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Speaking of pipe bands reminds me of a story about my daughter when she was 6 or 7 years old.  We were in Inverness visiting my old Mum and were standing near the suspension bridge watching pipe bands

Yes and what a grand house it would have been in its day.

1830 ? I can recall doing all those things at the Craig in the 70's !!

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GTF - Looks like it is going ahead !!

A housing developer has unveiled plans to convert a fire damaged Victorian hospital in Inverness into luxury homes.

Robertson Homes said the project at Craig Dunain would be one of the most complex ever attempted in the city and would cost about £13m to complete.



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Seems a great shame to have ever considered just demolishing it.

If they gutted the insides and refurbished it completely then the old "CACHET" would be  retained and prices could be  much higher than perhaps these places would go for with modern  facades.

Just think, if I come "home" to retire, I could buy one of these townhouse-type -flats and every day I would be reminded  by the outside facade that I was back at the Royal Academy. And, at least better in appearance than the newer flats down by the river ?

Yep, that's what nostalgia from reading and enjoying IHE's threads does to you as one forgets that  all that glitters isn't gold.

Meaning? Simply that nostalgia is a fleeting emotion and that to think that coming "home" to die means complete happiness is probably flawed, if for no other reason than the fact that having  charted a long course away from "home" one inevitably changes and may be just as happy staying put wherever you have landed up. As I currently see it, it's people that make your life happy or otherwise not places so much.

Over to you IHE--give us an educated, professional view on this, can you?:wave:


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That's sad.  I have been in there many times - though not for a long time. 

My aunt and uncle used to live there, in the half on the left.  My uncle, Murd Smith, was engineer at the Craig, and my aunt, Pat, was in secretarial or admin.

Both still going strong, in case you knew them, IHE.



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