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Richard Gordon


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A breif tribute to Richard Gordon who retires today from his role as presenter of Saturday Sportsound.

Despite never having played the game at any professional level, he is one of the most knowledgeable and least biased sports journalists in the country despite, unlike many of his Central Belt colleagues, is quite happy to be entirely open about which team he supports and with a passion.

He was also quick to give us praise and credit whenever we merited it and, again unlike many of his colleagues, Jim Traynor in particular comes to mind, he was never condescending or patronising towards us.

I hope that he enjoys a long and happy retirement.


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One of the better media types, that's for sure. Some of the pundits and 'analysts' on Sportsound have been right wallopers, but as you say RG always seems fair to all. Him and Jim Spence always seemed ok to me. As for Traynor, best asy nothing there, dont want to ban myself 🙂 

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