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On 8/3/2022 at 2:05 PM, CaleyD said:

This is not intended as an opinion on what the trust should or should not do.  I post this purely for information and because Peter has stated that he stands willing to be corrected.

This snippet is from the clubs articles of association.


As at the last return, there are 4,902,379 ordinary shares issued.

Supporters Trust have 13,658 shares, of which 108 have enhanced rights....leaving 13,550 "ordinary" rights.

The enhanced shares are, in todays terms, equal to 490,237 shares....and we then add the 13,550....total 503,787

As per the company articles 900,003 of the ordinary shares carry no voting right, so issued shares with voting powers total 4,002,376 and this gives the trust a voting right of approx 12.6% in real terms

This is the second largest single entity voting right which exists within the club right now and far surpasses the total voting right of all current directors combined.  The largest shareholding/voting right sits with the ICT Trust (a different entity to the supporters trust).

The company articles state no need for club directors to stand down and/or be reelected by rotation.  They have the power to appoint new directors and are, at present, entirely self appointed with no elected members on the board.

A shareholder resolution can be raised by giving sufficient notice ahead of any general meeting for the election of a board member.  The Supporters Trust could do that now if they so desired.

The current board do not hold anything like sufficient shares between them to stop that resolution and would need support from others to do so...if they so wished.

Haven’t even read it because I’m on the shot.  But the very Name CaleyD knows that he has the club and fans at heart good to see you back  and somebody that will keep Billy’s surname spelt right. How does it go again😀

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It is great news that the Club's Board is stating publicly that a strong and active Supporters Trust is good for the club, and that they are supporting the Trust's Board in its campaign to increase membership numbers in order to better support both the Club and its supporters.  For ease of reference, I have copied the Club's statement  below.  

Please note that the Trust are holding an open meeting at the Caley Club at 12noon this coming Saturday.  Board members will be present and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the Trust as well as listen to your views of what you think the Trust should be discussing with the Club.  We expect the meeting will go on for about an hour giving folk plenty of time to get something to eat and drink before heading off to the Cove game.  

Representatives of the Trust will also be at the Supporters Trust desk in the Sports Bar prior to the game, so please come along and say hello.  We hope to have a regular presence at the desk prior to games in the future.


The Board of Directors of Inverness Caledonian Thistle are happy to support a fresh bid by the Supporters’ Trust to increase its membership and play a key role in enhancing the match day experience of fans, through fund-raising activities.

Gordon Fyfe, a club director and Supporters’ Liaison Officer, said: “The Board of Directors recognise fully the importance of our loyal support. The Supporters’ Trust has a 10 per cent voting stake in the club and therefore has a ready-made platform for representing the voice of fans.

“To play a more meaningful role in the development of the club and become truly representative of our fans, the Trust needs to engage with the wide base of our support, including our enthusiastic and growing band of younger supporters and those who provide terrific vocal support at away games.

“We are happy to support the Supporters’ Trust in their efforts to boost not only their Board but the wider membership and wish them well in their campaign. A strong and active Trust can only be good for the club.”

New Trust Chair Jennifer Aitchison said: “An active Supporters’ Trust can do so much to help the Club in providing a better matchday experience for fans and in raising funds for specific projects.    We want fans to join the Trust to help us support the Club and to better represent the views of you, the supporters, of our great club.”

Anyone wishing to join the Trust should visit www.ictsupporterstrust.org.  Annual membership is just £5 for adults and £1 for U16s.

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Other than a generic, cliché riddled statement (which commits them to nothing) what are the club actually doing to support the trust's efforts to increase member numbers?

There's talk of getting involved in projects and improving the matchday experience that we've been hearing since the club came into being, but what does that actually involve?

It's easy to do nothing and keep kicking it down the road on the back of the excuse that there's not enough members to give a representative view on what should be done, or to support what you want to do....but I for one haven't got a clue what you are actually asking fans to back.

Give us something with some substance that we can buy into.

You may not have as many members as you like, but there's nothing to stop you polling non members.  If the club wanted to support you then they could actively work with you on doing that.

Aside from coming up with more ways to extract the fans hard earned cash to funnel it in to the club to pay for the basics that should be covered by our matchday/season ticket, what can we expect?

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