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    Pic from Sundays game showing the love the Caley fans have for Iain Vigurs
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    You've got to love the absolute mess that is Ian Vigurs. He didn't even score the goal on Sunday and the first thing he did was to run to our fans with a wee GIUY celebration. I've no problem with players who score after getting pelters doing it but it's a bit sad that his first reaction was to do that instead of celebrating with the guy who actually scored. I guess it shows just how much of a seething mess he is.
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    Just a youngster, I stayed to the end singing and I'm 52
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    I say thanks to our vocal support! I really believe our 'vocal' fans have come of age this season. All the derby home games were terrific. The derby away games were phenomenal, and yesterday was off the richter scale! I stayed behind with about 200 others for 40mins yesterday, the noise and passion was unreal! But the atmosphere at other home games has been improving also, if not quite at the same level. I absolutely love the european 'ultra' songs that have become popular in recent weeks. I do believe these new, catchy and arguably easier to learn songs have helped the noise increase. In the P&J today,ICT fan David MacIver said "its great to hear so many youngsters singing for Inverness, the merger seems so far away now". Yesterday in the singing section I was one of the oldest there at 24 yrs old. I don't remember the pre-merger days at all. I'm starting to believe the further we get away from the merger, and as the 'new' generation of Invernessian fans get older, our problems with not having a passionate, loyal and vocal support will be a thing of the past!
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    Since the beginning of calendar year 2013 I've been keeping a spread sheet relating to betting on Caley Thistle. Every game played, I put a hypothetical £10 on the best odds available for all 3 possible outcomes. ie Home-Draw-Away. Now that the season's finished, here is the outcome. At Caledonian Stadium: Backing Inverness CT to win you'd be DOWN £0.70 (seventy pence) Backing the draw you'd be UP £29.20 Backing our opponents you'd be DOWN £25.80 Away games: Backing Inverness CT to win you'd be DOWN £36.00 Backing the draw you'd be DOWN £30.30 Backing our opponents you'd be UP £45.90 We had one neutral venue game in the League Cup which counts as a draw for 90 minute betting purposes. Including that game, the final state-of-play is: Overall: Betting £10 on ICT to win whenever they've played in 2013, you'd be DOWN £46.70 Betting £10 on ICT to draw whenever they've played in 2013, you'd be UP £32.90 Betting £10 on ICT to lose whenever they've played in 2013, you'd be UP £20.10 I'm not trying to draw any conclusions here or make any points, I just thought it would be interesting to do over an extended period, as I've often found myself wondering, "why don't I just stick a tenner on ICT every week"!!
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    Great Vid! If this doesn't motivate the town to get behind the team next season I don't know what will!
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    And finish on a downer? These players and the management team have just finished the best season in the club's history. I'm sure the easiest, most obvious, and most honest answer for TB was to criticise the performance, but was that how he or the club wanted to round off their best ever season? No. All he did was put on a brave face, and save face for the players, who, for 90% of the season, have exceeded expectations. It was one game, maybe two, where they fell short. That doesn't mean you discredit a year's work and leave your staff with a negative. you applaud the positives. As for the chairman being relieved etc. it's all a bit tongue in cheek. Don't do a disservice to the main body of work, however disappointing it was to every single person.
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    http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/sport/4935049/A-to-Z-with-Inverness-Richie-Foran.html Some tall stories - but funny!
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    Better still, Terry should get him to face County next time!
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    Putting a brave face on, that's all IMO. TB's as gutted about it as anyone else. Onwards and upwards now...
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    Surprise figure in this table, our average for the year was up. Not by much but I am sure most people felt the gates were down as a whole. For all County's bluster, they were not much better. Perth suffered badly this year. http://bbc.in/116H4lO
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    Just as it says on the tin...................Thank You. I have just witnessed a season that has given me pleasure and hope and I want to say thank you. Despite what some threads and posts seem to suggest, we have just seen the most successful season in our short but eventful history and even though finances were very tight the management team put together a side I was proud to support.... Thank you! The players have grouped and bonded like no other squad we have seen and have given their all for the cause........... Thank you! The Board have run the club in a sensible way and have listened to the fans despite, at times, causing financial detriment to the club.........Thank you! To the general public of Inverness and the highland region.........You do not deserve this club or team and when we are having inquests into the apparent "failure" of not qualifying for Europe it is in this direction the finger should be well and truly pointed..............No thanks in this direction. I look forward to follow our club next season (and many more after that thanks to the way the club is run) which is more than can be said for fans of much bigger clubs than ours who don't know if they will have a club to follow.
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    Do you think if we posted a copy of the picture to him he'd sign it for us?
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    It never fails to amaze me how much people get drawn in by what is printed in the press. Direct quotes are often shortened or portrayed out of context in order to sensationalise them because journalists know that in doing so they generate conversations such as this which provide exposure and (potentially) increase readership. I get that some people are a bit down, I am/was too....but does anyone seriously think for one second that Terry, the players, the Chairman or anyone else didn't/don't want the club to be achieving as much as possible? Nobody ever heard of trying to look on the bright side when disappointing things happen?
