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    I feel obliged to start this thread in praise of John Robertson and how he set us up today, imho, he got it spot on. As most of you know, I am not always Robbo's biggest supporter so by starting this, I'm kind of admitting my errors regarding that. I spoke with the site manager last week and basically apologised for some of my posts and reactions in the past and we came to a mutual agreement that, after a bad result, I will leave it a day or two before posting, in order to calm down. I thanked him and all the mods for being reasonable with me so, I promise them all that I will not be a pain anymore. Anyway, back to today, I say everyone involved with the club deserve credit for this cup run :ictscarf:.
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    A great all round performance from a small squad who ran all day for the cause despite playing two games a week for consecutive weeks. We were the better team by far and Doran's extra time winner was the best it felt to be an ICT fan in two years. I don't want to dwell for too long on anything other than our superb whole hearted performance but it would be neglectful to gloss over the fact that we were nearly robbed of our rightful place in the semi finals by one very poor and one utterly abysmal decision by the officials. After unchecked sectarian conduct, the performance of our officials comes a very close second to being Scottish football's greatest shame. It's great to be in the semi finals and the cash will be a lifeline. If I am being honest, I thought that our most realistic chance of a Hampden visit would be drawing Queens Park in the Challenge Cup. While it's great to have a Hampden semi to look forward to but we can't let it distract from the primary task of fending off resurgent Dunfermline Athletic for the final play off place. Continue to play like we did today and that route back to the Premiership is still very much open to us. Especially with the magnificent Mr Doran back to something very close to his pre injury best. Happy days !
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    Justice done in the end. Firstly it was never a penalty for Utd. Nor was Austin offside for his 'goal'. We thoroughly deserved that win. Better side throughout. Hampden here we come. AGAIN!
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    On his budget he has done wonders and they are now starting to pay off. Bar Ayr the teams above us have so much more in regards to resources and finance so yes all credit to robbo and the coaching staff forgetting us into the Scottish cup semi final.
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    Put that straight into the club's budget 😂
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    To McMullen, Neilson, et al...giruy
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    Superb result and even better performance. Im sure there will be others on with a more detailed report but a few highlights for me. - formation was spot on and we dominated the midfield as a result. Massive credit to the manager and backroom for that. - Jordan White was unplayable. I've not been his biggest fan but he ragdolled the Utd defence. Great hold up play, superb workrate and won almost every header. My MOTM. - Charlie Trafford not far behind. Seemed to be first to every ball and helped keep United pinned in. Kept it simple but won every challenge. - after the controversy of their equaliser and the boost it gave the home crowd we responded brilliantly. It would have been easy to let the heads go down but it didn't affect the players at all and there was only going to be one winner.
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    A great team performance, every player giving their all for each other. I said to my son when they sent mcmullin on, "Hear comes the diver, he's been sent on to get a penalty", and that's what happened. He did the same a couple of seasons ago when he jumped over Drapers leg to win a penalty and utd won 1-0, at least this time justice was done. ICT were by far the better team, and should have been in front with Austins goal, but it was so sweet to win it the way we did. Doran, Chalmers and Trafford were the pick for me, but the whole team needs to be congratulated. Brilliant!
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    Well done boys everyone was fantastic today that win is so deserved seen as DU resorted to cheating to try and win the game .Safe journey home to all travelling fans and the team ####weregoingtohampdenagain 😀
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    Fantastic well deserved result, despite all the cheating by scumdee utd and the dodgy ref. - good that it was there on tv for all to see for once.Tears in my eyes when Doran scored. Well done boys - you were outstanding one and all. As always the travelling fans were fantastic too - you could be heard loud and clear singing and cheering the team on in the lead up to Doran's extra time goal.
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    Thankfully cheating doesn't pay!!
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    SO, SO, SO, SO FECKIN DESERVED - We are off to our second home again - PRIDE OF THE HIGHLANDS
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    Mcmullen is a wee diving cheat
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    Best day out I’ve ever had in Dundee😂 ICT and the Scottish Cup 💙❤️ 💙❤️💙❤️ “Dear Arabs Roond Ye Love Coll xx “
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    Hopefully this cup run gives us a boost of confidence that puts us on a winning streak in the league ... like the Irn-Bru Cup campaign impacted our league run-in last year.
