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I would like to put on record a huge vote of thanks to all those who worked so hard over the past few weeks to make our first Final appearance such a success. I don't personally know these individuals but everyone I encountered was top class.

All the people from CaleyJags Together who gave many hours of their own time to sell tickets, organise transport, distribute travel vouchers, collect payment, etc etc, well done. Big thanks to the bloke who phoned me in Glasgow to let me know where Bus 6 was parked.

Huge thanks to all volunteer stewards who gave their time to help folk on buses and trains.

Massive thanks to the girls in the ICT portacabin who seemed under so much pressure but came through smiling. I even met a bloke from Edinburgh who had been promised a ticket in Glasgow from one if the ticket girls at the very last minute. He was on absolute tender hooks until the special train appeared and he got his tickets. I am sure there are loads of similar stories of togetherNess and generosity from those involved in our Final preparations.

Sunday was a huge day for ICT and Inverness, well done everyone.

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A massive thanks from me too. They deserved much more than 7000 fans turning out for all their efforts.

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