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    It is quite obvious in various sections of the Forum that many posters on here do not visit the away grounds. Several SPL clubs have only 3 stands open, several clubs (Celtic, Hearts, Hibs, Killie to name just 4 that I can think of just now) have no parking facilities for away fans, and the number of fans at St Johnstone are a disgrace to Perth which has a much higher population than Inverness. St Mirren also have a very poor following. ICT have plenty parking for all fans - the ground is easy to get to, both by car and on foot from bus/train station. What else does Dougal want? Why does this Forum only have "like this" and no "boo" tick box.
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    No what's sad was the vile and sickening songs that were sung for his benefit albeit by the moronic minority I may add Think Vigurs was well entitled to give it to us back considering the abuse he was receiving Not that it well ever happen now sadly, but I would love to see Vigurs back at ICT he has developed into a top player and his close control and touch is top notch A huge mistake by Butcher showing him the door in the first place Can see him getting plenty of offers this summer from north and south of the border and he will be a loss to Highland football when he moves on but a player of his quality deserves a bigger stage Dougal Erm, yeah I acknowledge that he is within his right to give it back after the abuse he got. What I find humorous is the absolute desperation to give it back. There's no doubting he's an excellent player but whilst he was with us his attitude on and off the pitch was rotten hence why we got rid of him so it's unfair of you to say that it was a mistake by Butcher to get rid of him. You can all the talent in the world but if there is an argument between manager and player then more often than not it will be the player that moves on. If Vigurs continued the way he did and Butcher let him off with it then he would be completely undermined as a manager. While you are around Dougal, and given that you are famous for posting and then disappearing, perhaps you can answer my question on this thread?
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    Is Terry Butcher Dougal in disguise ??
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    Is it 1 or 2 goals he's scored? Fans can't seem to make up their mind.
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    Ex player Martin Lisle doesnt look to happy in the background, at least I think its him
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    The "compensation" word was sarcasm but I have to respond to these two posts. Playing Highland league teams is NOT the preparation required for the SPL and that was shown this season. It is a pity that the old tournament idea has not hit us. A four team tournament with teams from say Ireland etc. held in Sneck or even jointly with Tinkerville over a weekend would take in some bucks and it would give proper game preparation. And finally I would be disappointed if our back room money pinchers had not put some spondoolachs aside in case the European adventure did come along. Training camps are also the place where newbies begin to fit in.
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    Who's YouTube channels this?
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    Great memories, forgot how special some of the goals we scored were. 4.23 in clip, still one of my highlights of the season. Gets better each time you see it.
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    Totally agree with the thread, so proud of the team, the supporters and a wonderful season. The vocal support has been the best I have known at ICT. At sundays game didn't even hear the home support. Thank you ICT
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    Excellent. That Doran goal against County gets better every time I see it. Billy's left foot volley at Dingerville too. Funny how its still the goals V RC that feel the best.... The Terry and DA clips from the end of the 3-3 cup game - brilliant - worth a season ticket for that alone.
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    I've just had a look at St Johnstones Europa League games this season...a trip to Eskisehirspor in Turkey for the 1st leg. There was a crowd of 13000 for that match. How much of the gate many goes to the away team? I doubt it would have covered the flight and accommodation et al. The home tie attracted a gate of 6023. I'd assess from that that they'd struggle to break even. These Europa league qualifiers are not big gate attractions and I'd say our club would lose many on the venture unless we progressed to the group stages. I can see where Terry is coming from to be honest.
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    This is not true. I've talked about Europe with Kenny Cameron (and other members of the Board) and at no time did anyone hint that that they didn't want Europe, never mind say it. They were making tentative plans to sort out the logistics of fulfilling any fixture we might have qualified for, including transport arrangements and how to fund them. There was no point that I witnessed Terry say it was "a blessing" that we did not qualify in any of the media interviews that I lugged into after the game on Saturday. He did say that the Club wasn't really geared up for Europe but if you asked St Johnstone, they would say exactly the same thing. They still wouldn't swop it for anything and neither would we if we qualified. The stuff about "the chairman only cares about the money" is the kind of quote that you can get from any manager across the Leagues at any time. Its a bit sad that one day one from the best display from our fans that I or most others can remember, this unfounded conspiracy theory stuff comes out.
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    Sometimes what Butcher says is best taken with a pinch of salt. I think we should call him Tequila Terry.
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    Compensation for what? Having the most successful season in the clubs history? Keep the pre-season to whatever the club can afford and for those who want the club to provide a holiday iternary for them........ why not come to the Highlands of Scotland and tour towns like Brora, Wick and Inverness and then travel to exotic Morayshire and visit Buckie, Banff and Elgin all of which have bars in which you can embarass yourselves.
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    With the benefit of hindsight, we now know that we actually became safe from relegation on 22 December. That day we beat Dundee 4-1 at home to move onto 33 points, in a season when the relegated team ended up with 30 points. I'm pretty sure that must be the earliest we have ever crossed the survival line. And with all the fears last summer about our ability to stay up, being safe before Christmas is something that none of us would have contemplated.
