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    2019 hasn't quite arrived here yet, but Happy New Year to everyone. Will be delighted to see the back of 2018 ... started with the death of a friend (Jan 1st) and hospitalisation of my mum, then as the year progressed my uncle died from prostate cancer and I was diagnosed with the same cancer in October. The year ends with me having had surgery to remove it, still recovering from the surgery and awaiting the final report from the surgery ..... so 2018 please GTF !!! Bring on 2019 and good health, happiness and forum civility to all 😉
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    Happy New Year to everyone except Ross County fans.
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    Nice to have a thread where we can all agree on something! Happy New Year to one and all.
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    I get rained on with reddies every time I mention Doran on here. At the end of last season someone posted that we should be trying to find the money to keep either Doran or Vigurs. It was such a mad comment - Vigurs was our POTY, the heart of our team, while Doran had managed 2 or 3 decent hour long performances having been injured for most of the season. Maybe I can look at this more coldly because I missed a lot of the glory years while my kids were wee - I wasn't there for most of those Doran screamers but I'm here now and he's contributing very little. We all know Mulraney's flaws, but the quality of the side has fallen so far this season that he would improve our team right now.
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    Shows where we are as he's being considered a positive addition to our current talent pool.
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    I have also booked in for treatment in early 2019 - Happy New Year Dudes.
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    I forgot about that at least we are ahead The Rangers there 😆
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    Happy New year all here's to another year supporting ictfc and to the 25th celebrations.
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    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/30592297 The same Brian Graham. The guy is an absolute tool and should have got 2 reds on Saturday. One for the initial elbow and the 2nd for punching Rooney.
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    Maybe while he was in the posh Edinburgh hotel he was trying to arrange this deal which he may consider as part of sorting out his team?
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    Haha someone's been a bit bitchy eh aww never mind sure I'll find another bud! Anyway peace out of for a few ciders! COYC
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    Sitting in the house posting ridiculously bitter and angry comments as we were unfortunate to lose a game we had done enough to win against a side with double our player budget. We were all disappointed to lose the derby but some people need some sense of perspective.
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    Ah you are the one quoting scoring stats now 😂 😂
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    A happy and healthy new year to the entire ICT community.
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    All the best to all for 19. Slainte mhath
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    I would certainly welcome him back, there were times when he really lit up the Team, I know he wasn't consistent but very few players in this league are and when he is on form 'he will crack open many a defence also giving us the width and pace we have lacked so much. As D.D says Walsh on one wing and Mulraney on the other sounds good. All we need now is someone to keep putting the ball in the net.
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    Ffs missed a letter meant an F
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    Couldn't afford his wages before, but we can now afford to pay him and the dud we originally replaced him with? I wonder if our manager did this deal whilst swaning about in a posh hotel promoting the Edinburgh Derby when he should have been concentrating on the team he's paid to sort out?
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    Happy New Year everyone
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    I'm sure someone will spoil it 🙈 A happy new year to one and all 🥃 I hope the team keeps improving in 2019
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    Happy New Year to all.
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    Here's hoping things improve for you Scotty. All very best to you and your family and also too all ICT supporters wherever you are. My 2019 start with man flu but hopefully that will clear off soon. 2019 also sees the return of the Highland March. I fully intend to take part in this and training traditionally starts on 1st Jan - but not for me this year...[sniff, snort, aaaatishooo]...nose is running faster than the A9 through Dunkeld. So, have a good one. Play nicely out there in the big bad world.
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    Happy New Year !
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    Happy New Year to all!
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    and the same from me
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    For what it's worth, I am not your 'bud'.
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    Give them Beith back while we're at it. As Trump would put it:
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    Now the dust has settled I will add my thoughts. Lots of people in the mallard used the thrase we were robbed but we shot ourselves in the foot like we have done with many of the draws of we accumulated so far. Our lack of cutting edge has cost us points and Saturday was no different. In all three derbies Caley have played some great football but lack of goals has seen us pick up 2pts instead of 9 that we deserved. First game was tightest but we should have been clear in the first hour and then our home game we missed a hatful. Saturday we dominated throughout, county had chances but we had the better ones before we murdered them second half. Had that been a boxing fight then county would have thrown in the towel. But we failed to take any of our glorious chances including a wonderful chance for tom Walsh, who was exceptional without having that killer pass or strike to back it up. We had a better team in 09/10 when we came back from 12 Pts behind Dundee and we are 13 Pts behind county but realistically we are in the battle to stay in the play offs and chance our luck in that. Mixed emotions so proud of the performance but gutted by the result but we stick together and whatever will be will be in 2019 - Happy New Year to everyone!!!!!!