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    Not a bit condescending, totally. The guy really thinks he's something special but what a total arse he really is. Maybe just sneaks ahead of Gardyne as the biggest tool in the Championship. Great performance by all and totally agree Jordan White was unplayable today.
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    Oooooft, I'm too busy arguing with Arabs on twitter, forgot about it. I'll get it sorted..
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    I think we are all missing the one true, real hero responsible for this result. Take a bow Michael Gardyne, without your unselfish schooling of one of our players in the previous round I Very much doubt that today would have turned out so well for us. Bravo Sir!!!
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    Bloody brilliant! All of the boys played well, but Trafford and Doran pick of the bunch? (Best game from Charlie since he joined) Didn't see the first half, but got all of the 2nd, and Dundee were never really in it, bar the lucky penalty My neighbour must be wondering what the hell I was watching when Doran got the winner
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    Fabulous stuff, and a very well deserved result. Can't think of any of our players that didn't perform at their best. Doran, White, Chalmers, Donaldson, all of them. Robbo got the tactics spot on. Please, please give us the winners of Partick and Hearts - I reckon we could make the final that route. Well, why not? A Cup Final, then win the play offs. How does that sound?
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    Aaron Doran playing a blinder, hope he can keep that up, so much coming through him down the left. Looking good... 👍
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    I usually vote but, today all ICT were top class and deserve full marks. So, I will not be voting tonight. Full marks to all 11, the subs, and Robbo and Kell - the celebrations were great and all the travelling awayday fans had a great day.
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    What a team performance fully deserved place in semis. Best look of the day for me was my sons face when he arrived back from the sheep pen and I told him we are in the semis you're nae
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    Coll at the end walking towards the shed end clapping the utd fans then giving them the up ya salute was absolute class.
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    Watched the game all the way from France (I recently moved to St Etienne), what an unbelievable performance. Some of the best football I've seen from us since Yogi was at the helm. A brilliant mix of doing the ugly stuff well and showing attacking intent. White is not the most elegant but he is definitely a handful, he held off the defender on a number of occasions. Trafford battled for everything, Doran wreaked havoc, Polworth was always a threat, Ridgers made some really important saves. Absolutely buzzing. I'll be booking flights back home for the trip to Hampden!
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    Robbie Nielson comments in after match report a bit condescending and arrogant that they shouldn't be losing to Inverness at home.
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    BBC SPORT - Inverness CT boss John Robertson gallops down the touchline to celebrate in front of the visiting supporters.
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    Yip - MOM choice will be across the board - I thought that Polly was at his creative best today, Chalmers scored a "worldie" and did well on the right. Trafford had his best game ever and probably would have been my MOM if he stayed on. White continues to improve and is my runner-up to Doran. I didn't think that he would last the 90 but he feckin had the Lucozade boost in the ninetyfeckinsecond !!
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    Fully expect a touch line ban for entering the field of play...........
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    And who did't love Robbo's jig of delight when the winner went in?!
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    There’s a good reason for that! 😉
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    Agreed... and if we can get Walsh fit, with McDonald and McCauley adding a bit, who knows
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    10 years off my life after that game. Was near out in the street when Doran bagged the winner. I fecking love this club. See you all at Hampden
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    I just love the way we continue to defy the odds! Love our club ... full blown ICT-itis ... wish it could be more contagious and become an epidemic!! 😁😍
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    Yes, unlike Stephen Thompson with his biased comments at the end.
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    91 st minute - Brad long throw - White flick on and AARON DORAN nets
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    Fer fecks sake - Austin "goal" ruled out and replay showed that he was on line.
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    This referee must be from Dundee!
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    Bring it on. Good luck to the team today. They have the capability and the resilience to prevail over this Utd team. We know they can produce good performances and with good support we can do this. Go for it...
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    Preparations underway for departure. A win today? Yes please 🤞
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    No. He’s already got 3 so will be banned. All the players in the semi start on 0 cautions. If their player gets a retrospective ban for diving could we appeal Colls card? I’m guessing no, but that wouldn’t seem quite fair.
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    Indeed, and it certainly didn’t look like we’d be getting this far when it all started with that tame draw against Edinburgh City.
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    Thanks to Billy Dodds for speaking up for ICT and calling McMullan a cheat!
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    Best thing on TV for years
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    Who’s our new number 10? Looks a good prospect!
