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Ayr Utd -V- Inverness CT

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7th Dec 2018 @ 7:45pm, Somerset Park
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23 hours ago, CaleyCanary said:

Good week to miss - gives us a chance to get back to full strength and by the time they get around to it we may possibly be bolstered by a couple of new faces that arrived in January...

if only robbo had the dosh available................

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So we don't end up winning the league? So.....? Let's grin and bear it.

But, if the fans don't start appearing in the stadium in larger numbers, then  I have that sinking feeling in my gut that things are unlikely to get significantly better in the short term. IMHO, what this team needs is some form of other entertainment at half time to bring in more family members. That will make it a more rounded day-out for families.

And if the retort to that is .."we don't have the money to spend on alternative entertainment," then for goodness sake please start a raffle or some other way of bringing in  some money specifically to be spent on half-time stuff. Because if this club does not introduce even one thing that is different then the fans will continue to drift away....

You may laugh at the Yanks, etc., but, boy, do they know how to entertain the troops and make money. A new North American Ice hockey league franchise has been agreed to in the coastal city of Seattle just 100 miles down the road  from Vancouver (100 miles) and just to set it up so that they can start their games within 3 years the cost is going to be over 300 million dollars. So far they have already sold 30,000 season tickets!!!!!! And excitement is bubbling over for all parties in the league. Seattle and Vancouver will be direct  rivals again, as they once were in days gone by,  and everybody is very excited about it.

As it appears, I have to say with considerable regret, that the Board does not seem to have any similar ideas  and remains undynamic ,  not to mention unaware of what they must do to entertain the fans that are good enough to appear at all. Question? "Has  any member of the Board sunk any money into the advancement of this team? If not, in what way are they planning to make a difference from their lofty power peak? Do they  have the slightest idea as to how to entertain the fans who do show up .What about selling raffle tickets  amongst 6tyhe crowds weekly as well? 

This club needs money;  otherwise ……………………………….?

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