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NPL v Covid-19 GAME OVER

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I have locked all the Games that were open for predictions for the moment.

I'll await events before re-opening etc.

Your current predictions will remain for now but you will get the chance to alter these later on if you wish.

Stay safe out there.


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Hello dear NPL punters, I sincerely hope you are all fit and well out the there.

As we all know the season is now over so there will be no further games in the NPL. :cry:

The NPL 2019/2020 is now complete and TABLE 38 will be the final standings for this season.

Having said that, I will not be taking the title on a lap of honour and will forfeit the multi £m prize money :tongueincheek:.

The battle at the top with Robert was building up nicely for a photo finish. Taking the last 10 games as a guide, Robert was very much the form player. There were, of course, outstanding Jokers to be played and your guess is as good as mine as to who would have finished top of the Leaderboard. I was never able to shake him off as he battled back from around 20 points behind to within 3 points. It's been a ding dong battle all season.

Going back through the tables he hit top spot 17 times including 3 times where we were holding hands in top spot. Week 14 saw me drop to 5th in the table but only 12 points adrift of top spot. I'd climbed to top spot (jointly) at week 19 and stayed there with an big beady eye open over my shoulder. I was never allowed to relax so full credit to him for keeping me on my toes.

So, with a heavy heart, its game over for 2019-2020 and hopefully we'll all be back when the season eventually kicks off again. I'll look forward to the battle again.

Take care everyone, be good, stay at home and stay safe.


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Cheers Gringo, I really enjoyed the light hearted “battle”. You had most points at the premature end so are the deserved Champion  

We are all grateful to you for the effort you put into this.

Ironically with the stick he gets from some on here, I think big Jordan White was my big point scorer!

Whatever league we are in and whenever football starts again, I hope you will keep this going. 

Thanks again and stay safe and take care all!

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Thanks Robert, your comments are much appreciated. The NPL will continue in it's current format when it returns.

Yes, I think Jordan was my main points scorer but I think I did well with the HT and Crowd sections too.

I'll try to put some stats up at a later.

Stats for last season could not be compiled with any degree of accuracy because of macro issues within the Spreadsheet.

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I had voted for the Prediction League to be declared over and the title decided on current placing but that vote seems to somehow have gone astray.

I might now reconsider my vote but only if Gringo agrees to set up a committee to review the format for next season and beyond.

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