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Positive messages for Robbo

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I thought Pele too. That said, it would be easier if Charlie stepped up and they appointed someone to cover Charlie and just keep Charlie in the youth loop. Let's be honest both Barry & Ryan are more than capable. Could Charlie not be Temporary Director of Football? He can use his experience to guide Barry & Ryan but also guide someone else who is doing the academy donkey work for Charlie? I wish I was living back at home ... I have a degree in Sports Science & Development and would have happily volunteered my skills to help. Sadly, I'm away down south as a certain Welsh lassie caught my eye a few years back.

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Aren't the youth teams/development practically shut down at this stage? Don't really see that as being a reason to turn down being a caretaker manager for a couple weeks until the big man is happy to return or (at the most extreme case and hopefully doesn't happen) resigns from his role.

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What an awful year it has been for the club.  It is unprecedented what the club and its senior staff in particular have had to cope with this year.  I'm sure all our hearts go out to Robbo at this difficult time and, all in good time, we look forward to both him and Scott returning fighting fit and raring to go.  It is often said that we are a family club and it is great to see the club behaving with compassion and recognising that the wellbeing of everybody is the priority here.  Scot Gardiner's statement on the club website is an excellent one which emphasises what a close knit community the club is.

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