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A man called Festus had a really  bad foot

So when his  wife called him for supper he tried to go at the toot

Regrettably, his foot in the boot would not allow him to scoot

And so, when he stubbed his toe, his eyes went glassy and his tongue went mute

After a while he limped in ra door and he really tried to smile

But what he had forgotten was between his legs he also had a pile

Which really gave  him "gip" and he cried very hard but couldnae even raise a smile

"Och Maithil" quote his spouse "What's happened to my dear? Never mind though , get sat down or I'll belt youse round the ear"

And the moral of the story is  quite plain:- "If youse  yins have  a bad foot in a boot remember that no one gives a hoot .So you had better no say nuffinck nor cry oot in awful pain "cos yer gal pals and  wifey are still gonna gae aff tae Spain".

And while you languish in distress It's entirely possible that Lothario Del Salto will have his hands in places where he oughter noughter……………..:whistle:

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