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Calling all Armchair Managers

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raven.      Warren.     Meekings .      Shinnie

   Watkins.    Tansey.     A shinnie     Hayes

                    Brewster       Mckay

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7 hours ago, IMMORTAL HOWDEN ENDER said:

What team would YOU start at Hamilton?


Duffy Boyes Devine Harper

Kerr McGregor Anderson


Samuel Lawal


Not far off with that tbh so not bad for a pensioner (😛😛😛: PS please detect/understand my sarcasm) but I think we need to be a little bit defensive away from home in order to keep it tight so good attacking minded players that offer a threat would be useful so definitely would like to see Lawal and MacGregor in from the start but suspect we'll see Longstaff 🙄.


Kerr Boyes Savage Devine Harper (both wingbacks going into winger positions when attacking)

MacGregor Lawal Longstaff 

McKay and Samuel.

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After watching the Monty 2nd leg I don't think it matters who starts.

9 hours ago, CaleyCanary said:

Manchester City in ICT shirts!

Are you confident Big Dunc would get the tactics right even with those top players (except Grealish).

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16 hours ago, Naelifts said:

What? Robson,Wyness,Wilson,Christie,Christie, Bingham, could debate it forever

IHE was asking for the starting 11, the guys above would definitely make the bench.😀

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