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Any mods on line?

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9 minutes ago, Robert said:

Help guys, I seem to be banned from the thread about tonight’s game. I assume some sort of glitch (I hope!).

Can you clear it for me?



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3 hours ago, bigman said:

It is really  great watching a real  football  team. This is no disrespect  to Robbo he built the team they have just suddenly  switched on.

I have no wish to diminish the efforts John Robertson has gone to to benefit our club over the last four years but it seems apparent now that the interim management team are getting something out of the players that he was failing to.

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Whatever the reason, things seem to have gelled in the last month.

However, we did have a shorter pre season than other clubs and a long injury list for many months. And we will never know the impact the personal challenges facing Robbo and Kells were having on the players.

I just hope both are getting over the challenges they have faced and feel able to return at the right time for them. In the meantime, I hope they are enjoying the run and we are able to get into the play off places for them. 

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