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    To me it was the first derby which would have been even more memorable had Rosscoe found the net with his first minute header
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    Exactly, it's baffling that some people seem so keen to perpetuate the myth that he said it was a blessing, or that he is somehow relieved that we didn't qualify and doesn't was us in Europe. All he said in a "brave face" context is that we aren't really geared up for European football yet. But anyone who thinks he or the club don't share the fans' desire to finish 3rd and qualify for European football needs to think again. Michael Gannon just tweeted that TB put a brave face on it after the game but was close to tears.
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    Exactly, it's baffling that some people seem so keen to perpetuate the myth that he said it was a blessing, or that he is somehow relieved that we didn't qualify and doesn't was us in Europe. All he said in a "brave face" context is that we aren't really geared up for European football yet. But anyone who thinks he or the club don't share the fans' desire to finish 3rd and qualify for European football needs to think again.
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    Why have ICT been at the top table for so long while other more established clubs, with much bigger backings and advantages have finished below us and struggled? Luck with managers? Good scouting? while other clubs have driven themselves into unmanageable debt and their future is bleak, we are surpassing them in every area. RC must be paying some of the players I saw yesterday a lot more than what we are, I could be wrong, but I doubt it. I'd rather miss out on Europe because we were fiscally responsible than drain our resources on January signings, as that is what I saw yesterday.
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    Sack Butcher, sack the team, sack the board - none of them deserve to be there and associated with ICT. They should all be ashamed of getting us to a cup semi and our highest ever league finish. Perhaps the inquest should be why we have the lowest SPL budget yet people expected us to punch so far above our weight all season with youngsters and journeymen who have never been in that position before. The real inquest should be why when we are playing attractive football, scoring goals and fighting in competitions are we not filling seats to at least give us a budget to keep and build on the quality players that the club are unearthing year after year!!!!
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    St Johnstone's progress mirrors that of ICT over the past few years, hasn't it? They have done very well indeed but, apart from their sojourn into Europe having been an emotional blast, what did they actually gain financially? Little if anything? And many of their players, like ours, just move on after the season ends--I mean it's not like every player is going to stay with ICT for years to come so the lasting benefits are difficult to assess, except, perhaps in the lives of the individual players. But we are thinking more of the lasting benefits to the club right now aren't we? ICT are not exactly in a commandingly-strong financial position. Just hanging on and trying very hard to get out of debt, more like. So, going into Europe may indeed be a negative thing at this stage. And a big challenge. You don't want this team to come home beaten, you want them to impress and be noted around the football scene. That way we will be more of an attractive target for up--and-coming young talent from all over the place which is what will keep the roster fresh, interesting and very good for our Manager, Terry, to get his teeth into and keep him challenged and here for the foreseeable future. The last thing we need at this stage of our progress is a series of new managers coming in one after the other , confusing the players with their different methods and personalities. Stability and steady progress with a manager who is respected for his achievements and drive is what we need for the next few years. It's a different situation if we get stronger and stronger over the next three years and then are ready for the European stage. The average Canadian lives from pay cheque to pay cheque and feels that going into heavy debt is their right to satisfy their sense of entitlement about getting all the stuff of a modern existence. ..cell phones, cars, large TV,.'s, house, holidays etc. Now the price of houses is falling like a stone and the picture does not look half so rosy economically with all businesses crying the blues because prices are so high for everything and people just don't have the resources to go out and spend now like they used to. So, if they do not have savings to tide them over, then what? Likewise, overspending and ambitiously over-reaching by the management of ICT does not seem to be the correct course for the team at this stage. More like Mission Impossible if the reserves are not there for the rainy day. The correct course for ICT is to continue to make steady, cautious progress and prove that ICT can now continue to compete with the best and continue to finish high in the league. Hopefully crowds will get larger and when we venture to put our tootsies into the hotter water of Europe we can at least afford to buy Welly boots to protect them from burns. Plaudits for everyone in the team , the Management and the fans who have supported this team this fantastic year.
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    Butcher is a class one Pryck, he *****d up big style today and has'nt the guts to apologise.
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    James succesfully completed his walk today and was in great spirits when we met him pre match. Well done Sir!
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    With St Johnstone last year coming out and saying they would be at a loss financially entering europe I can understand where Terry is coming from. I can't see the funds for next season being any higher than this years one.
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    Butcher would have had a very different view if we had won today or if Motherwell had taken anything from Perth. Can we take it from his comments that we will be trying hard not to qualify for Europe next season. I quite like Terry but that comment was ridiculous. The big man has gone down in my estimation. Blessing my ar*e.
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    Why is a stadium with only three sides not suitable for top flight football in Scotland?
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    Dougal, if you dont like it stay away. Who are the people laughing at us anyway? The only person ever to moan about our stadium is you. Did folk laugh at Hibs prior to 2010 when they only had three stands?
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