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    An honour to play with Herchie and proud to call him a pal, played with his heart on his sleeve, a real winner and leader, I'll never forget you! RIP Big Herch.
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    These chants were totally out of order
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    I can't believe we have stooped so low to boo a player who has been with us loyally for all of his football career. The abuse of his family was well out of order, some people need to take a good look at themselves Would this have happened and would this discussion be taking place if Polly had scored that penalty? I tell you he's probably feeling a lot worse about it that any of you are.
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    A game that we should've won comfortably, even considering the dire performance. Worrying that there's a serious lack of pace in this team. For the first home game of the season, it felt like an end of season game such was the sluggish performance. Most of those players look like they'd be quicker walking! No creativity, predictive passing, and slow tempo in the final third cost us 2 points. No width. Strange substitutions too didn't help. Austin subbed yet Oakley offered zero all game. Trafford and Chalmers and Walsh were invisible. As usual Polworth is the one singled out for abuse (yawn) but he's the only player taking the ball to at least try and make things happen. He'll be the first to admit he didn't have the best game today but to receive that kind of abuse !!??....have a word wi yourselves !!???
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    Shameful behaviour from some of the home support today, by all means criticise the player, but to shout obscenities about their family is bang out of order.
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    this is utter rubbish. you evidently didn't hear the nature of the abuse he got, or his family for that matter. Yes he didn't have a great game but tell me who did.
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    When did Polworth's family become ICT players? Let me know.
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    OK. Enough is enough. Polworth had a poor game and missed a pen. When is an element of our “support” going to realise that he’s a confidence player and that abuse from the stands is not going to drive him on to a better performance? If there was a stack of better talent to choose from, then fine: sub him. But there isn’t. Get behind the young lad and support him, otherwise accept that he’ll leave and we’ll be the weaker for it. Sadly, it seems that the fans’ verdict might determine his fate.
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    Bit of white collar boxing for charity obvs should be fixed up moray jaggie v tm4tg let's get it on!!
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    Awful performance , but fans are partly to blame , shouting abuse at our own players and there family’s is totally uncalled for , honestly wonder sometimes
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    Why are most of the comments here so negative? Im frustrated that we missed the penalty but thats business as usual for us like when Vigurs was taking them. We can look at it like throwing away two points or we can look at it like we kept a clean sheet and maintained unbeaten league run and got another point on the board only second game.
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    A point against ten man Ayr is really disappointing considering the amount of chances we spurned, however a clean sheet especially against a team with Lawrence Shankland upfront is a big plus. By the sounds of it Polly did deserve some stick but fans shouldn't start directing negative chants against your own players. Polly is one of the most influential players in the team but his performance will only get worse when he's having an off day and the fans start shouting abuse at him.
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    I had a good watch of our back four today and some of these tackles and blocks that went in put a smile on my face. I have to mention our center backs Coll Donaldson and Brad McKay who put in a tremendous shift and were composed and very solid. Coll kept Shankland under control for most of the match and made charges forward later in the game which reminded me of Darren Dods years ago and then there's Brad McKay who is showing a lot of composure and maturity just now. Sean Rooney defending did little wrong though some of his passing could be better and he looked to get up into the Ayr half as much as possible to support the midfield. Later in the game as the game opened up and we pushed further forward you could see Coll Donaldson getting quite animated while talking to himself, sometimes scolding himself for every error including giving away a free kick just a few yards away from the penalty area which was a wrong call by the referee. What I saw of our back line today gave me hope that we are going to have a solid defence that is not going to give much away a real solid base for the season ahead.
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    I've heard this case made a few times over the years and it's one made purely on direct income....no credit is ever given to it's value as a marketing/PR/communication tool. We'll spend thousands on marketing companies/consultants etc but baulk at the idea of losing a few quid producing a programme. Very shortsighted, IMO.
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    Nobody is bothered about a player getting criticism. It's the comments about his family that are the issue. I assume you either weren't at the game or you're ignorant of the issue. Hopefully you're better in the know now.
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    Some level of whataboutery here. You know fine well what the chants were. Criticism of a poor performance is all fine & well and go with the territory of being a professional footballer. However chants of personal nature about a players sister and family are completely unacceptable. If you can't see that then perhaps you need to step away until you grow up a little bit.
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    This was a good Ayr side full of confidence and it showed despite being down to 10 men for most of the match, the amount of effort they put in was top drawer. The problem was that we looked like we could unlock their defence at any time but we wasted so many chances, never mind the penalty miss.
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    I'm ashamed at a section of the home support that find this amusing. Grow up or fork off elsewhere.
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    Absolutely no plan B from Robertson. Punting endless balls into the box didn't work in the first half, so why persist with it in the second? We needed someone to get behind their back four and cut balls back. We need players willing to take a player on and beat him, we needed pace. Ayr were hitting with pace on the counter attack and looked dangerous at times while we were ponderous at getting the ball forward, nearly every pass was sideways. Please ICT practice penalties and let the best one take them. What should have been an easy three points after the sending off and resulting penalty, turned into a slog, and if you want supporters to return, you need to give them something to return for, not whàt was on offer today.
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    What chants other than your crap your pish or is that to extreme for you. To many happy clappers in our support willing to sit and just say well done next time. And folk saying it's the fans fault for a professional to have a bad performance are deluded. That's the problem the fan base doesn't show enough emotion. So feel free to confront us. And see who gets battered.
