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Why so many injuries?

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This is a problem that we have encountered, to a lesser degree, in many previous pre-seasons. Perhaps some players have not acclimatised themselves to the dour atmospheric pressures of the Highlands - or maybe they still don't appreciate the importance of warming up and down ?

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9 hours ago, Jack Waddington said:

Best guess is that some of their bodies weren't prepared to get back in the thick of it after so long out of the game

Yet other teams seemed to have coped ok....I think.


7 hours ago, IMMORTAL HOWDEN ENDER said:

or maybe they still don't appreciate the importance of warming up and down ?

Good point....but as professional athletes it should be second nature :ponder:

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Maybe the pre season doesn’t look at the individual and see what they need instead of the group. Sports science has moved on a huge amount since Gullane sands and Ord Hill. Why are two forwards out with hamstring strains? Are we lagging in terms of specific training for different players? 

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I have a horrible feeling it is because I'm a supporter, my other side Palace, always seem to be top of the injury table! If I was on a boat you'd throw me over-board

On a more serious note, it could be coincidental bad luck, but we obviously build our squad from scraps in the lower leagues and cast-offs....one reason for this is maybe some players are more injury prone than others, so can't establish careers elsewhere. To counter this, we'd probably need an additional 5-6 players in the squad.

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