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Issue Six Of The 12th Man Out Next Week

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Issue Six of The 12th Man fanzine is out next week - it has been delayed somewhat given work committments and so on. This will be the last of our FREE fanzines that are given away to you the fans. From Issue Seven onwards they will be available to buy via our website and selected newsagents & stalls on match days.

So Whats in Issue Six?

- It is a Season Review in part.... looking back at the SPL, Division One, Two & Three, the European nightmare for Scottish Clubs and the Womens League and the Scotland World Cup Campaign.

- In the latest installment of Cult Heroes - we take a look at former Dundee United & Motherwell goalie Sieb Dijkstra.

- Chris Brookmyre provides The 12th Man with one of the greatest articles I have read in a long time - all about Playground Fitba - and after reading it you know it is all true having experienced it for yourself as a bairn.

- Derek Harvie of the Scottish Football Archive reviews Archie Gemmill's autobiography 'Both Sides of the Border.'

- We review the website Tartan Army Message Board in Webwatch

- Jen McLean takes a look at The Exiles - primarily those Scots who ply their trade with Wolves and Birmingham City and have just been promoted to the English Premier League.

- Q & A with Peter Caulfield - the manager of Glasgow City Women's Football team, who won the domestic treble this season and led them to the Last 16 of the Women's Champions League.

- Q & A with Henry McClelland - the Chairman of SFL Division Three side Annan Athletic. All about their first season in the SFL, their experiences and expectations for next season.

- Seb Gevers gives us the 'Season by Numbers' - a brief look back at last season with one or two stats.

- In another installment of Oor Football Years, Eoghan Maguire profiles Partick Thistles League Cup winning side of 1971-72

and Bryan MacPherson tackles the subject of Sectarianism with Dundee FC in his article 'Ditch the Derry.'

All in all it is an issue not to be missed....

Note: You can now pre-order Issue Seven [season Preview Edition] in both e-zine and print format. ?1 for electronic issues sent directly to your email inbox on the day of publication or ?2 (+50p for P&P) for a print issue posted through your letter box.

You can pay for each issue individually on a month by month basis or you can take out a subscription to take the hassle out of continually purchasing an issue when they are published. Why bother waiting when you can be safe in the knowledge that you will get your copy of The 12th Man.

You can pay for the Print Issues/Subscription using Paypal and likewise with the Electronic Issues/Subscription. But you can also purchase our e-zine issues by Phone/SMS text.

The fanzine will also be available on match days at selected newsagents and stalls on match days across the country. We are also looking for individuals who would be willing to sell the fanzines each month at their club grounds with top commission paid. Anyone interested in this please email me at [email protected]

I will post back in here with the cover of the fanzine and when it has been published... cheers again guys.

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