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    It wasn’t a good performance , but his performance went further down hill when he was getting targeted abuse , our fans need to realise that this is not the way forward , and I think most people would agree
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    Such sad news. Gone way too soon. I will always remember his opening day Hat rick in ICTs first ever SFL game. RIP Herch
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    Totally unacceptable behavior from some "fans" tonight. Genuinely no need to start yelling "Your sister's a slag" at Polworth. I understand that we didn't get into gear until the last half hour or so and that he messed up a crucial penalty, but it doesn't give access to do that to ONE OF YOUR OWN TEAM!. Think it's time to start naming and blaming and sending the info to ICT themselves, we can't have this at the stadium, which in fact, is supposed to be a family friendly environment, but doing that (in front of a couple hundred kids (some for the first time ever) who don't know better) is downright idiotic, and they'll go on for the rest of the season (hopefully not (and if their parents have told them never to repeat what was said)) saying that exact sentence without knowing the meaning behind the word "slag", and thinking it's an innocent thing to say. The guys (and girls, it's 2018, has to include everyone) more than definitely deserve to be banned from the stadium for X many matches and/or be slapped with a fine for verbal abuse. Which actually is a breach of the TCS T&Cs (https://ictfc.com/images/stories/ICT_pdf_files/codes_of_practice/unacceptable_conduct.pdf) under section 2 of the Disorderly Conduct section "Using threatening, abusive or insulting words or conduct". Although it says that it is a bannable offence for those who fall under the "Unacceptable Conduct" section, I think that it should be extended to Disorderly Conduct after tonight. Rant over, and let's actually enjoy the season rather than pointless abuse of our players.
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    Adolescent teenagers acting the hard man and shouting / singing obscenities at matches is part and parcel of Scottish football culture I'm afraid. Nothing new here. These lads are probably only a couple of years removed from watching Mr Tumble and Peppa Pig. Don't take it to heart. Don't ban them. Confiscate their gaming consoles for a week - the problem will stop!
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    Here’s the thing: no player deliberately plays badly. Some will give their eye teeth for the team and some don’t really give a stuff for the club they happen to be at. Polworth is in the eye teeth category - he’s come through the ranks and will try his hardest for the club. This strength is also his weakness, because when things are against him or the team, he takes it personally and his performance drops. That’s because he cares. Personally, I’d have 11 Polworths who cared for the club any day ahead of guys who are passing through. The personal cricism will cut deeper with him than any other player in our team. If I were him, I’d stick my fingers up to the support and further my career. ICT would be the losers because any fee would go to the bottom line, not to a better replacement. Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it.
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    As long as he aims about 6 foot left of the goal ?
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    The threat of violence was from tmftj. Read back
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    Need to inject some pace , width and urgency into our play , today was so predictable Ayr never looked in any real danger of conceding. Hopefully Walsh can kick on ,had some decent touches but seemed to fade second half , personally I would like to see Ricky Calder given a run of games in front of Tremarco never really given much of an opportunity last season.
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    What about Tm4tj offering to batter someone stupid In an earlier post, was that acceptable?
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    Those verbally abusing Polworth & his family should be utterly ashamed of themselves. Firstly, the whole team didn't exactly cover themselves in glory so why should he, in particular, be singled out? It smacks of "let's go to the match this afternoon & shout abuse at Polly for 90 mins" - if that's all your tiny, warped minds can focus on then perhaps you need to be having a long, hard look in the mirror. It wasn't actually his fault that we didn't win today, so don't treat him as if it was.Secondly, what possible reason would anyone feel the need to chant abuse towards his family? Did they have any direct impact on the match? I have a fairly good idea of what the reaction would be if the abusers' families were getting a dose of the same medicine. These immature lads need to get a grip & at least try to act in a more responsible manner - one day you might end up suffering the same type of abuse & you'll wonder why no-one cares?
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    That is out of order. Criticise the player for his performance but that is to far.
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    If they keep that performance level up sub 2000 crowds on average beckon
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    There was nothing against certain chants, but the personal ones are an insult to the intelligence of those shouting them.
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    Points thrown away today missed Penalty not even on target make sure Polworth does not take another less than 25% of attempts on target not good enough should be sitting on top with County on 6 pts
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    Far, far, far too young - RIP Herchie and thoughts to the family.
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    Herchie gave both Caley & ICT fans some amazing memories a proper old school footballer who could play anywhere. My memories of the great man will always be the penalty v St Johnstone at Telford Street it started the comeback in what was a huge result for Highland League football. & who could forget the winner v Livi in the cup when that was a proper rivalry ,Il never forget Jim Leishmans face at the end of that game that livi team had an arrogant way which that ICT team schooled on many occasions. RIP Herchie you were a big hero of mine as a kid Heaven just found there target man.
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    Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC can confirm there will be a minute’s silence before tomorrow’s match against @AyrUnitedFC to honour the passing of club legend, Alan Hercher.
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    This was one of my earliest ICT memories and it involved Hercher. After going 2 - 0 up on Livi in the (Scottish?) Cup we were eventually pegged back to 3 - 2 but then, pretty much right from kick off, Hercher was played in and he stabbed home the winner
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    My restrainted was held back because of my children. She ok but hopefully it not put her off football.
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    I take it you weren't at the game then?
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    Nothing like the mention of our greatest ever manager to get the red dots going eh
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    Spot on today's performance i blame coaches no plan B up against 10 men for 60 minutes and void of any idea to change what was not already working but i bet it will be same starting 11 next game
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    Totally agree with you. How Polworth stayed on for the whole 90mins Is a mystery to me, he was atrocious. Lost count of the wayward passes and giving the ball away. He has no fight and gives up on 50 50 balls. Time on the bench might do him good.
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    So very sad to lose a legend at an early age. Our sincere condolences to all his family and friends. It was a pleasure to see him play and celebrate the goals he scored and made. I agree with Kingsmills that the club should try to arrange a benefit match (subject to family agreement of course) in support. I for one would make every effort to be there. R.I.P Alan.
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    Awful news ? I second the call for a match for his family. Would love to see a Section of a stand named after Hercher too. RIP Herch
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