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Inverness - the City of today

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Another gorgeous piccy ?

You have been on a train travelling in to town fro the top of Craig Phadrig. RESPECT - must have been some fine LSD stamps going around in your heyday.

No it's not just you.  Either the Ness is flowing uphill to the sea or that couple are about to get engulfed by a tsunami.

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Used to love watching the loch from here

Im guessing the fact that there is a nice little pub but feet from that very spot has no bearing on the matter  :lol:

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You had better, Smee, lest IHE thumb's his nose at you.


On the other hand, if you do tell him all you know,  he will give you the unique gesture for which he is notorious.. yes,........ it'''''''s


the thumbs-up,  quickly followed by  a Knees up Mother Brown in his Mackenzie kilt...... :clapoverhead:

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Tell me more as my Granny had "lost" the thumb on herl left hand !!

Well...from what i recall, there wasnt much to tell really. I think there was a guy who frequented the pub, who carried around a box with him, allegedly containing someones thumb. i think it was a bit of an Urban Legend out that way and might even have been used to keep the locals in check. Thats how i interpreted the tale i was told

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