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Speaking of pipe bands reminds me of a story about my daughter when she was 6 or 7 years old.  We were in Inverness visiting my old Mum and were standing near the suspension bridge watching pipe bands

Yes and what a grand house it would have been in its day.

1830 ? I can recall doing all those things at the Craig in the 70's !!

Posted Images

Never mind the Grand National - what about the Craig Dunain Races ?

To split hairs, these horse racing events too place at "Dunain" which is roughly between Dunain House and the Canal maybe a couple of miles south of the Torven Bridge. In fact, I do believe I can see a sliver of Craig Dunain on the left of the photo. Some of it is overgrown now, but there used to be quite a large expanse of flat, open land there. It was good for horse racing which went back at least to the early 19th century, and I do believe that equine activities still take place in that area.

Back in the 1830s a bizarre gathering was held at Dunain where the events included a cross country race for naked men and pulling the legs off a live cow which had been stunned by a blow to the head with a sledgehammer.

Some people are rather embarrassed at a completely vacuous attempt by the current organisers of the Inverness Highland Games to trace its origins of that back to this cringeworthy assembly.

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Incredible pitchers IHE. 


Incredible. What a lovely hallway at the entrance there.


What? ............Oh no, I was not referring to the spittoons, old chap,  just the lovely colourful images.

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