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    Cup Quarters Back down to Tannadice for the second part of the two game Arabfest as we face Dundee United in the quarter final of the Scottish Cup, having lost the first installment 1-0 on Tuesday night in a very close Championship encounter. 30th May 2015. A day we never thought would be possible. One that is etched on the minds of all Caley Jags fans, right up there with Feb8th 2000. So, here we are again, the prospect of returning to Hampden for a Cup Semi-Final and with it the opportunity to earn a few bob. Dundee United have confirmed that there will be a cash gate at the Cup game. Cash prices are set at Adults £20, Concessions £10 The @feddusc are holding a minutes applause in the 31st minute of tomorrow's match in memory of, loyal United fan, James Jack. We'd ask all #ICTFC supporters attending tomorrow's match to to share in this mark of respect This tribute to James is from the Federation of Dundee United Supporters Clubs. With great sadness, the Dundee United Family lost one of our finest a few weeks back when James Jack sadly passed away aged just 31. In tribute to James on Sunday before the game against Inverness there will be a march from The Snug Bar at 3pm to Tannadice to which all are invited. In addition there will be a minutes applause held during the game at the 31st minute in remembrance of a true gent . RIP James Jack Tuesday night saw John Robertson trying to rest some of his creaking squad. Tom Walsh and Anthony McDonald missed out through injury with Carl Tremarco and Jamie McCart on the bench. The only goal of the game came from the penalty spot after Coll Donaldson went through the striker. Nicky Clark put Ridgers the wrong way and that was enough to win all three points. United are expecting a big crowd for this tie with allegedly upwards of 6000 advance ticket sales already off the shelf. A trip to Hampden for the semi-finals will be the reward for the winners and more importantly, especially for Inverness, a wee financial boost for the coffers of our cash strapped club. The other ties in the round begin with Hibs v Celtic. Now that's an interesting one, what with Brenda Rodgers leaving and Neil Lemon arriving at Parkhead. Might even be worth watching just to hear the songs. Oh the banter! The game ended Hibs 0-2 Celtic (Forrest, Brown). Aberdeen v Rangers, another injury strewn fixture should have some wonderful poetic chants. I expect a few renditions of "Who's that lying over there......." with witty retorts of "Sheep shagging bastards." I suppose we'll just have to go with our elongated stereotypical Highland reserve and long standing erstwhile chant of "Give me an I..........." The Partick v Hearts game. Will the "Red and Yellow" drown out the "Hearts Hearts Glorious Hearts". It's down at Tynecastle they play. Would you believe it! The draw for the semi-finals will take place immediately after the Firhill clash on Monday night. I would be more concerned if I were a Dundee United fan after the performances of both sides last Tuesday. While we rested two or three, United with their lush depth of squad went for the points. They achieved that although we could easily have picked up a point with some better finishing or choice of ball around the box. Carl Tremarco and Jamie McCart will surely return to the back four giving us a more familiar look. Tom Walsh will be a major blow should he not recover though. It turns out that the much maligned Jordan White is one of the top scorers in the Scottish Cup this season. Who knew? The big man has his knockers (ooh err missus), but he has been knocking them in in the cup, a hat-trick against Edinburgh City helping the cause. Leader Stephen Dobbie is out of the competition, so let's give Jordan our support and see if he can top the scoring charts, starting with a couple at Tannadice on Sunday. Inverness have major doubts over the fitness of Tom Walsh and Anthony McDonald has a groin injury. Jamie McCart should be fit enough to resume with the squad but defender Kevin McHattie is out after suffering a couple of injuries in midweek. Knee and shoulder problems will sideline him. Listen to Robbo ahead of the cup game at Tannadice...... Robbie Neilson will be without centre back Frederic Frans and Calum Butcher. Frans will be out for around six weeks with a groin injury. Rachid Bouhenna will return to bolster the squad. If you like a wee flutter, our site partnership with FansBet can offer you something. Just click on FansBet to get started. "Remember to select CaleyThistleOnline when you register and you’ll be helping us support ICT fan causes." FansBet are partners with Supporters Direct Scotland and already have many impressive stories of giving back to and empowering fans, ranging from funding away travel, share purchases, backing safe standing projects and many more. You can read some of FansBet’s Giving Back stories on their blog at https://blog.fansbet.com/fansbet-giving-back/partners/fan/ Always remember to adopt safe gambling and responsible policies.
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    One thing is for sure there is going to be a large vocal support down to support the team.
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    Keep it in one piece. Part of our history now & will be worth more intact.
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