
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    He was a class act I can mind a peach of a goal against hibs in the Scottish cup I'd have him ahead of bell all day !
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    as long as our guys appreciate the rivalry I'm looking forward to some tasty encounters..
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    I think we're building the team quite nicely for next season but it's early days. Some of the youngsters are going to have to step up to the plate. The Championship is a tough league to get out of and the 2018/2019 season is going to be no different. Given our post-cup run I am optimistic for our fortunes.
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    I’d rather we keep him certainly, but he’ll get replaced and we’ll carry on. Can’t blame him for wanting more money. But, there is a very slowly unfolding car crash in Dingwall at the moment. McGregor has had to cover 2.5million in the last 2 season and now they are relegated. Less crowds, astronomical wages, large squad, less sponsorship/tv money etc. If , as some people suggest they are going to gamble and throw everything at getting back up, then if they don’t what sort of position will they be in then? Rumours floating about suggest that mcgregor has been advised numerous times to step back from it. Even he can only afford to lose so much. The thing that amazes me, is that the County fans don’t appear to be remotely concerned. Having been in a false financial position for so long and their laughing at our problems has probably led to the assumption they are untouchable. They certainly aren’t.
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    Fits the profile of a young hungry player with potential who may have lost his way a bit in the last season or two. Strikes me as a promising signing but I do wonder if it's an indication that Vigurs might be departing.
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    and what's wrong with "pride of the highlands"?😁
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    Mulraney has over the last 2 years unfortunately failed to improve, when the Premiership may have been to high a level he hasn't lit up the Championship either. Blistering pace but lack of final product lets him down. Might be a coup for Hearts if they can introduce technical skills and worth the gamble at their level - pace isn't something you can teach but technique is, its whether he has the temperament to learn it. From what we've seen the money may be better used elsewhere. Vigurs has patchy form but over the tail end of the season did show that he is an asset, but if the decision comes down to money then we cant compete with RC and as an individual he has to do his best for his family. He's not a player that cant be replaced and I think given time Trafford may be the man who steps into those shoes. The biggest loss this summer (so far) but we should still be able to progress over last season. Those citing Polly to leave then its not a huge loss. He's had a significant number of games over the years and at times looks lost on the park. While capable of lighting up games it doesn't happen often enough, perhaps we need to find him a position that suits him. I'm not sure he's a central mid as he doesn't track back so its whether he would be better further forwards as a number 10 but then does that suit our formation. We have given him much more game time than any other youngsters over the last 5 years and I'm not sure he is delivering on the early promise - he needs to step up more and show his real ability otherwise he will end up spending much of his career jobbing along like many Scottish players in the Championship.
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