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you mean this one from last Saturday ...... this was something pretty special.



Nahh - I am guessing you mean this one (its going to hit the fan for that one). Picture copyrighted to myself (DSM/TFCpics.com)


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moved this to its own thread ..... 

I took the picture because I thought 'ooh, thats going to get a reaction !!!' and was surprised it stayed up for so long (most of the game). 

The sh** is definitely hitting the fan now and the supporters group involved (inebriatti) are likely to get yet more sanctions placed on them ... they have had regular run-ins with front office but for the most part they are highly passionate fans. The club are getting hit with social media outrage wondering how this was able to get into the stadium (all signs and banners are supposed to be checked and pre-approved) so right now there are accusations coming from every angle .... and thats not going to sit well ... someone will get it in the neck 


Its a shame, because its deflecting attention from the spectacular TIFO that was displayed earlier .... its the time of year when the grounds around BMO Field have 'the shows' on them for the yearly CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) and for a long time the Montreal fans have called TFC 'clowns' (I know, very original .... from a team whose official name is Limp Act ... oops, sorry L'Impact) so this TIFO that took 2 months to plan, prepare and fundraise for and which was created by all supporters groups together was quite appropriate .... the circus theme and the big top that was then opened to reveal the message at kick off was pretty stunning. shame about the result !!! Montreal won 1-0, kicked Sebastian Giovinco off the park ... he is now out for a month, and the ref denied three stonewallers (one of which led to the injury to Gio). a typical day in MLS .....





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