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Do you like the new Home Strip ?  

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if anyone does manage to get down to the shop can they find out what size a normal medium is?

in Glasgow so going to have order mine online and know from past experience what the sizes are like

The sizes are the same as last season's home top and the current away top, so I would say if you're a medium you should go for a large

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I don't like it that much.... IMO we should have stuck with the striped theme....

Poll on top being run on football shirt culture also....

[img width=500 height=351] inverness_caledonian_thistle_home_errea_

P.S. For comparison purposes (or not  :024: ) the new Rangers home kit will look like this allegedly....


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Im so sure the new tops have been made bigger!

You sure you just haven't gone up a size  :024:

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well i have the old caley top and it's a small and I got the new one which is a small and I think it is slightly bigger on me but it's a possibility that My old one may of shrunk!

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I got my new top on Wednesday and it's a 5xl which wasn't available last year.  It's a bit big on me and I think even CaleyD could wear it Ha Ha.

Going on the basis that each increase in size adds 3" to the chest then that would make a 5XL 55" Chest....It'll be close  :015:

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At the end of the day, whether some do or dont like it, it has the approval of our main sponsor and is here for two seasons. I'm sure it will be worn just as much by fans as any other shirt has been.

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