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Discuss ICT & other games in this thread as they happen
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Inverness C.T. -V- Hearts

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10th Nov, 2012 @ 12:00PM, Tullcoh Caledonian Stadium
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After David Raven's start to the season, which was not spectacular to say the least, I am happy to eat my words and say he was my Man of the Match today. What an improvement, game by game. Well don

Dissapointing to draw after starting brighter and scoring a terrific goal. I felt had we pressed harder a 2nd goal might have knocked the stuffing out of them but it didn't happen. We need to make a

Real game of two halves, although I think you have to give McGlynn credit for the changes he made at half time. He replaced two more offensive midfielders with two more defensive ones and flooded the

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No surprises there but it would have been interesting if Draper had been fit. Still you can't argue with consistency, lets hope the confidence is there as well - and with Hearts in their present state please let's go fer the jugular from the off.

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High pressure start - passing it around well - Foran and Shinnie have already had half chances. Our wide players are really stretching them and they look dodgy in central defence.

Lets keep dictating but we need a goal to show fer all of this possession.

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No surprises there

Not even Andre Martins? I'd forgotten all about him. It was mentioned here that he was training with us quite a few weeks ago but I don't rememeber any announcement or confirmation that he had actually signed.

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Why the feck are they playing Tool so deep. Grainier gets the first yellow for mouthing as McKay goes close. A bit more end to end with Collum beginning to spoil it with too much whistling - we still look the more likely and the more they come forward the better. Clear offside missed but hearts corner wasted. Roberts wastes a good opportunity on the break.

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Reminds me a bit of the second half last week - we lost control of the midfield and allowed Killie on to us. Hearts look a poorer footballing side than Killie did, but if they're allowed enough pressure they'll break through eventually. Hopefully Tel will sort it out at half time.

Nice little bit of pressure right at the end there, mind you.

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How the feck didn't we get a second in that phase of play - Shinnie and OTJ should have scored. Is Raven having his best game ever though. This hearts team is as poor as I have ever seen - their shooting and crossing are dreadful - but they are still in it and we are sitting back. Roberts is totally out of the game.

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