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Inverness CT -V- Aberdeen


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Inverness CT -V- Aberdeen

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26th September @ 3:00PM

Caledonian Stadium

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Great play by Caley so far and making plenty of chances. Could be so easily 3 or 4 up. And the ref has got to get a grip when the Aberdeen players are impeding our goalie, because that's how they scored against us. Ten minutes later they did the same dirty tricks, nothing from the ref. Come on the Caley!!!

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Maybe I'm looking at things totally wrong. But when players / teams are happy doing well etc there doesn't seem to be so many injuries etc. But what's going on here short of subs no firan etc 

Tremarco injured in midweek so that is why he was out, Vigurs and Sho Silva injured in a friendly so can hardly conclude that the above is valid. Why would you even contemplate saying this?.

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