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    Agreed - that was a cracking goal from White. What I also noticed was just after that County had their only sustained spell of pressure, for about 10 minutes. We needed all hands on deck, and White was back on the edge of our box, harrying and tackling, helping out the defence with no little success (and not conceding free kicks). Hopefully that is the kind of work ethic Robbo is instilling, that kind of commitment, work rate and together attitude will be invaluable.
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    If that had gone in White would be our hero rather than the villian many have cast him as!!
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    think it maybe a Roddy Ross one this time
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    if you are right but I think you might be
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    Are you for real mate you come to the conclusion we need to bin White Were you at the game or are you just sitting in the house making things up?
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    Unless there is yet another Tulloch injection ? And there will be. - 😣 - Please respond with appropriate Smiley Choice. OR 🙄
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    Only 2 goals White has scored much more than that
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    Well that was a pretty feisty derby! Losing that game is hard to take as we could easily have won it by 3 or 4 given the pressure we put them under. It was a terrific, positive performance from our lads, urged on by fantastic vocal support. To be that dominant against the side that is top of the division demonstrates that we aren't far from being a very good team indeed. Most criticism of the team here seems to be centred around the need for a more prolific striker, but I'm not sure where folk think we can magic one up from at a price we can afford. There are plenty strikers in this division who will be on far more than White, Oakley and Austin are on but who do not score with the regularity White and Oakley are hitting the back of the next with. Sure, White in particular has missed a few he perhaps should have scored but he gets himself in the right place and I feel that with a shade more fitness and confidence he could potentially become quite prolific. I don't think Austin's attitude is quite as good as White or Oakley but he strikes me as a more natural goal scorer. I would like to see him given a bit more game time. Regardless of the views on the strikers, we really should be scoring more goals from midfield. Walsh has scored a few recently and with the service he got yesterday he probably should have been on the score sheet. There were some terrific balls played to him by several different players and whilst he usually did well to get himself into a position to shoot or cross the ball, he lacked the accuracy which might have given us a comfortable win. Doran, Polworth and Chalmers all had efforts on goal but all were rather tentative and didn't unduly trouble Fox. We need to see a bit more sharpness in their shooting. Defensively, we continue to be let down by a lack of concentration. Draper made space for himself well on the edge of the box and got away a better shot than any of our midfielders could manage. Donaldson stood and watched Ridgers dive to his left to save whilst Mckay anticipated the rebound and was left unchallenged to slot home when the rebound duly arrived. It was disappointing to see players getting involved in a stramash near the end. I don't know whether there will be repercussions when footage is looked at closely, but players must learn to let the officials deal with matters. We really can't afford to lose players with suspensions with such a threadbare squad. The referee already had the red card in his hand for Graham's cyinical challenge when Rooney and Polworth charged in. Ironically that was one of the few things he did get right.
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    Heard he got straight into the team for cell block c last weekend.
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    If we bring in any new players in the January transfer window, they need to be better than the ones we already have, they need to improve the team and push us on. I remember Hughes saying he would only sign players that were better than what we had, and then brought in duffer after duffer. Robbo needs to use the money, if there is any, wisely. If the players aren't available, he should show his trust in our youth. I am old enough to remember Donald Park, Tichy Black and Davie Milroy, to name but a few, playing for their school teams in the morning and their respective Highland League clubs in the afternoon, it certainly didn't do their careers any harm.
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    Transfer windows open, and still no signings announced. Smh. 🙄
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    As iv pointed out before bud no point moaning bout the budget it's how it's spent can't keep using that as an excuse for signing rubbish look at Ayr look at Livi our only problem is up top that been sorted in the summer we'd be sitting where County are!
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    Bud what is with u and stats about White been some kinda Ronaldo are I actually him? The guys an absolute donkey of u can't see that you need to start watching shinty iv played with better players at pub level! He's slow can't jump can't hold up the ball misses chances Stevie Wonder could score ffs need I go on? Obvs I want him to turn it round just don't think there's the striker we need there better stat for ya how many chances per game does he miss??
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    Rather than goals per start, how about goals per shot, or per shot on target. The fact is we are creating enough to win most games comfortably - having two misfiring strikers rather than one ( whilst surrendering midfield numbers) won't help the cause in most cases. This isn't a particularly new issue, we haven't been converting chances for two or three years now. We've tried different combinations and in desperation thrown forwards on in games but it has seldom done much good. Quality, not quantity.
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    Tansey is looking for a move away from Aberdeen....
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