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Fantasy Football 2019/20

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Well here we are again with another season upon us and hopefully we will have another good season.

I have set up leagues and the codes are as follows   ICT H2H    code   bkkow1

with regard to the ICT Classic  there was some sort of problem and the initial code  was  quyz23   but that seemed to have changed to  imtz56 so hopefully you can get in

It would appear that some who have joined other leagues and clicked regenerate and are already in the Classic league so those already in the Classic are listed below

Bored Cold Communist             Philippa Poutou

Caledonian FC                            Graeme Gair

Fastbuck                                     David Morrison

Chorley Caledonian                  John Mackenzie

Egg Fried Reuss                        Sean Fyffe

Ibangedyermam                        Mike Robertson

Remember the H2H is limited to 20 PLAYERS 

Good luck to everyone and Smee you can now fill your boots and get your team in

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Thats me hopefully in both the Classic and H2H leagues. Ive Changed my team name to Caledonia Allstars.....THE team to beat 😋

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As Normal there is a slow uptake and we have just over 3 weeks to sign up so come on guys lets be having and get that H2H league filled up.

Remember the Following are already in the Classic (can only think they have used the renewed button) but unfortunately that does not work on the H2H Leagues so the Following need to sign into the H2H League  Code Number  bkkow1   remember letters are all lower case

O'Shins X1                                Ewan MacDonald

bored cold communist          Philippa Poutou

Fastbuck                                  David Morrison

Chorley Caledonian               John Mackenzie

Egg Fried Reus                       Sean Fyffe

Ibangedyermam                    Mike Robertson

If anyone Knows any of the above give them a nudge an ask them to sign up,  also encourage your friends to join up

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