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Great Tv from your childhood

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Not much smog up this way, couldn't be bothered watching the Coronation, didn't have a telly then but was invited by a neighbour. I was more concerned about cycling down the Bught for a game of three and in or attack against defence if enough turned up.


Happy days !

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The Iron Horse was one never missed. Also shows like Mission Impossible. Of kids tv I remember Watch with Mother at lunch time each day. The friday one would always be Tales of the Riverbank. Monday had Blue Peter and Friday Crackerjack. Those were all BBC cos that was the only channel we could get in Lochaber.

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What about this morning staple during the school holidays .... an episode a day for weeks !





I purchased the full set of this on DVD from Amazon about five years ago.  It was great watching it again.  It brought back so many happy memories watching it as a child -  from the haunting memorable music to the quaint language of the narrator.

Best of all is that it stayed true to the original novel and didn't try any smart arse politically correct variations.  A version of Robinson Crusoe starring Peter O'Toole released later, while highly watchable, was highly inaccurate when it came to keeping faith with DeFoe's original.

It is well worth reading the original novel to get a sense of what life was like back in the 18th Century.

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the shows that take me make and trigger certain memories as a child are...

3rd rock from the sun _ mainly john lithgows voice

fresh prince - the theme song and voices of philip banks and Geoffrey 

Jonathan creek 

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