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NPL Stats - 2017/18

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I know you just love stats and trivia.


NPL Stats – 2017-2018

 Total individual entries: 1158

 Total correct HT:  236

 Total correct FT: 62

 Total correct 1st Scorer ICT:  72

 Total correct 1st Scorer Opp:  101

 Crowd - 10 pts: 1

 Crowd  - 5 pts: 255

 Highest individual points tally: 24 – Kingsmills [Game 26 - Queen of the South (h)]

 Most correct HT: 12 Doofer and Gringo

Most correct FT:  5 – Caley Mad in Berks and EyeSeeTea

Most correct 1st Scorer ICT:  9 - caleyjag

 Most correct 1st Scorer Opp: 7 – CDN Girl  and DoofersDad

Most correct Crowd - 10 pts: 1 - Kingsmills [Game 7 - Greenock Morton (h) ]

 Most correct Crowd  - 5 pts: 17 – DoofersDad and Gringo

The 100% club (entered all 43 games):-

CDN Girl



Mrs Gringo



But there's only one stat' that really matters....




GRINGO :party::music02:

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