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New Strips


Do you like the new Home Strip ?  

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From official website

Ian Taylor, General Manager of Market Development at Flybe said, "We obviously like the new design having been involved throughout the process of introducing the new kit,we are also delighted with our first year as sponsor of Caley Thistle we look forward to an increasingly successful relationship with the Club as we move forward into next season."

The new kit is part of an ongoing contract with Italian manufacturers Errea and is scheduled to be available for sale from Wednesday 25th June.

With a design reminiscent of that worn when ICT won the first division in 2004, it is hoped that this strip will bring some of that magic to next season...................

Aye right, the strip is like someting you would buy in Primark, it will make no difference to the way we play, but we will not look aesthetically pleasing

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Errea make Middlesboro's tops, and they generally don't look too naff, so they can do it if they try.

This strip falls into the its alright, but... category for me.

As for the strips from the catalogue posted by Scotty - looks like the designer had been at Johndo's stamps!

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The new top's no exactly my cup of tea either but i suppose it might grow on me & if thats the worst we've to worry about this coming season then it'll no be  the end of the world !!


  6th place May 2009  :021: :021: :021:

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I was hoping NOT to like it, so I didn't have to buy it, but unfortunately I like it very much.

My only complaint is the positioning of "Errea" but I suppose they had to put it somewhere.

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No matter what the club do these days there is constant criticism on here. :018:

not strictly true. some always criticise, some always praise, and some are realists and criticise or praise when either is merited.

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What a bunch of whingers, the strip is smart. No matter what the club do these days there is constant criticism on here. :018:

well said, couldnt agree more!

Or maybe people simply don't like the top? People aren't criticising it just for the sake of it. And if you honestly believe that then that's a bit sad really.

Look at the reaction the new Away top from last season got. That was one of the most well received strips I can mind in a long time for ICT.

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Guest TinCanFan

I saw the kit in the  club shop today, and have to say that it looks better in real life than it does in the pics.  I still don't think it's a great design and ICT really should've kept the stripes but is not as bad as I previously thought.  Still wouldn't be seen dead wearing it though.

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Guest pompeyjags


  My hockey team the Detroit Red Wings have not changed their design since at least 1942, now thats tradition.

Glory Hunter!  :tic01:

hahaha was waiting for someone to say that!!! they are my team too.

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