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The PIMPLE and Fush and Chups--- FANTASY

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Seeing our ad for Destinies in Motion down below  on this page beside the " Hilton Fish and Chips" ad I couldn't help but  to burst out laughing and the tears came into our eyes.


Our classy-looking book, written lovingly over a long period of time, a cast of thousands of characters, derring- do, magic, political intrigue in the courts of Princess and Princesses, high falutin and rootin tootin, and often  brainy, animals , romance, intrigue and  22 illustrations that took my wife a long time to draw in  typing the novel and  correcting the printing errors (self-publishing where the Printer, Create Space, didn't really care what came out but condemned me to re-read the WHOLE book again at every new corrected proof that they produced,) etc, etc., now juxtaposed beside a Fish and Chips shop .. It's hilarious. :crazy:





The guys and gals are drawn to the FIsh and Chips and can't help but see our Creation, loving it or leaving it,.


And it affords  me a  chance to promote   DESTINIES IN MOTION.  


So,  WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE ABOUT IT.   Hoch! Hoch!  :clapping::wave::smile:


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Thank you Bughtmaster. Very kind thought.


That's two congratulations already, so all is well in Pimpernel  land at our underground headquarters situated close to Fort George, the last mighty fort built in Britain--for the English invaders. 

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Well, on a slightly more serious vein,  here is one of the Reviews that we received for our novel www.destiniesinmotion.com


And a couple of more facts about writing a novel:-

1. It's very hard work and it's all up to the Editor. The publishers will not help you with anything....unless you are related to Donald Trump or are  some film star or celebrity who can have people write the book for them etc. and their name does the rest. On the assumption that you have never written or edited a book then you are in for a shock. My wife, Liliya Galitskaya, wrote the book but her written English is not as good as her native tongue , being Ukrainian/Russian. So, It took me 300 hours to edit the book and sometimes an argument would break out because she wanted a certain word or phrase left in when I knew it was not the right word ,etc. But I knew what she wanted to convey so I gave-in just for peace and waited for a week and then went  back and changed it to the correct word or phrase. Worked a charm and she never noticed the change.

2.The selected format must be correct:-  It must be written so that each new paragraph is elected by means of a "Hard-Return" (press " ENTER") which sets the format and spacing after every paragraph as the same for all. One miss and the whole thing is returned to you. Then it has to be proof-read and edited very carefully. All spelling must be  correct and so on. Then you submit it to the publisher with instructions as to where the illustrations are to be inserted etc. Then you  await receipt of the proof and you notice a whole bunch of mistakes which the publisher has made and back it goes ...e,g, Illustrations not inserted correctly (in our case one was fifty pages away from where it should have been inserted)  and so on.:sad: All of which takes additional time to find, report and wait for the response and so forth.

Would I ever edit a book again? Answer: No, not unless the  job was a small one and/or the money was large and enticing. Or, perhaps , to help a disadvantaged person fulfil a life's dream...…!

Cheers, Roderick (Aka Scarlet)




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I worked as an editor for the Australian Defence Intelligence Organization for a number of years, so I can sympathise with you Mr Pimple !

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