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ICT -V- ABERDEEN - matchday thread

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    [li]Discuss the game in this very thread right here  :004:[/li]
    [li]Get to the chatroom HERE[/li]
    [li]See the subs / bookings / report - after the game starts - HERE[/li]
    [li]At the game ? - Dont forget to vote in the POLL after the game has ended. HERE
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I really cant get excited about this match .... cant see it, cant hear it, cant even get radio scotland coverage in between the "live commentary" which is blocked .... think I'll go and mow the front grass !

If the club dont do something to get their act together and take advantage of the video and audio service available to them through PTV and succesfully used by 80+ other PTV sites they are going to see a lot of interest from ex-pats or supporters in other parts of the UK dropping off significantly.

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H-T: 0-1

1 Shots On Target  3

3 Shots Off Target  4

6 Fouls (Conceded) 6

1 Corners                0

0 Yellow Cards        0

0 Red Cards            0

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God **** you Zibi.  Terrible error.

Though it was interesting to hear CC say that he didn't think that Munro and Caff was the right partnership, and that caff wasn't the right man to partner him.

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Eventually managed to get the game on MW - what's the point of the digital age if you have to resort to analogue all the time?  If you have access to digital TV, tune in to the Radio Scotland channel - they're playing the game on that too.

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Goal resulted from rossco being pulled out of position, missing easy tackle and leaving us exposed. Zibi maybe should have done better though. Mcbain not having a great game. We are creating chances and fancy us to be next to score.

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FT: 1-2  :019:  Never mind we'll stuff um in the cup instead.

54  Possession          46

4 Shots On Target    4

6 Shots Off Target    5

14 Fouls (Conceded) 12

4 Corners                  1

2 Yellow Cards          1

0 Red Cards              0

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Well done Zibi, you were like the rest of the defence atrocious, we were useless for the first half hour, Rossco looked as if he had a hangover, misstimed tackles poor passing poor defending.  The first goal was a disaster for Zibi, ball sqirmed under his body from a poor shot, nightmare start and we took half an hour to get over it.

Graet headed goal from Denzil, well done for the ton, Rossco own goal just a few minutes later and we lacked the guile in the last third of the pitch, the right recipe for another winless game V the Dons, how do you like that, I for one hate it.  More later when I calm down.

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Watched it on Setanta.  We were utter gash for first half hour. Soft goal which keeper should have stopped, but Young should have been tackled by any one of 3 defenders before he got his shot in.  Much better in 2nd half with stunning goal from Denzil and a great try from Duncan. Another soft goal though with defenders getting in poor positions.  Very disappointing after our recent good form.  Dons defended well, with Diamond outstanding.

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